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  1. I just finished this small pedalboard and thought it might be of interest to some here. First, the board itself is from Temple Audio, and I love their design. I bought the DUO24 "kit" (comes with power module, 4-way input/output module, and a carry bag). The pedals get attached with a modular mounting system that locks the pedal onto the board, but can be moved very easily. They have a pedalboard builder on their website which helped with pedal placement. Anyway, I have been going back and forth between the amp models in the Stomp and the the models in the Iridium. Granted, there are only really 3 models in the Iridium (plus cab IR's), so if you "need" more than that, this might not be the pedal for you. I am running out of the pedalboard into the effects return of a Quilter 101 Mini Head, and then into a 2 x 10 pine cabinet with WGS speakers. The amp models in the Iridium sound (and feel) way more realistic to my ears. So the Stomp is being used for effects only. The cab IR's in the Iridium are shut off since I am going into a guitar cabinet. The Iridium can store 300 presets via MIDI, and you can load your own cabinet IR's. Cool little rig!
  2. robberns


    I also use the HX FX in the effects loop of my Bogner Shiva. Couple of stupid questions, just to make sure you have things connected correctly. Did you follow the 4CM drawing showing what cables go from the HX to the amp in, FX loop send, FX loop return, etc...? It is not intuitive, so make sure you follow what Line 6 shows. In your FX chain in the HX, is the Loop Send/Return turned on (lit up)? Make sure you are using Loop 1 if you are taking the Send/Return cables from Loop 1 (since there are 2 loops). Do you have an Expression volume pedal at the end of the loop? That got me messed up at one point. Maybe describe how you have the 4-cables connected (from what to what) and that may help us figure out what is going on.
  3. So I have confirmed, this behavior happens even after a hard reset of the factory presets. If I try to add an IR block, the unit freezes, and won't reboot. Gets stuck in the boot screen. Have to do another hard reset. Support ticket opened, will ship unit back. One of the scribble strip screens has 2 vertical lines in it anyway, so that needs to be dealt with. Thanks for everyone's comments.
  4. Did some experimenting, and I can get the unit to lock up if I put an IR block in the chain, even if there aren't any IR's loaded into the unit.
  5. Weird issue with my Helix Effects. Running current firmware, everything behaving as it should. Then I select a preset I wrote quite a while ago, haven't used it in a while. Preset selects, and the unit hangs. Can't do anything. Power off, power back on, and the unit hangs right after the firmware booting screen. Stuck in that boot screen. Had to do a full reset, reload the factory patches. Unit behaves as normal. Load in the last backup I did of my presets, select that preset again to see what happens and... unit bricks again. Finally wrote over that preset with one I know is good, and things back to normal. I can't imagine what I would have done if I was on a gig. Anyone else experience this before?
  6. Confirmed with L6 tech support, this feature is not working in the current firmware. Glad I'm not losing my mind.
  7. Yeah, I thought that was what should happen. I'm using a Mission EP-11 that I modified for TS wiring. It works fine as an expression pedal for any parameter I ask it to. And yes, I am setting EXP2, which is dedicated to volume. And running current firmware BTW.
  8. So I have dedicated EXP 2 on my HX to be a volume pedal, and set the Position to "Global". I want the position of the pedal to stay the same across all presets and snapshots. It isn't working. I can pull the volume pedal all the back (0% volume) on one preset, switch to another preset and the volume jumps to 100%, even thought the pedal is still all the way back. Am I not understanding the idea of a Global position? I did put in a support ticket but figured I'd ask the forum in case someone else has had the same issue. Thanks!
  9. Me too, sometimes really loud and of course, if reverb is on the patch you going back to, it sound especially noticeable.
  10. Thought I'd share this with the group. I was looking for a smaller footprint power supply to go on my pedal board to power the Helix HX. The Line 6 DC-3 is huge, and the orientation of the plug blades made it too space-sucking for my board. It took me a while, but I found a "normal" sized AC adapter, 9V, 3A, with a 2.5mm diameter center-negative plug. That was the tough part. I read in the FAQ section that some of the pedal board power bricks "could" work, but it seemed like an imperfect solution. The one I found, on FeeBay,meets all the power requirements and was $12.99. Now my DC-3 is a backup in case anything ever fails on the board. No relation to the seller, just a PSA for the Helix-minded. https://www.ebay.com/itm/191721888034
  11. Former Helix owner, now a Helix HX Effects owner. Both of your requests can be accomplished from the Signal Flow page. The way the HX and the Helix work is similar in a lot of ways, yet very different in how to accomplish things. Presets are actually snapshots. I have a volume pedal at the end of each signal flow, yet don't want (or need) a footswitch delegated to it. You chose "None" under footswitch assignment. The block stays in your flow but is always on or off, depending on how you set it up. And that is the same place you can have a single footswitch assigned to one or more blocks. Just use the "Switch" assignment and turn the 3rd small knob. Hope that helps.
  12. FINALLY got my Helix HX to change channels on my Splawn SuperSport. Never got my Helix Floor to work correctly. With a TRS cable plugged into the amp, and the tip cable (send cable if you call it send/return) into the Helix, I could get the channels to switch but with an awful hum. Nothing I did would make it go away. Using an Ebtech box was not the solution because by lifting the ground the switching stopped working. Sold the Helix Floor because I really missed the sound/feel of a real tube amp. Was hoping the HX switching would work, but same issue. Then I remembered I had bought a Voodoo Labs MIDI channel switcher years ago. After hours (and I mean hours) of fiddling around, I successfully got the HX to send a MIDI CC command to the switcher and it switches the channels correctly. And the LED on the switcher actually shows the correct channel (Red = Overdrive, Off = Clean). So I have preset (snapshot) for Clean, and another for Overdrive. The funny thing is my TC Electronics G-System (which still sounds awesome) had no problem switching channels on the Splawn or my Bogner Shiva. Anyway, now enjoying the HX in the effects loop. Cool little box, takes a bit more button-pushing to program than the Helix Floor, but still very cool.
  13. I think you mean Command Settings. I have tried all 3 settings for tip-to-sleeve, ring-to-sleeve, and both. No difference. What I am hearing sounds like a ground loop. It may be the way the jacks are wired in the amp. I have a HumX unit I can try lifting the ground with. Just wondering if there were any users out there doing channel switching on a Splawn.
  14. Not sure what you mean, there is no place to set any Ext Amp settings under Global Settings that I can see.
  15. Curious if anyone out there in Helix land has had success getting the Helix to channel switch a Splawn amp. I have a Splawn SuperSport and can change the channels with the Splawn footswitch no problem. When I plug a TRS cable into the Helix and then into the "B" jack (which changes amp channels via the Tip if a TRS cable), I get a loud hum and no channel switching. On top of that, I find the Helix manual to be a bit dodgy about how to set up a footswitch to change amp channels externally. Any help would be appreciated!
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