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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, Just to let you know that following applications work flawlessly on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 - POD HD500X Edit 2.27 - Licence manager, Version 1.14 - Drivers, Version 7.6.8 I haven’t needed any other software yet (I don’t even know if I could use all of it). But I believe these are the essentials which would prevent most of us to update. If you are still scared to upgrade or would like to have any additional sw tested, please let me know - if I can, I will gladly help you out. Addition: I’ve recently done a very extensive troubleshooting on Drivers compatibility for Catalina (Big Sur shouldn’t be that different) so I’m throwing the complete troubleshooting guide in as an attachment. Take care! PODHD500X_MacOS_Drivers_Troubleshooting.docx
  2. Has anyone had any luck with Amp Farm 4 running on a Mac with Big Sur and the latest version of Pro Tools (2021)?
  3. Hi I've just bought a POD UX2 mainly to use with logic and Farm... the thing seem to work but i just cannot authorize POD FARM because the License Authorization soft is not compatible .... has anybody got any idea on the matter ? Thanx
  4. I was probably too hasty! I use MacOS Big Sur and HX Stomp 3.0. And there are some problems. Worst of all I find that changes in the snapshots' block values are not kept. I have set "discard" and are saving after every change of a value. When changing the snapshots the value jumps back to the old value. Is this because of the combination of 3.0 with Big Sur?
  5. Hi. I know there's the sticky about Line 6 software not being compatible, but could we get a bit more comprehensive list of which software works verses which ones don't? As the devs start rolling out their updates, could that sticky get updated with that information as well?
  6. 日本語は下記をご覧ください Voir ci-dessous pour le Français Siehe unten für Deutsch Vea abajo para Español Vedi sotto per l'italiano Line 6 Software Compatibility With macOS 11 Big Sur Apple® released their new operating system, macOS® 11 Big Sur, today. Currently, Line 6 software products are not compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur. We recommend that you wait until Line 6 software product compatibility with macOS 11 is announced before updating to the new operating system. Compatibility is currently being tested and will be ensured in upcoming software updates. To prevent macOS from automatically updating, uncheck the “Install macOS updates” option in System Preferences > Software Update > Advanced. Please watch this space for more information regarding support for macOS 11. Thank you! The Line 6 Support Team LINE 6 ソフトウエアのユーザーの皆様へ –macOS BIG SURの更新を今しばらくお待ちください Apple®から本日、新しいオペレーティングシステムの macOS® 11 Big Surがリリースされました。 今現在、Line 6ソフトウエア製品は macOS 11 Big Surに対応しておりません。 Line 6ソフトウエア製品のmacOS 11との互換性が発表されるのを待ってから、新しいオペレーティングシステムへ更新していただくことをお勧めします。 今後のソフトウエアアップデートで互換性を保証できるように、現在検証しております。 macOS 11のサポートの詳細については、このスペースをご覧ください。 ありがとうございました! Line 6 サポートチーム COMPATIBILITÉ DES LOGICIELS LINE 6 AVEC macOS BIG SUR Apple® a sorti son nouveau système d’exploitation macOS® 11 Big Sur aujourd’hui. Actuellement, les logiciels Line 6 ne sont pas compatibles avec macOS 11 Big Sur. Nous vous conseillons d’attendre l’annonce de la compatibilité des logiciels Line 6 avec macOS 11 avant de passer à ce nouveau système d’exploitation. Des tests de compatibilité sont en cours en vue de proposer des mises à jour de ces logiciels. Regardez cet espace pour plus d'informations sur la compatibilité de macOS 11. Merci! L’équipe d’assistance Line 6 LINE 6-SOFTWARE-KOMPATIBILITÄT ZU macOS BIG SUR Apple® hat heute sein neues Betriebssystem macOS® 11 Big Sur freigegeben. Bis auf weiteres sind die Line 6-Software-Produkte nicht zu macOS 11 Big Sur kompatibel. Wir empfehlen daher mit dem Upgrade zu warten, bis wir die macOS 11-Kompatibilität der Line 6-Software offiziell bekanntgeben. Die Kompatibilität wird momentan noch getestet und spätestens mit zukünftigen Software-Updates sichergestellt. Beobachten Sie diesen Raum Weitere Informationen zur Unterstützung von macOS 11. Vielen Dank! Ihr Line 6 Support-Team COMPATIBILIDAD DEL SOFTWARE DE LINE 6 CON macOS BIG SUR Apple® ha lanzado hoy su nuevo sistema operativo, macOS® 11 Big Sur. Actualmente, el software de Line 6 no es compatible con macOS 11 Big Sur. Te recomendamos que esperes hasta que se anuncie la compatibilidad del software de Line 6 con macOS 11 antes de actualizar al nuevo sistema operativo. La compatibilidad se está probando actualmente y estará garantizada en una próxima actualización del software. Mira este espacio para obtener más información sobre la compatibilidad con macOS 11. ¡Gracias! El equipo de atención al cliente de Line 6 COMPATIBILITÀ DEL SOFTWARE LINE 6 CON macOS BIG SUR Oggi Apple® ha reso disponibile il suo nuovo sistema operativo, macOS® 11 Big Sur. Attualmente i prodotti software Line 6 non sono compatibili con macOS 11 Big Sur. Vi consigliamo di aspettare ad aggiornare al nuovo sistema operativo fino a che sarà annunciata la compatibilità dei prodotti software Line 6 con macOS 11. La compatibilità è attualmente in fase di test e sarà garantita con un imminente aggiornamento software. Guarda questo spazio per ulteriori informazioni sulla compatibilità con macOS 11. Grazie! Il Team del Supporto di Line 6
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