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  1. Can someone tell me where to buy a sliding rack drawer for my Helix Rack Control? It needs to be 12" or less to fit the rack depth. The closest I have found is on eBay but it wasn't wide enough to accommodate the control's 17.2 width. Thanks!
  2. machuero

    How do you carry your Helix Rack?

    Hello, Can you tell me where you got the 2U Sliding Rack Shelf? Hopefully they have them in 12" depth. Thanks!
  3. machuero

    USB Monitoring via USB headphones

    Peter, you're probably correct. I just wanted a quick solution without buying more stuff and having more stuff in my work area. Actually to be honest, these headphones are pretty good. I listen to music DVD and online content with them all the time. As far as gaming headphones they are excellent.
  4. machuero

    USB Monitoring via USB headphones

    Both the Helix and the headphones are connected to the same PC. Does that make a difference?
  5. machuero

    USB Monitoring via USB headphones

    Hello, Hopefully this is a simple task :huh: I want to be able to monitor my Helix floor with a set of Logitech G35 USB headphones. They are mainly used for online gaming but I would like them to serve as a quick monitoring device when I can't play through my amp or desktop speakers. If this is possible, can someone lay out the steps it will take to accomplish this? The simpler, the better :D Also, if there is a way to do this from the Helix software that would be even better. Thanks
  6. How do I remove the dual tone pot knobs on the Variax Bass 700? I assumed they were hex key but that doesn't appear to work.
  7. Thank man! Let me know what happens next. I'm in Whittier, not too close.
  8. Okay, that might be a plan. I'm just trying to save some money.
  9. Thanks for the responses everyone, I have tried the knob method and still no luck. Maybe I'm doing something wrong idk. I'll try opening a support ticket.
  10. Hello all, I purchased a JTV-69S from eBay listed as "For repair". The magnetic pickups work fine but no sound from the models and no change when using alternate tuning knob. The model knob does not light up. Is there an easy way to trouble-shoot this and determine which part(s) needs to be replaced? I'm assuming that it is either a bad main board or bad piezos? I've tried all of the re-flashing, flashing, model knob pulling and pushing and nothing worked. I have screen shots from Monkey and Workbench HD. They both see the JTV-69 but I still have no sound from the model, no lights on the model knob and no alternate tuning dial. Any assistance is appreciated :-) Thanks!
  11. With the help of a Reverb.com friend and some Variax Facebook group friends I was able to get the software and install it. All you have to do is select Variax 300/600 and then Windows 8. The mistake I was making was selecting Windows 10. The original Workbench works under Windows 10.
  12. Hello, I had an old Variax 500 that we converted to a Warmoth Strat body and neck. This setup will only work with the original Workbench software and I no longer have it. I don't have the serial number from the original 500 so I cannot download it from the Line 6 download area. Is there anyway I can get this software without having the original serial number from the Variax 500? Thanks!