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  1. I found this article today when I was surfing around trying to come up with some new ideas. I'll be trying this tonight.
  2. Go back to the main forum page and you will see the latest update links for both Helix and Helix Edit (v 2.6 for each). Follow the instructions.
  3. Keep in mind that you will still end up tweaking the presets. Have you tried downloading ones from Custom Tone as yet? Not trying to cost Freman a sale, but no matter what the source is, you will end up making adjustments. You should try that out before dropping money on others. Just a thought.
  4. Sorry for the side-bar, but I had this happen recently. I was going nuts as it was a live situation set-up. Twenty minutes in, I realized my volume pedal was heel-down.
  5. I took a peek at his history here. He's a bit of a complainy pants.
  6. What G64 said. Yeah, the whole Preset-Rename-LED Color bit is what I've been doing since pretty much product roll-out. And it's a pain in the arse. Well...lower and mid-back. Loving this new feature. And the clean channels are damn near spot-on to my ear.
  7. Thank you L6 for letting me edit ring colors in the editor!!!!
  8. NVM. I found it on CT. NU Feedback, right?
  9. I've been experimenting with using a whammy mix parameter within some more complex builds. Can you upload your patch to CustomTone? I'd be interested in trying it out.
  10. Serious? I didn't know that. I'll have to check that out later. Thanks for the heads up. Insofar as GD's builds go, they're pretty much 'top of the line', but for FRFR. I keep them all filed away under their "GD-insert_rest_of_name", but end up using them as a starting point for other builds.
  11. Again, not too sure what you mean. If the IR's are showing up in the editor, you can import them via the editor's import function. However you should see which slot they are supposed to be within in GD's presets. iow, if his preset references the IR as being in slot 45, you have to import that IR to slot 45. Alternatively you can put it in slot one, but then you need to edit the GD preset's IR details to reference slot one. If you're looking to edit the parameters of the IR, you can't. That particular IR was recorded with that particular mic which was placed a particular distance from the cab. If you want to mess with mic placement, etc., the onboard cabs are actually pretty good imo and you have plenty of mic models to choose from. My only real gripe about those are that you are limited to 12" placement from the cab, which pretty much negates anything David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, et al did when experimenting with their recording methods.
  12. Not sure if I understand the question, so bear with me. You can see them on the floor's display as a block icon. If you bump the joystick over to highlight it, you will be able to see the details on the display just like with the other blocks. Push the joystick and you will be able to select which IR you want by rotating just as if you were selecting any other block. Then go to the freezer and get out your large pack of frozen peas to ice your back. Once the pain subsides, use the editor on your computer to do all of that. To audition them and manage them in the editor, it's the second tab on the upper left corner next to the Presets tab. IR's have a fairly steep learning curve with respect to managing them in the editor. To get started, just select a couple of them and play around with placement in the chain, etc. There are some rules of thumb which are discussed in a ton of other threads here, but you can also get a lot of knowledge reading the manuals and going through . Just play with it, let yourself f-up and learn how to un-f things. In every one of my presets that I build or mod, I keep Snapshot 8 as the R&D Snapshot to mod and tweak the other snaps. I also name each preset-under-development "(preset name here) R&D" so I can copy the preset to other slots once I pretend it's a finished build, but still have the R&D preset in it's previous state when I realize it's back to the drawing board. For example, I've been working on a Jason Becker build for over a year and the R&D preset has ended up generating five different Becker presets. That's just how my brain works, so find what's good for you, dive in, and enjoy. Peace!
  13. You should be able to. Just make sure you back up your IR's, bundles, setlists, presets, etc. and follow the instructions on L6T's pinned post.
  14. That was sort of the point.
  15. -C'mon L6! It's been hours! What about supporting FA and Kemper files? Will it support Bluetooth? Can it be voice-activated? Will it make my whites whiter? Will it be backward compatible with XBox 360? (I'm sorry, Bob. My doctor says it's caffeine)
  16. At least now I know it's not just me.
  17. PiFromBRC

    Log in issues

    I'm not having any luck logging in here on my desktop. I click where it says 'sign in' and it doesn't go anywhere. I don't have the same issue on my laptop. Anybody else experiencing this?
  18. I bet the majority of people who drop a pound of money on any new tech to replace old tech feel the same way. In the end, you might be right; the Helix isn't for you. However keep in mind that it is a learning curve and it takes quite a bit of time to tame it. Also keep in mind that all factory presets suck, so build from scratch, watch some vids, believe in your ears, get curious about it, and you might be surprised. I can't live without mine now, but it took me about six months to get there.
  19. I'm so gonna remember that one. Thanks for the larf.
  20. far you've asked for an update and love for a parallel product, then played it off as a joke, then you asked for a cross-platform conversion, then you asked for an R&D deadline. You want to know what I want? I want an espresso machine linked to Siri, connected by Bluetooth so all I have to do is strike a suspended second and, depending on the pedal tone, it does my taxes or turns on my AC...all from the Helix. Get crackin', boys. Oh...and let me know when I can expect it.
  21. Put either Hells Bells or virtually anything by Gershwin on a mono signal to test your speaker. Then put it on both a mono signal and a stereo signal for your cans. Headphones can be deceptive little buggers. As most have said previously, it's best to balance and tweak monitors prior to headphones. With the right EQ balance, you can make most speakers sound pretty darn good, but every room is different.
  22. Agreed. Wouldn't be a hard improvement either.
  23. Interesting idea, but I'd rather see signal meters than notepads. If you look at some of the custom tones, the notes are rather lengthy. Perhaps a notepad feature in the editor?
  24. I use my HD500 via FX loops to supplement my Helix. Works like a charm. Just wish I could figure out how to control some parameters on the 500 via Helix EP's.
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