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  1. I've been a Line6 customer since 2004, starting out with the original POD XT. Then I got a Bass POD XT and later a TonePort UX1. I have every model pack, guitar and bass. Then they came out with the POD Studio UX1, which except for some appearance changes, is exactly like the TonePort UX1. Both UX1 versions are essentially a POD XT with mic preamps. If you have all of the model packs like I do, then it's a fully loaded POD XT and Bass POD XT, which is about where I was in 2004... PodFarm 2.59, which is the most current version, was released in November of 2015. Clearly Line6 has no upgrade path for someone like myself who has a home studio. Their lack of response on this issue means that I've reached the end of the road with Line 6, there literally is no road left and I don't stop at dead end roads. I've had Amplitube for many years now and I have almost all of IKM's software products, so I have purchased their AXE I/O interface and have discarded my POD Studio UX1. IKM is innovative and is constantly updating their products. Their road is an eight lane super highway, not a dead end road lined with abandonware. Dave
  2. jhhorvath, POD Farm 2.59 is already 64-bit, so we don't have to worry about that. But Authorization Manager and Line 6 Monkey are still flagged as 32-bit, so I'm sure Line 6 will have a 64-bit version before Catalina is released. Dave
  3. Apple plans to bar 32-Bit apps starting later this year, probably after version 10.14.6. Originally I thought POD Farm 2.59 was on the legacy 32 bit list, but it's not, sorry for the confusion. Authorization Manager and Line 6 Monkey are on the list and hopefully they will be updated to 64 bit. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208436 Thanks- Dave
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