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  1. line 6 m5 24 presets accessible via midi? 24 prests that it? lol I need more more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on midi goes to 128 pg changes I guess that you need to buy 2 m5's to get 48 midi accessible presets? any future firmware to add more preset spaces more than a crummy 24? I thought m9 would do better but as far as I can tell its limited to 24 as well? by the way hat great pedal, man with a timefactor and its all you need using a soleman midi controller with m5 and time factor
  2. I ran into this sissue, what if I had previous effect and m5 was on but for the enxt sound I want it off till i manually turn it on. figured it out using a soleman midi controller using the macro editor: sending a cc of #11 and then 0 or 127 to have be on or off innitially. not sure on other controllers
  3. update day 2: ok, before buying helix lt i did tons of research. so day 2 , instead of going into mackie mixer and mackie hr428;s, I instead went into 2 solid state amps with jensen speakers and immediately the helix sounded much better. that thinness was gone. I especially like hat elephant man delay and the jazz patch and some other patches. I could never go direct and get a decent tone and so far helix is no different.I did some a/b with pod xt live (bout a hundred bucks to hundred fifty bucks used).obviously the feel on the pod xt live sucks compared to helix & tones in helix do sound better though the pod xt live has plenty of great tones.man, I just dont know if I can afford the helix lt. could get a used hd500-500x for $300-350. lol well I have the lt for a few more days. its true the more I use helix the more I like it.
  4. thanks for the responses, I confess that I was the same way when I first got the pod xt live, man, after a day or so I was ready to send it back, years later its still is one my my favorites lol I do think I just need to spend much more time with it.I have not vet dialed in my own patches yet. I also wondered if I should have bought a full blown helix,but glad I didnt. The screen display on lt without the scribble strips works fine on the lt.
  5. just got helix lt today going direct into mackie mixer into mackie hr824's . initial impressions are very good.the scribble strips are not missed at all. modeling is very good. I thought the definite improvement over past modeling are the distorted amps.clean amps were just ok ( a bit thin[lack of bass],but going direct with global eq at default). effects are decent,but seemed to lack something, in particular,the delays in some way. presets are mostly weak. now, here is my dilemma. I use 2 hybrid tube/solid state amps and a delay pedal and a line6 m5 (used sparingly) and just love the sound. I found I liked the sound much more than helix lt?! what is wrong with me?! this just cant be. but here is the thing, the amps just have this sound I love. I am sure with some editing I can come close with helix maybe. only advantage I can hear is that I can go direct with helix for recording where as with my amps I have to mic them and hear chair creaks coughs etc...but the sound of my amps/effects just are perfect to my ears and blow away the helix for that type of sound. now hi gain /distortion- no doubt the helix is very good. but I don't use distortion as often as I used to, in fact, I still find the pod xt live plenty for me and I don't dislike the sounds I get at all.the distortions in line 6 m5 are just ok ,but pod xt live is much better and helix is better than both.. I love the pod xt live as its just fun to play into 2 solid state amps though i need to add a bit of reverb/delay. globally with outboard effects. just trying to justify $1000 and just not sure I can;helix lt is a great unit,but for me it may not be the answer. perhaps a pod hd500x would be better for me as I do dislike the pod xt live not syncing time based effects to midi clock (I think the 500x does this).I tried the 500x and didn't like it much at the time,but might be enough for me).I just think the helix is overkill.I do like that steve vai hi gain patch though.... conclusion thus far, I am thrilled with my clean amps,delay pedal and m5 setup and even my pod xt live. I found the helix excellent but cant justify 1k for my needs. Well,will try helix into my solid state amps and see if that works better for me
  6. line 6 what the heck are you waiting for??!?! it only takes a real lame big type corporation to not recognize that the m5 can sell like hotcakes as an h9 killer!!! i hope line 6 is still a cutting edge company. the m5 can be an alternative to the eventide h9 if only for one thing: a software editor like h9 control!!! what is line 6 waiting for?! you could sell so many m5's if you had the software editor?!! think of it a pedal at 1/6th the price that does basically the same thing. I would fire everyone at line 6 if they missed this golden opportunity to capitalize on this , at least the marketing team. come on get it together. People are forking over $700 a pop for the h9 why? because of h9 control software. hell, line 6 you already pretty much have the software with the pod editor.cant you modify for the m5 and m series.guaranteed to increase sales hand over fist .sadly people are also buying the lexicon mx200, why? it has a pc editor as well. I will forgo a commission on this simple idea since it would increase m5 sales by thousands to be sure.people have been screaming for it. I want to see line 6 be #1. so come on get it together!!!!!!!!!! Denis
  7. the aux out on the sr18 suck, here is why: to use any drum kits patterns or sound you have to assign them to aux or main each damn drum pad. the aux doesnt automaticly echo the main outputs. if you want to us both aux and main your sol luckily though, you can get a stereo y cable and plug into the phones and it does duplicate the main outs and you can use both. so you can have left and right main go to pa and phones left go to 1 track and phones right 2 go direct to recorder
  8. I did change the output settings of the hd00x and it helped clean it up a bit
  9. oj I should add , I run the pod xt live into solid state amp and two cabinets with jensen speakers. did the same withhd500x.I use an external effect unit for some delay and reverb I thought I could get the same out of pod hd500x but no,its just not as good as exteral f/x unit .I will work with it some more and see if perhaps I am not hooking it up right or something....
  10. update: don't mean to offend,being honest here I really tried both side by side with some custom tone patches and editing my own and the pod xt live jt blows the hd500x out of the water for me anyway,all I got with the pod hd500x was this digital flat fizz on each patch I tried, disappointed even with the f/x in the hd500x, wow how lame could it be?! with the pod xt live I started playing and it wasnt 3 minutes that I forgot I was testing the units as it was so much fun to play and inspiring to write stuff.the hd500x took all the fun out of playing guitar altogether for me.just blahh...sounding.I feel sorry for all these poor saps putting hours and hours into their hd500x patches instead of playing [ok I know I am being a bit harsh and they are not saps, but sad that they have to go through that - .I must admit I never ran into a product that took the fun out of playing guitar like the hd500x for me anyway except for maybe the roland gp16 turd and its inbred kid brother the roland rc-50 looping station what crap..Ive recorded many albums been playing for many years and have been through a lot of gear,the pod hd500x made me sound like a beginner guitarist (like 30 years ago on my peavey backstage plus practice amp).I would go as far to say that I had a better time with a $50 digitech rp-50. maybe my pod hd500x is defective or has some global eq messed up then again I bought it from some guy who just bought it and ditched it as well as I am going to.hope I can get $425 out of it before they come out with the $499 helix jr [guessing]......anyway pod hd500x is just not for me..done deal....... I wanted the hd500x to work as it syncs to midi clock and as a midi controller for external f/x these two things the pod xt live cant do.
  11. yes, maybe your right...because i am getting nowhere with any presets or downloaded tones from custom tone surprisingly,not even the patches from that 'snoot' or whatever his name is (you tube line 6 guy)downloaded tones from him and they were ok.the feel is better on pod hd 500x but while I find most presets and downloaded tones and patches I make on pod xt live fun lively and useful,I cant seem to recreate on 500?!I run into solid state power amp and then jensen speakers
  12. I tried to like the hd500x but ended up staying with my pod xt live. just more fun to play sounds as good and in some cases better,I dont go direct but into a clean ch of 2 amps and maybe this is why i prefer the xt live. it growls like tubes, presets decent,fun, hd500x all presets suck and download patches are weak,better on xt live.editing, I wondered why I was emulating my xt live patches on the 500 for no better sound/
  13. 2016:I love the pod xt live, fun to play, easy editing to get great sounds,bought hd500 and hd500x 3 times and man it just sucks for me. all the presets suck and even the downloads ones are weak imo.I am done with it.sticking with xt live even though its older.before saying its because I like my patches I found that just the pod xt live presets are fun to play and sound better. who are all these saps saying the 500 is better? maybe going direct which I don't do. feel wise a tiny difference between the two. the 500 sound is kind of flat sounding even after downloading custom patches.maybe its because I am not going direct.
  14. ok i used the pod xt lvie and its a blast to play through, so easy to get awesome tones,its harder to play through than a pod 500x which is smo0ther,but after buying the 50x I instantly mised my pod xt live sounds. the 500x is no fun to play through kind of dull in a way and the custome tone preses suck so far and so hard and freakin takes so long to get a god tone. .pod xt live al the way the patches are fun .fun to play, customtones are sweet and easy to get a great sound. i am returning my 500x.if I didnt have pod xt live or experiene of playing one, then yes I would get the 500x
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