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Found 13 results

  1. Starting this topic for replies to the "Does Your Mobile Device Connect?" topic as that one is locked.
  2. I know there's this big warning, but has anyone just tried it to see if it works? I'm afraid to upgrade and am just curious if anyone was able to find a workaround or if it wasn't quite as bad as it seemed.
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm new here to this community. After many years, I have decided to play guitar again. I recently purchased a new Fender Telecaster (Modern Player Series), plus a new Spider V MkII 60W amp. I like the amp very much. On the clean channel, I was able to select two other affects that I like; tremolo and chorus, and being able to combine then in any fashion along with reverb is a huge plus for me. In other channels, I can't find those two affects. It seems like they are not available. I was searching YouTube for reviews on the Spider 60, and especially the free app "Spider Remote." I thought I would be able to select various amps, cabs, and affects, but when I look at the app's interface, it doesn't resemble what others I've seen using. Is there something wrong with the app I'm using, or is there something else I need to use or add along with it? Apparently here is a software package called Line 6 Firehawk, but does that work with the Spider V series? I would like to be able to chose between the various amps and cabs, and as well the various affects pedals. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much for your help.
  4. Hello Line6 Community, I am trying to load presets from Customtone and the Cloud tab like before, but now it gives me this error "Failed to load the preset. Please try again." I have the latest update for Spider Remote and my amp(Spider V 30). If somebody knows any fix i'll be glad to hear it. Thanks for advance !
  5. I just purchased a Spider V 60 and am trying to use the Spider Remote on my Windows 10 PC. Everything connects up great but I do not see a Tones section that allows me to look for tones in the cloud. I am sure I am probably just not seeing it but I have looked pretty close. This is only true on the PC version of the software. I have no problem with my android device. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. I have attached a screen shot of the software.Remote 1.pdf
  6. I downloaded the latest version of the spider remote for windows 10 and once i had my amp connected to my computer, i tried to open the spider remote program. But it just opened for a few seconds and then it closed. What can i do with this issue? (my amp has the latest filmware update).
  7. Quite enjoying the Spider V with the mkII update but the Spider Remote app while great seems to have some options that are merely an afterthought or simply missing functionality altogether. Some quality of life updates to the remote would be nice because it is basically a practice amp -- for most if not all owners -- that is used from the comfort of our couch. Being able to use a mouse/smartphone/tablet to do these things would be nice; This is not just about me being lazy, well maybe a little but I am also thinking about users that don't have that kind of mobility that would like to have some ease of usage. Anyway, the things that would be nice to make this app more complete; Starting/stopping or changing the metronome needs to be done from the unit (Yet, there seems to be this lost option on v2.0 that allows changing the metronome speed) The looper can only be triggered via the unit or a FBV pedal (Yes. I get that this is an incentive to get a pedal, but for the practice amp usecase it is overkill. At the very least can there be support for the FBV2 where long pressing switch 1 and 2 triggers the tuner and toggles the metronome respectively? Being able to trigger the tuner from the app The built-in drum loops can only be triggered or altered from the unit itself (AFAIK this can't be done with the FBV either)
  8. hi all.on win 7 sp1 App was needed net framework 4.6 so i installed it...And now its just crashes :(Help me...Or where i can download other older versions spdr rmt?
  9. Two weeks a go I was using my FBV3 in regular way with the spider remote , then the app shows a message saying : Expression Pedal Auto-Reassign With this model change, the expression pedal assignment is no longer valid. It has been set to Sensitivity. Later the expression pedal stops working, on wha and volume. Somebody knows if it's the pedal or the update?.
  10. I recently got a Spider V 240 and I'm trying to use my Note 8 to use the spider remote. I don't understand why they isn't a normal USB port for android and computers. What type of adapter do I need to plug my normal USB having phone into the android port?
  11. How do I get a tone downloaded from the line 6 web site tone page into my iPad's Spider Remote app?
  12. Spider Remote Android Connection Troubleshooting While app/amp connections of Spider Remote on iOS are relatively simple, on Android, USB connections to devices like Spider V are more complicated. Not only are some Android devices wholly incompatible with USB host mode (required for connection to Spider V), some are only partially compatible, or exhibit bad behavior under some circumstances. Furthermore, there are important permissions-related actions that you must take, in order to enjoy the best user experience, and to ensure that firmware updating via Spider Remote Android works correctly. This guide assumes you have at least Spider Remote v1.0.2, so please make sure you have the latest version before proceeding. Testing the Device for Compatibility with USB Host Mode If an Android device does not support USB host mode, it cannot connect to Spider V amps. If you are having trouble connecting to your amp, the first step should be to run one of the free Android applications that will test a device’s compatibility with USB host mode. For example, the application USB Host Diagnostics has thus far proven to be entirely accurate. Here’s a link to download that app. Giving the Proper Permission to the Device To make your Android device work with your Spider V amp, you must first give permission. To carry out this action when the amp is first connected; the following dialogue box will appear. You then check the box ‘Use by default for this USB device’ and then press OK. Problems with Termination on Some Devices On certain devices, such as the Galaxy S6, we’ve seen some trouble with the app and amp connection. It manifests itself as the app crashing and temporarily losing USB capability. Dealing with Troublesome Devices Unfortunately, not every Android device can be tested. Problematic devices generally fall into one of two categories. 1. A connection is not possible. In this case, the device almost definitely does not fully-support USB host mode. Unfortunately this is out of Line 6’s control. If you think you have USB host mode, please run the USB Host Diagnostics app mentioned above. 2. Connections are possible, but the device’s USB port sometime ‘hangs’. This behavior might be noticed as the inability to charge the device after a successful prior connection, or even the inability to access it from a desktop computer. In this case, you are most likely experiencing the situation above described in ‘Problems with Termination on Some Devices’. Here are some best practices to minimize the issue. If you find yourself in this state, it is necessary to restart the device. Some devices may require a hard-restart of the Android, the method of which may vary among manufactures. On such problematic devices, and in the case where you must force-quit the Spider Remote application, you should also first sever the connection between the Android device and the amp. Do this by either powering off the Spider V, or by removing the USB cable. Once the amp connection is severed, if will be safe to force-quite the application. Note that the app will briefly display (at the top of the screen) ‘Device Not Connected’ when the connection is severed, and also when the device is not connected and the user presses the USB icon in the action bar.
  13. I can erase presets but I needIs Organize My tones in IOS Spider remote? For me it is imposible . Can you help me? Thanks you !!!!!
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