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  1. Thank you for the reply. Yes, not channels but presets. Wasn't thinking. Thank you for the help. Very much appreciated.
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm new here to this community. After many years, I have decided to play guitar again. I recently purchased a new Fender Telecaster (Modern Player Series), plus a new Spider V MkII 60W amp. I like the amp very much. On the clean channel, I was able to select two other affects that I like; tremolo and chorus, and being able to combine then in any fashion along with reverb is a huge plus for me. In other channels, I can't find those two affects. It seems like they are not available. I was searching YouTube for reviews on the Spider 60, and especially the free app "Spider Remote." I thought I would be able to select various amps, cabs, and affects, but when I look at the app's interface, it doesn't resemble what others I've seen using. Is there something wrong with the app I'm using, or is there something else I need to use or add along with it? Apparently here is a software package called Line 6 Firehawk, but does that work with the Spider V series? I would like to be able to chose between the various amps and cabs, and as well the various affects pedals. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much for your help.
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