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  1. So the only way to bypass the unit completely, would be to insert a 'blank' patch...?
  2. Hey, I was wondering if I can use use amp modeling on the pod, and then send the signal to the power amp of my fender hot rod deville. What cable connections do I have to make? The amp has an effects loop, so do I use those inputs? Thx for an answer!
  3. Hey, Today, I tried hooking my pod hd500x up with my fender amp and analog pedal board, and I've got two questions: 1) how do you bypass the pod? I hope it's true bypass, so i thought switching off a preset by hitting the preset button that's active would do the trick, alas, the preset kept active. How do I put the unit in bypass if I don't want to use it onstage for a particular song? 2) this sounds kinda noobish, but I tried hooking the pod up in the effects loop of my amp, but that didn't work out... I connected the cables, but no sound... Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for an answer, I really like the unit and would like to use it onstage, yet not all the time since I've got some pretty neat analog pedals as well.
  4. Hey, Thx for the info. Are the sounds worth the upgrade of 500 dollars?
  5. Hey, I was wondering if anybody could answer me this question? I currently own a POD XT live, which I solely use for home recording. Is it worth it to upgrade and buy a POD HD500x? Are the models better, does it sound better, does it have more and better effects? Thanks for an answer!
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