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  1. Are there some more tipps for my question: How can I smoothly add a Scream 808 via an expression paddle to go from a clean to a lead sound? For the lead sound it would have to be switched on, and that might not be possible smoothly by a pedal I guess.
  2. Thank you very much, that is very helpful! Now I still have the question, how can I add a scream 808, for example, in this constellation? I can't use it for the clean sound. It would have to be switched on, and that might not be possible without steps. Or can you recommend an amp model with the best range between clean and bluesy distortion? Exclusively via the gain of the amp.
  3. Good idea! I guess I have to put drive on Exp 1 and chanel volume reversed on Exp 2? But where can I adjust the reverse in HX edit?
  4. I would like to get from a clean sound to a nice bluesy solo sound by expression pedal, not by snapshot. If I only turn up the drive, the sound gets too loud. So I would have to build in a volume reduction at the same time. I have no idea how to do that. Can anyone help?
  5. Thank you for your detailed answers! I will only be able to deal with it shortly. It seems to be a bit more time-consuming. One more question: do I have to do the whole procedure for each individual reset, or does it apply to all presets?
  6. Hello, I am using my HX Stomp XL. In the Command Center I assigned Snapshot 1 to footswitch 4, Snapshot 2 to footswitch 5, Snapshot 3 on footswitch 6. If, for example, I go from snapshot 3 (footswitch 6), back to footswitch 4 or 5, the unit does not switch to the corresponding snapshot, but first to snapshot 4, which I have assigned before because I don´t need it. What am I doing wrong? With best regards Claus
  7. Ok! it is solved! It was a problem with an older edit software existing on my Mac I used with my HX stomp. Thank you for helping me!
  8. In the meanwhile I have the impression it is a problem of the edit software, e.g. amps wich have a questionmark in the software exist in the stomp XL and I am able to change their values.
  9. I checked the firmware: both are 3.11 I rebuilt the presets as well. But surprise! In the Pilot´s Guide are shown about 88 amp models. My HX stomp XL has only 40. The same with other effects like distortions. Is it possible to download rebuild the complete model list?
  10. factory reset didn´t help. Still many questionmarks on some amp models and effects.
  11. I am just learning my new HX stomp XL. In many factory presets amps or distortions have a question mark. It is said: "not recognized in this version of the HX stomp" I used a normal XL stomp before and everything was fine. I hope I will be able to import my selfmade presets into the XL and everything will work fine. Any experiences?
  12. HX stomp XL For me the red blinking footswitch ring is disturbing. I never use the TAP function. I am looking for a solution to switch off the blinking and want to use this footswitch only for switching on the tuner.
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