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  1. PiFromBRC

    Helix 2.9

    But what if my goal is to go to the bathroom. Do you want me to leave that on a football field?
  2. PiFromBRC

    Helix 2.9

    Um...Phil...I'm pretty sure the goal is to get people to chill out and be patient. You could just say something like, 'it's nothing big...a couple of patch items and some new architecture". BAM...everybody's eyes will glaze over and the topic will die down.
  3. PiFromBRC


    1: Hook up the USB between the Helix and your computer 2: Turn the Helix on 3: Follow brue's link above to the letter.
  4. I'm suspecting that you have a potential fault in your *headphones*.
  5. HA! You guys are all suckers! Turns out she's a relative of a despot king in Nigeria. All I had to do was give her a little information to help her get some money out of there and I'm getting paid over $42,000,000 USD. Plus she seemed real nice.
  6. For my Older Kid, the benefit is I have somebody who gets my mothballed gear. For my Younger Kid, I have somebody to whom I can teach classical guitar and through whom I get to see guitar just like I did when I was eight years old.
  7. PiFromBRC

    Helix-PC noise

    Plus 1 on rd2rk's suggestion. It sounds like a ground loop. Have you tried the lift button on the back of the unit? I have intermittent ground loop problems and use an Ebtech Hum Eliminator when needed. It works quite well.
  8. Perhaps I'm not reading this correctly, but my understanding about the issue is that you copy (or swap) unnamed snapshots which default to "Snapshot 1" and "Snapshot 2", you get two instances of it saying "Snapshot 2" (in a copy scenario). It makes sense. You copied it and this occurs for me all the time. Right click the snapshot in the editor and rename it anything you want. Right click it again and pick your ring color.
  9. Native is a gateway drug. First hit's free
  10. Close. You don't have to save it, you just have to select Snapshot 1 before going to your next preset.
  11. The pedal is RIDICULOUS hard to trigger by pressing down. It's by design. I remember the same thing from my HD500. If or when you have the resources, buy one or two ME expression pedals. I actually run my signal through a Dunlop volume pedal at the front of the HF (easy hack to balance unexpected signal outputs on the fly in an emergency situation). I use the two externals for virtually all of my expression parameters and only use the onboard pedal when needed. The 'green' expression pedal (I'm color blind and that sucker looks blue to me) is usually assigned to mix parameters for pitch fx, etc. The red one is for different gains, sweeps, etc. The onboard pedal is strictly wah. All are triggered by snapshots. It hasn't failed me yet.
  12. PiFromBRC

    Snapshot copy

    It's coming in Spring, 2019.
  13. Um...try to avoid run-on sentences.
  14. I know you said that you followed it to the letter, but it has to be asked: Did you use the latest version of the updater? You said you tried reinstalling HX Edit several times, but everything has to be off, disconnected, placed in another room so you're not tempted, and started from scratch. All other apps need to be closed. Perhaps try a clean uninstall of the editor from whatever OS you use, make sure nothing else is open, download the editor, take the box offline, and try installing it that way. The boot failure is a temporary hiccup which you just click "OK" it goes away, so hopefully you didn't disconnect while that occurred. If you did, you might have corrupted your download and the rebuild.
  15. I'm pretty excited about the hotkey functions. Once I've had a chance to play around with it I'm looking forward to using it with GP7.
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