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  1. MIDI and Sampler. To TGP with you.
  2. Okay...color me conspiratory, but first this guy (who has a registered product) said: and then this guy (with no registered products) said: which suggests that it is at least possible that one person is posting from two profiles.
  3. Given your reactions, replies, and statements, you are absolutely trying to start trouble. In fact you're kind of being a lollipop. Going through your content, you've been a bit of a complainy-pants for quite a while. You post repetitive questions, you prod for updates, etc. You don't like tweaking for tones and get frustrated before you get results. Enjoy your Axe. All of us twisters of dials, draggers of sliders, and chasers of tones will be over here in Land o' Losers enjoying the process of creating content that we like while you download content you like. Be sure to post your clips, just like you challenge others to do.
  4. Simon beat me to the "Nice Rack"- micro-aggression. I've been on the look out for the same thing for my HD-500 (slaved in to the Helix). I want access when I'm tweaking and testing, and then want it to go back in the rack, stfu, and do what I tell it to do. Since I'm on the left side of the MIDI learning bell curve, it is actually pretty necessary to have this feature in my rack.
  5. If it is sold as new, it is new. If it is blemished or defective, it is returned just like any other new item. If you want one that has not been opened/updated, etc., then order it from your local brick and mortar because they won't update it if you tell them it must be factory sealed. SW and GC don't need your business as much. And while SW's service is awesomely awesome, GC will tell you what you want to hear and then do whatever they were going to do originally. (amendment: MF, not they're any different)
  6. PiFromBRC


    What he said above, but here's what I do to sim feedback: Set the minimum to +12 or +24, same interval for the maximum, then use an expression pedal set to adjust mix with minimum set to zero and max set around 75%. Works pretty damn good and will do until the powers at L6 determine that we've whined an appropriate amount to put a feedback stomp sim in the fx pool.
  7. PiFromBRC


    Quickest way is to do it through HX Edit. From my experience, the touch-swap feature can Sometimes it wants to copy (and then which one to copy becomes another issue), sometimes it wants to swap. I do use it in real-time situations, but just revert to HX Edit most of the time. HTH HAND TYFP KTHXBYE
  8. If this works, bravo. I'll scan it and play with it over the weekend. Feel better.
  9. Dang, dude. There's more out there than you, yo ;) Wasn't talking about you. I'm talking about the six pages of guesses, debates, requests, prophecies, and general silliness over on TGP.
  10. TGP is blowing up over this. I'm-a gonna sit it out as rumors suck until they're disproven.
  11. Yeah, I could see the icons becoming an issue for some within L6's team of legal barracudas. However I see how L6 skirts using the names of the original devices by putting a ® or a ™ next to them along with a disclaimer at the bottom of the pages, so I don't think they'd get in too much of a twist were you to use that same tactic. This is a great idea. I love that it is sorted by alpha based on the original models instead of the cutesy names L6 gives them. If one is so inclined, perhaps expand it to two pages and use a larger font so those of us beyond age 40 can read the printed versions? If someone has had way too much coffee, this could be hyperlinked using the links within the HelixHelp page to the original models. Me? I haven't had that much coffee. Plus, my dang trick knee is acting up. Oh...and I have to fold laundry...
  12. Yeah...I'd be thrilled if I could get any number of apps (eyes on YOU iCloud and iTunes!) to stfu about it.
  13. Not sure if they send out emails. But I can't think of a single app I have which does. What *would* be nice would be getting a notification when the unit is plugged in to the computer that an update is available.
  14. I presume there is a police report? Craigslist and pawn shops. Watch them like a hawk and in a large radius. Here in NorCal, an item stolen in Sonoma can end up on CL anywhere from here through Southern California, over in the Reno/Tahoe area (bicycles), Sacramento through Bakersfield (jewelry, higher end goods), etc. The reverse holds true as well. A snowboard stolen in Reno/Tahoe ends up here on CL. Hopefully you have your serial numbers from your gear, because that s**t in yours even five to ten years from now.
  15. PiFromBRC

    slide patch

    Huh...wasn't aware anybody but me used a socket wrench for a slide. Been using one for over twenty years.
  16. I'm getting ready to haul out my HD500 to compensate for processing power limitations. Aside from that, there is really no need at this point for a Double-Helix. Unless they're adding a salsa dispenser. That would be awesome.
  17. Hey all: Being in Sonoma County and having survived the fires here last year (as well as the pea soup smoke we're currently experiencing with the Butte fire), I wanted to send y'alls some love. Be safe, be alert, and keep it real. I hope to hear that everybody (and everything) made it through okay.
  18. You seem to know the vernacular, so hop on it. Chop chop. Shoo! Get it done.
  19. I've been staring at it and gaming out a couple of ways that hopefully don't muddy it up. I think the best way to approach it would be a block view, but still in the thick of it.
  20. I just uploaded a request in IdeaScale asking for the ability to view parameter differentials between snapshots in the Inspector window. Anybody else wish they could see all parameter comparisons without jumping back and forth block-by-block?
  21. 1: Yep. All modulation blocks bypassed. I even turned their mixes to zero while in bypassed state. 2: Nope. Block by block review and confirmation via the assignment window in Edit.
  22. I've never experienced this before, but I've been having some big-time modulation issues the past few days. 1: I had an issue last night where switching between snapshots that turned off modulation blocks (Phaser and Flanger only, don't really use chorus), the sweep remained. Haven't revisited that one, but likely still there. 2: When I adjust a parameter within a modulation block (typically the mix of that block with an expression pedal), I'm getting a complete drop off with the entire preset output. No volume or gain blocks are adjusted and I've checked to see if they were somehow assigned, but they're not. Neither is gain, output, etc. So I lose the signal until I use the expression pedal and then get volume, gain, (whatever) swelling with the mix of the modulation pedal. This one is a puzzler. I've gone block-by-block and there are no bad expression pedal assignments. Any ideas (or answers) are appreciated. Thanks.
  23. PiFromBRC

    Code 8312

    What version edit are you running?
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