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  1. Yes, I got it. The problem is that this solution may not be used switching the snapshot, it requires one more action from me (two more actions if i pass from Lead 4 to Clean which happen frequently). However as suggested by many of you i found a Z-11 Engl Midi Switcher at € 85,00 and i bought it!
  2. 1) Don't give too much importance to my comparison between GP-10 and GR-55. I mean, GR-20 has a little set of pre-made sounds with few possible editings, GR-55 improved this condition by including PCM Synthesis which is model based (pre-recorder base sound to be threated with a simil-synth architecture). GP-10 is the first one who let you start building your sounds from 3 oscillators like in the most common subtractive synthesizers architectures. I think it's just a matter of taste. 
 2) Most of the time i only use a wireless jack to connect to the Godin XTSA to the helix. When i need Synth functionalities i connect the 13pin cable.
 3) Something like that : Helix Send 2 -> Guitar IN GP-10 Mono OUT GP-10 -> Helix Return 2 
 FX-Loop2 Block is used as the Synth sound. Eventually, if you are using only the 13pin cable you can connect as follows: Guitar OUT GP-10 -> Helix Guitar IN 

  3. I use a GP-10 instead of GR-55 but the situation is similar. In my opinion, speaking as a keyboard player, the GP-10 is more like a Synthesizer while the GR-55 is more like a Workstation, just a matter of tastes. However.. I usually plug the 1/4" jack of my Godin XTSA to the Helix and the 13pin to the GP-10; the GP-10 is connected to the FX Loop 2 of my Helix with mix at 100%. Helix Send to GP-10 Guitar IN and GP-10 Out (L/Mono) to Helix Return. This way I can easily use the GP-10 as a regular block.
  4. Hello guys. I'm trying to switch the channels of my Powerball 2 Head with the Helix Snapshots but i'm facing the following issue. With "Ext Amp" : Crunch is set on Ring (2) and correspond to Snapshot 2 Lead-3 is set on Tip (1) and correspond to Snapshot 3 Lead-4 is set on Tip+Ring (1+2) and correspond to Snapshot 4 When no signal is applied on both Ring and Tip, the selected channel is Clean but i don't know how to manage this situation. There are only the 3 available options above. How shall i set Snapshot 1 to use the clean channel ? Thank you in advance
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