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  1. Still same problem with 2.82. Line 6 said to me to use 2.80 for this problem (or rollback at 2.7x). Wish they solve the problem, 2.82 is awesome.
  2. 2.81 issue. In my patch in stomp mode I have assign EXT amp in order to change channels of my Engl Powerball 2. FS 1 (ring) channel 2 FS 2 (tip) channel 3 FS 3 (tip&ring) channel 4 If I press in order FS1 - FS2 and FS3 all was perfect in 2.80. (i.e. channel 2 - channel 3, channel 4) Now in 2.81 if I press FS1 - FS2 and FS3 it goes in channel 2 - channel 4 - channel 4. For me it's a problem, I use a lot channel 2 (crunch) then channel 3 (lead 1) in this order. To access in channel 3 I have to go directly to it by the clean channel, not using channel 2. I rolled back to 2.80 but I hate the expressione pedal problem (set to exp 2 at every reboot). Opened a ticket.
  3. Probelm with EXT AMP and Powerball II in 2.81. With 2.80 if I press the switch in this sequence I have all perfect: If I press the switch where I have tip -> channel 2 then if I press the switch where I have sleeve -> channel 3 and then if I press the switch where I have tip&sleeve -> channel 4 In 2.81 If I press switch with tip -> channel 2, if I press switch with sleeve -> channel 4 instead of 3. For me it's a big problem. Rolled back to 2.80 but I hate the EXP pedal issue. Damn.
  4. I can use all of 4 channels in stomp mode. But the problem is that if I go from channel 3 to 4 and then back to 3 it goes on "crunch" (channel 2) and not back on channel 3. It because the switch of "channel 3" on Helix is still on. Can I use, in stomp mode, something in order to turn off a switch (led too) if I press another switch? I mean: I press switch 2 -> turn off switch 1 and 3. I press switch 3 -> turn off switch 1 and 2.. in this case only with EXT Amp it would be PERFECT. The problem with midi is that is momentary and not latching. If I play with amp on my back and I press, for example, channel 2 then I have crunch. If I stop playing I don't know in which channel I am (without looking at amp). It would be EASY if we can turn off a switch when we press another. Or if midi would be latching (with turn off when using another one). So easy, so impossible. It's the only thing I HATE with Helix. If you need help using all 4 channels on Powerball II let me know, I can send my patch and you can try.
  5. Hi, I've a Helix floor + Engl Powerball II. I use the Helix "ext amp" to change amp 4 channel via a stereo cable. This configuration: switch 1 -> channel 2 (if I press again it goes back on channel 1) switch 2 -> channel 3 (if I press again it goes back on channel 1) switch 3 -> channel 4 (if I press again it goes back on channel 1) What I want to do, if it's possible, is to press switch 1 and then switch 2 but deactivating switch 1. I need this when I play to go from crunch to lead then back to crunch without having to do a double tap on crunch switch (passing throguh channel 1 again). So all I want is this: if I press switch 1 then switch 2 and 3 will be deactivated, if I press switch 2 then switch 1 and 3 off, if I press switch 3 then switch 1 and 2 off. Is it possible? In stomp mode, not on snapshot modes if possible.. Here's a video of my Helix + amp. You see that if I pres switch 1, 2 and 3 they are still all on and I have to press twice to get them work back to the channel I need. I hope I have explained it. EXT Amp on Helix Thanks!
  6. Hi, I've a Engl Powerball II. I want to change the 4 channels of head with my Helix's EXT AMP. I wish I can use it in "stomp mode" like 1 clean, 2 crunch, 3 lead 1 and 4 lead 2. Can I? And how? I don't know how to do this. Rear of amp has a 1/4 stereo exit with "Channel up/down, 1/2 - 3/4". How can I connect and use as I'd like? Sorry my bad english, I'm italian! Thanks!
  7. Thanks. Guitar Ibanez Prestige with Tone Zone/Air Norton. Volume not so high in channel 1 (clean) of my Mesa. It's a bzzz that almost disappears with 4 cable method. Should I send back to shop then, or give it to Line 6 assistance. Thanks
  8. Hi, I've bough a Helix Floor "ex-demo" yesterday. It all works perfect, display, switches, pedal. All.. but I heard immediatly a big problem: the hum/bzz when I select a block (even empty). The hum is lower if I select "none" input on display, but it's still there. Tryied update firmware, reset, changed power cord, changed cables, guitars, amps, ground lift button, nothing changed. Bzz/hum stills here. What can I do? Should I return it to online shop where I bought or it's normal for Helix to have this problem? I'm using Helix on 1/4 output direct to my amp input. Here are 2 videos of the problem. You can hear the silence when I turn off Helix. (This with block hum, empty patch, it disappears when I set to "none" input) (This when I turned off Helix. The amp is quite silence if I use guitar - amp) Thanks
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