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  1. Ok! it is solved! It was a problem with an older edit software existing on my Mac I used with my HX stomp. Thank you for helping me!
  2. In the meanwhile I have the impression it is a problem of the edit software, e.g. amps wich have a questionmark in the software exist in the stomp XL and I am able to change their values.
  3. I checked the firmware: both are 3.11 I rebuilt the presets as well. But surprise! In the Pilot´s Guide are shown about 88 amp models. My HX stomp XL has only 40. The same with other effects like distortions. Is it possible to download rebuild the complete model list?
  4. factory reset didn´t help. Still many questionmarks on some amp models and effects.
  5. I am just learning my new HX stomp XL. In many factory presets amps or distortions have a question mark. It is said: "not recognized in this version of the HX stomp" I used a normal XL stomp before and everything was fine. I hope I will be able to import my selfmade presets into the XL and everything will work fine. Any experiences?
  6. HX stomp XL For me the red blinking footswitch ring is disturbing. I never use the TAP function. I am looking for a solution to switch off the blinking and want to use this footswitch only for switching on the tuner.
  7. Hi PierM, till now I use your design only to reach the Tuner and the snapshots. How can I customize the aasignible buttons on order to change my presets in HX stomp? And why is FS3 always red?
  8. Thank you very much for your help! I made the connection to the HX stomp and was able to switch everything wonderfully. If there are still questions, I would be grateful if you could help me further. But first: great class!
  9. Hi, thank you for your generous offer to use your programming. I will buy the MIDI Designer Pro 2. Your interface convinces me a lot! I always found it problematic that I could use the Helix edit programme only on the MacBook not on iPad. With your interface I would have access to the most important settings of my Helix Stomp and could leave my MacBook aside. This is essential, especially in the rehearsal room or on stage. In what form could you send me your controller? Would you like to have my e-mail address? Many thanks in advance! And best regards from Berlin to Italy! Claus
  10. Do you know an App for iPad which can send this MIDI CC message (activate the HX stomp tuner!) to my stomp? My ForScore App only sends program change messages.
  11. Thanks a lot. You are very helpful. I didn´t find it because I looked in the Helix Edit Pilot´s Guide.
  12. In order to save my three footswitches for my three snapshots I am looking for a solution to access the stomp tuner. I want to avoid having to use additional foot switches. My "Forscore" App is able to send MIDI commands. Is there a way to access the HX Stomp tuner via MIDI? I could not find any clues in the manual.
  13. The Stomp manual says: "do not use an external USB hub!"
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