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  1. Love my E-Bow. It's absolutely essential for my sound palette.
  2. Have you tried disabling your firewall? Perhaps try it offline? Just spit-balling.
  3. GAS is the musician's covid. We need to have eye masks so we don't see shiny things. It's contagious as hell.
  4. A Helix, two towers, a Power cab, a subwoofer, a Variax, 2 Gibsons, 2 Teles, and a Gretsch. Might want to rethink your name there.
  5. Yes, it can be done. I've got it set up in a couple of my patches for Reaper and Guitar Pro. The window has to be in focus, but you can trigger the DAW to start/stop other apps with the same press. Just look in the documentation, but it shouldn't be a problem.
  6. Cool link. Hadn't seen that one before
  7. PiFromBRC

    Port Mapping

    Sounds like a Cubase error. Try: studio/Audio Connections/Inputs/Add Bus. If Helix is in there you might try removing and re-adding.
  8. Thanks guys! I appreciate the hard work. Pure kismet that I logged on aboot ten minutes after DI posted this. (Insert standard 'what's coming in 3.0 and when' - joke here.) Stay safe!
  9. Since the manual is a .pdf I put sticky note comments to supplement it in appropriate places.
  10. 5. Acknowledge DI's help and say Thank You.
  11. Um...why not just place it between the guitar and the input?
  12. PiFromBRC

    Helix 2.9

    But what if my goal is to go to the bathroom. Do you want me to leave that on a football field?
  13. PiFromBRC

    Helix 2.9

    Um...Phil...I'm pretty sure the goal is to get people to chill out and be patient. You could just say something like, 'it's nothing big...a couple of patch items and some new architecture". BAM...everybody's eyes will glaze over and the topic will die down.
  14. PiFromBRC


    1: Hook up the USB between the Helix and your computer 2: Turn the Helix on 3: Follow brue's link above to the letter.
  15. I'm suspecting that you have a potential fault in your *headphones*.
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