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  1. Haha I just love it when grown men joke about 17 year olds who had their items stolen! Dont you have something better to do like go to work or take care of your family? Guess not!
  2. Haha thanks for trying to back me up and claim this is teenage stupidity, but this actually happened and if you want proof that I actually owned these products or that I actually am a 17 year old musician, ask for my links to my music. Otherwise I won’t “solict” them. You no where near the level of prickness that some were to just automatically say this is a scam instead of simply visitng my link and seeing this was real. I wrote multiple paragraphs on the issue I had and inlcuded literally one link and most took it out of context. Thanks. -JB
  3. The “OP” is a 17 year old. 17 year olds have school for 8 hours monday through friday. A 17 year old posted this at 11PM at night and then crashed because the 17 year old had to go to school the next day. Next time take into consideration that not everybody sits on their butt all day replying to threads! You literally could’ve just asked for my link to my music plaforms or just asked for proof. Geez people are so quick to turn a situation so negative. I’ll make sure to reply faster just for a speical snowflake like you. -JB Best Wishes
  4. You literally took my link out of multiple paragraphs to try to make it seem like I was soliciting. Don’t you have something better to do then mess with teenagers? Guess not! Answer my warranty question or hit the road and the gofundme link was only put there for proof and iust in case someone wanted to dontated but Im not worried because I have friends, teachers, and family that love me who donated $480 in 3 days to help me. -JB
  5. Yeah thanks for the advice and not being a prick or trying to indicate im lying. -JB :)
  6. I’m sorry for my comment, I was pretty upset with this situation and was dealing with stress from school bc the semester ends in a few weeks. Thank you for your dontation and I just wanted to let you know your $30 was able to bring me to a total of $480 raised from my community! Thank you so much and I apologize
  7. There is! Luckily I filed one and gave them descriptions of my items such as stickers and dents. Thanks! JB
  8. Check my other reply for a similar response. Thanks -JB
  9. Im kinda insulted that you went out your way to say theres a lot of bogus gofundme scams but then say mine wasnt bogus. Thats a little odd that you included a video too but you pick and choose your battles and this isnt one im going to pick bc you have a right to post lol. -JB
  10. Im only 17 so I don’t have the best car, its my dad old 2016 Hyundai hatchback with a window to the trunk. I highly doubt it was an inside job, but I had it parked in a parking lot for literally less than 2 hours at my moms house which isn’t the best neighborhood, but not to that extreme. Yeah I understand the solicting part lol thank you though. Idk about your car but in every car i’ve been in theres always a central lock on both driver and passenger doors that control all the locks and most trunks are unlocked once all locks are unlocked liked mine. Plus I didnt have full coverage because its $207 a month so I dont have stolen items covered
  11. Agreed! I’ve covered my phone, computers, and only one of my guitar ever (sold it), but I didnt think this would happen. Thanks -JB
  12. I understand where you’re coming from, but I included it to provide proof that this actually happened, and just in case any of you wanted to fund me. So far I’ve raised a few hundred just from my town, but only $30 on GoFundMe thanks to an awesome user on here.
  13. I’ve been buying from Pawn Shops with my father since I was 12 and I’ve never once came into contact with one that I’ve bought from that allows coverage or returns. Most of them have a policy where once you buy, you’re stuck with it.
  14. Yeah I kind of figured that, thank you though. I’m still funding pretty well rn. A lot of my friends and even teachers have been pitching into me at school. -JB
  15. A few days ago somebody smashed out my window out in AZ and stole all of my gear from my trunk. Now, being that I’m 17, I rely heavily on modeling products to cut down on costs, but I still won’t have the funds for years to replace any of the equipment that was stolen. The idiot was able to get away with my Helix, Powercab 112 Plus, JTV-89F, and a few other miscellaneous items, but I was wondering if there’s some warranty that can cover products that were bought not directly from Line 6? They were all bought used and from pawnshops. Also is there some form of security meaure that prevents the Helix from connecting to another Line 6 account or some form of lock out precaution? I ended up creating a GoFundMe in the meantime to help fund the replacement items, but so far no one wants to donate or share the link since I’m not a 5 year old cancer patient. I’ll include the link just in case of some miracle happens from the guitar world. Thanks in Advanced, JB
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