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  1. Hey everyone just wondering if anyone is using a voodoo labs control switcher with a Mesa 1/4 swich jacks with helix? I have a Mark V. Just trying to get it going.. with magic settings .. any help would rock!
  2. Yeah my Mark V I believe is a Parallel loop. Not too much noise going on in 4CM. Just got the Helix and am still wrapping my head around proper settings as well as midi switching with a voodoo lab control switcher.
  3. Hey guys just wondering your settings on a Mesa Mark V FX Loop? Line or Inst Level??
  4. Hey guys ... I was just wondering if anyone has tried to bring up Axe Fx presets using free edit software and emulate to Helix? I've seen a guy named Edo Sound do a ton of good U2 sounds in packs for sale wondering if it would be possible to copy at least?
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