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  1. Just about February 2021 now, and I've been waiting since the beginning of September 2020 for Line 6 to get compliant with Mac OS Big Sur. Guess it's not going to happen in my lifetime. Must be great to be a Line 6 software engineer. Update the software, IF YOU GET AROUND TO IT. Six months later.......
  2. I've done the dance with Line 6 products for a decade, and the pattern is that they are mostly a Microsoft shop. If you're on the Mac platform, you're not of great concern to this company. The whole world KNEW mac OS Big Sur was coming. Same thing with Catalina. Developers were seeded with the tools they needed. Line 6 could have supported BIg Sur on the day Big Sur came out. They chose not to do so. Line 6 apparently just doesn't care to get on the ball for this "minority." If you're on the Mac platform, give serious consideration before investing any more resources into Line 6. They want you to buy tings for the holidays, but beware -- if you're using a Mac, you're last in line to get your software updated and compatible with the products you purchased. Not sure why they're so cavalier about it, but on September 11, 2020, they posted a notice indicating they would be working on making their products compatible. This is being written on December 4, 2020, and still no work and no progress And if you're waiting for Pod Farm 2 to be "fixed" so it displays in a full-screen manner forget it. Not gonna happen, according to Line 6. Nice. I got my mponey's worth, but there are people who are going to buy things for this Christmas, and they are going to be very upset. Totally avoidable, Line 6, but you lost your way. Be advised.
  3. Here's what Line 6 wrote to me: "Thank you for reaching out to our team. We are aware of the new change but unfortunately we do not have a confirmed answer as to what is going to be done about the compatibility of our older software. I would be happy to reach out to you once any beneficial information has been relayed to me."
  4. Hope to see something soon to indicate Pod Far 2 will be usable on MacOS Catalina. And if they Do migrate the software to a 64-bit version, may, just maybe, we can get FULL-SCREEN implementation? Yes? Maybe? Please?
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