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  1. Andree88

    Helix Floor hum and bzz in blocks and empty patch

    Thanks. Guitar Ibanez Prestige with Tone Zone/Air Norton. Volume not so high in channel 1 (clean) of my Mesa. It's a bzzz that almost disappears with 4 cable method. Should I send back to shop then, or give it to Line 6 assistance. Thanks
  2. Hi, I've bough a Helix Floor "ex-demo" yesterday. It all works perfect, display, switches, pedal. All.. but I heard immediatly a big problem: the hum/bzz when I select a block (even empty). The hum is lower if I select "none" input on display, but it's still there. Tryied update firmware, reset, changed power cord, changed cables, guitars, amps, ground lift button, nothing changed. Bzz/hum stills here. What can I do? Should I return it to online shop where I bought or it's normal for Helix to have this problem? I'm using Helix on 1/4 output direct to my amp input. Here are 2 videos of the problem. You can hear the silence when I turn off Helix. (This with block hum, empty patch, it disappears when I set to "none" input) (This when I turned off Helix. The amp is quite silence if I use guitar - amp) Thanks