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  1. Andree88

    Helix Bug Reports

    2.81 issue. In my patch in stomp mode I have assign EXT amp in order to change channels of my Engl Powerball 2. FS 1 (ring) channel 2 FS 2 (tip) channel 3 FS 3 (tip&ring) channel 4 If I press in order FS1 - FS2 and FS3 all was perfect in 2.80. (i.e. channel 2 - channel 3, channel 4) Now in 2.81 if I press FS1 - FS2 and FS3 it goes in channel 2 - channel 4 - channel 4. For me it's a problem, I use a lot channel 2 (crunch) then channel 3 (lead 1) in this order. To access in channel 3 I have to go directly to it by the clean channel, not using channel 2. I rolled back to 2.80 but I hate the expressione pedal problem (set to exp 2 at every reboot). Opened a ticket.
  2. Andree88

    2.81 firmware available now

    Probelm with EXT AMP and Powerball II in 2.81. With 2.80 if I press the switch in this sequence I have all perfect: If I press the switch where I have tip -> channel 2 then if I press the switch where I have sleeve -> channel 3 and then if I press the switch where I have tip&sleeve -> channel 4 In 2.81 If I press switch with tip -> channel 2, if I press switch with sleeve -> channel 4 instead of 3. For me it's a big problem. Rolled back to 2.80 but I hate the EXP pedal issue. Damn.
  3. Andree88

    Switching 4 channels with 1/4" TRS cable

    I can use all of 4 channels in stomp mode. But the problem is that if I go from channel 3 to 4 and then back to 3 it goes on "crunch" (channel 2) and not back on channel 3. It because the switch of "channel 3" on Helix is still on. Can I use, in stomp mode, something in order to turn off a switch (led too) if I press another switch? I mean: I press switch 2 -> turn off switch 1 and 3. I press switch 3 -> turn off switch 1 and 2.. in this case only with EXT Amp it would be PERFECT. The problem with midi is that is momentary and not latching. If I play with amp on my back and I press, for example, channel 2 then I have crunch. If I stop playing I don't know in which channel I am (without looking at amp). It would be EASY if we can turn off a switch when we press another. Or if midi would be latching (with turn off when using another one). So easy, so impossible. It's the only thing I HATE with Helix. If you need help using all 4 channels on Powerball II let me know, I can send my patch and you can try.
  4. Hi, I've a Helix floor + Engl Powerball II. I use the Helix "ext amp" to change amp 4 channel via a stereo cable. This configuration: switch 1 -> channel 2 (if I press again it goes back on channel 1) switch 2 -> channel 3 (if I press again it goes back on channel 1) switch 3 -> channel 4 (if I press again it goes back on channel 1) What I want to do, if it's possible, is to press switch 1 and then switch 2 but deactivating switch 1. I need this when I play to go from crunch to lead then back to crunch without having to do a double tap on crunch switch (passing throguh channel 1 again). So all I want is this: if I press switch 1 then switch 2 and 3 will be deactivated, if I press switch 2 then switch 1 and 3 off, if I press switch 3 then switch 1 and 2 off. Is it possible? In stomp mode, not on snapshot modes if possible.. Here's a video of my Helix + amp. You see that if I pres switch 1, 2 and 3 they are still all on and I have to press twice to get them work back to the channel I need. I hope I have explained it. EXT Amp on Helix Thanks!
  5. Hi, I've a Engl Powerball II. I want to change the 4 channels of head with my Helix's EXT AMP. I wish I can use it in "stomp mode" like 1 clean, 2 crunch, 3 lead 1 and 4 lead 2. Can I? And how? I don't know how to do this. Rear of amp has a 1/4 stereo exit with "Channel up/down, 1/2 - 3/4". How can I connect and use as I'd like? Sorry my bad english, I'm italian! Thanks!
  6. Andree88

    Helix Floor hum and bzz in blocks and empty patch

    Thanks. Guitar Ibanez Prestige with Tone Zone/Air Norton. Volume not so high in channel 1 (clean) of my Mesa. It's a bzzz that almost disappears with 4 cable method. Should I send back to shop then, or give it to Line 6 assistance. Thanks
  7. Hi, I've bough a Helix Floor "ex-demo" yesterday. It all works perfect, display, switches, pedal. All.. but I heard immediatly a big problem: the hum/bzz when I select a block (even empty). The hum is lower if I select "none" input on display, but it's still there. Tryied update firmware, reset, changed power cord, changed cables, guitars, amps, ground lift button, nothing changed. Bzz/hum stills here. What can I do? Should I return it to online shop where I bought or it's normal for Helix to have this problem? I'm using Helix on 1/4 output direct to my amp input. Here are 2 videos of the problem. You can hear the silence when I turn off Helix. (This with block hum, empty patch, it disappears when I set to "none" input) (This when I turned off Helix. The amp is quite silence if I use guitar - amp) Thanks