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  1. Thanks for the tip! That is a very interesting platform! For me, however, it would be more manageable if I could make a simple Excel table for my individual entries for each preset.
  2. I am Mac user and not experienced with programming. But thanks!
  3. It's not what I'm looking for, but still interesting! Thanks!
  4. To keep an overview of my 125 HX Stomp presets, I am looking for a way to export my presets as a list and display them in a table. Here I could then enter my notes for each sound. Is there a possibility to export a preset list?
  5. Yes, it is very useful. I am happy about every cable less.
  6. I upgraded on 3.0 Than I loaded my old setlist from a backup. But I want to explore all the new 3.0 presets. How can I load the factory 3.0 presets again? Where can I find them?
  7. Yeah! Finally made it after a long time of trying! Line 6 HX stomp Global settings: MIDI: MIDI "on",MIDI PC Rx "MIDI, MIDI PC Tx MIDI, Turn off HX stomp Launch iPad Bluetooth "on" Launch Yamaha MD BT-01 software Switch on HX stomp In Yamaha MD BT-01 software, click on "select function" and quickly click on MD BT-01 in Bluetooth Settings to activate it. Now the program change on the HX Stomp from ForScore on iPad works.
  8. Something like the Yamaha MD-BT01 would allow to use Bluetooth from the iPad to send MIDI messages to the Stomp. I bought a Yamaha MD BT-01 (Bluetooth/MIDI adapter) to send program change commands from the iPad app "ForScore" to my Line 6 Helix Stomp via Bluetooth. Between ForScore on the MacBook and the Helix Stomp it works fine via Yamaha MD BT-01. Between ForScore on the iPad and the Line 6 HX stomp it doesn't work. Bluetooth on iPad is active and the Yamaha MD BT-01 is displayed. The MIDI channel is set. Still no program change is sent or received. Can you help?
  9. Thanks, I will try! But at I just loaded my old setlist and everything is chaotic now. How can I load the factory 3.0 presets again? Or wait till Helix 3.0 will be compatible to Big Sur?
  10. Thanks, but this brought back all the old presets althought I choose Global Settings only. I am afraid this all is the problem of incompatibility with MacOs Big Sur. I should wait for an Helix update.
  11. I have imported custom presets from my backups into Helix Stomp 3.0. These presets are now muted and I don't know how to make them sound.
  12. For me a new phenomenon on the HX stomp occured: When I go from snapshot 2 to snapshot 1 without having changed any parameters, another effect block is switched on. Probably I have set something wrong. But what?
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