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  1. So you're more sensitive when stroking one way than the either. And size matters. Yeah....I'm pretty sure this is the wrong forum for that type of 'firmware'. Thank you...thank you...I'm here through New Years Eve. Be sure to ask about the specials.
  2. When playing at home (which is pretty much all the time because 2020) I keep my floor units on furniture dollys. It allows proper ventilation while giving me an easy store hack for fitting the units under my desk. They're cheap as hell and a quick solution to the cable crisis most of us trip over at one time or another.
  3. Have you considered that the unit is overheating?
  4. To echo DC's reply, it won't do anything bad to the unit itself. Just your ego. This is the first time I've run in to an update issue and I've had the Helix since launch. Well...sort of since launch...I pre-ordered and then waited. Forever. I'm pretty sure Sweetwater looked in to filing for a restraining order from all of us pre-order folks who didn't get their units right away. I made the same mistake, but simply rolled back and did it in order. It took me about a half-hour extra than my normal, more intelligent updating practices. My only excuse is that they said poly and I got excited, then they said Diezel and my IQ dropped thirty points.
  6. GD is one of the, if not the, best patch builders in L6topia. I've bought a few bundles and some individual patches from him over the years. They do need some tweaking once you get them in order to make the most out of your guitars, styles, etc. I've also used them as tutorials/templates for separate builds. If you want to maximize your Helix, I do advise that you watch his video tutorials (they are GREAT) and dig back in to the unit. Use his work as inspiration and education. He pushes the envelope and his stuff keeps me on my toes.
  7. What am I missing here? I presume the EP is for mix, so why not have a stomp bypass or a snapshot bypass?
  8. Wow...right out of the gate. Score one for the noob.
  9. I bought a pair of them and after some serious tweaking I love them. They're not good right out of can, way too bassy, but I took a week or so messing with the EQ in my downloaded tones and my custom builds and I'm perfectly happy with them. YMMV.
  10. Technically you asked twice there dude. That's considered Platinum Tier asking. Thanks, bro. Look for the update in Q3 21.
  11. And so it begins anew. Here's how it works. When an individual asks for an update on an update, it is considered a neutral comment. Second time the same individual asks the same thing the update is pushed back one business day. When somebody comments on that second request, the one business day becomes three business days (The first one being the original push-off, the second one for the person commenting on the original, and the third one is a Patience Tax). This is compounded for every reply. When somebody snarks a reply the entire cycle is doubled. A defensive reply to the snark comment is considered a mulligan, and is neutral, however doubling down on the snark doubles the delay once again, plus adds a day for the defensive comment, unless the defensive comment is from the person asking the second time at which point it is doubled again. If DI or L6T become exasperated, the whole thing is pushed off one fiscal quarter plus the current tallies of Penalty Delays. When someone invokes Fractal Audio or Kemper update cycles, the whole thing is divided by .333 with the result becoming the new release date. And the longer the delays, the more the bugs which would normally be patched over become something to repair within the initial build, thus causing further delays. It's a bit like the tax code mashed up with particle theory.
  12. Some time back Zooey proposed a Momentary Snapshot idea here: I don't believe this was ever implemented and that it is still only possible in Stomp mode. However in HX Edit, it gives the option to assign a bypass to Momentary on a Snapshot. AFAICT, this doesn't do anything. I was hoping the idea had been implemented, so now I'm curious what Momentary Bypass actually does in Snapshot mode. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Just to float my opinion, the HR's are fine if you're willing to spend a TON of time tweaking your patches. I've had a pair for about two weeks now and was initially pretty disappointed, however am starting to dial in less bass-heavy sounds while preserving the punch.
  14. The toaster, cup warmer, and espresso externals are finally coming to fruition. Sorry, POD guys...he did warn you.
  15. Love my E-Bow. It's absolutely essential for my sound palette.
  16. Have you tried disabling your firewall? Perhaps try it offline? Just spit-balling.
  17. GAS is the musician's covid. We need to have eye masks so we don't see shiny things. It's contagious as hell.
  18. A Helix, two towers, a Power cab, a subwoofer, a Variax, 2 Gibsons, 2 Teles, and a Gretsch. Might want to rethink your name there.
  19. Yes, it can be done. I've got it set up in a couple of my patches for Reaper and Guitar Pro. The window has to be in focus, but you can trigger the DAW to start/stop other apps with the same press. Just look in the documentation, but it shouldn't be a problem.
  20. PiFromBRC

    Port Mapping

    Sounds like a Cubase error. Try: studio/Audio Connections/Inputs/Add Bus. If Helix is in there you might try removing and re-adding.
  21. Thanks guys! I appreciate the hard work. Pure kismet that I logged on aboot ten minutes after DI posted this. (Insert standard 'what's coming in 3.0 and when' - joke here.) Stay safe!
  22. Since the manual is a .pdf I put sticky note comments to supplement it in appropriate places.
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