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  1. It's literally on the front cover of the box.
  2. Does anyone here know where I could find the preset called "Seismic Matters"? I've been told that it is a stock HX Stomp preset. I would like to use it with my Helix rack. Thanks, Jack
  3. Yes, I did. We'll see if he answers. Probably tomorrow at this point.
  4. Hello, any idea where to get the preset called "Super Clean" that Paul Glover is using in the following video starting at :55? called
  5. Simon268, just to be clear, that's not my rack. It's just a photo that I found on these forums as an example of the rack shelf that I am searching for.
  6. phil_m -- Here's the photo from the older post that I found.
  7. I would like it on a sliding shelf that I can just pull out when needed and slide back in out of the way when not in use. The only sliding shelfs that I have been able to find are not wide enough to accommodate the control. My rack is 12" deep so that's also a concern. There's a photo on this forum somewhere showing exactly what I need (not sure about the depth though). I'm still waiting on an answer from the OP. The rack will not be moved very much so sliding around won't be an issue. I only play in my home studio.
  8. Can someone tell me where to buy a sliding rack drawer for my Helix Rack Control? It needs to be 12" or less to fit the rack depth. The closest I have found is on eBay but it wasn't wide enough to accommodate the control's 17.2 width. Thanks!
  9. Hello, Can you tell me where you got the 2U Sliding Rack Shelf? Hopefully they have them in 12" depth. Thanks!
  10. Peter, you're probably correct. I just wanted a quick solution without buying more stuff and having more stuff in my work area. Actually to be honest, these headphones are pretty good. I listen to music DVD and online content with them all the time. As far as gaming headphones they are excellent.
  11. Both the Helix and the headphones are connected to the same PC. Does that make a difference?
  12. Hello, Hopefully this is a simple task :huh: I want to be able to monitor my Helix floor with a set of Logitech G35 USB headphones. They are mainly used for online gaming but I would like them to serve as a quick monitoring device when I can't play through my amp or desktop speakers. If this is possible, can someone lay out the steps it will take to accomplish this? The simpler, the better :D Also, if there is a way to do this from the Helix software that would be even better. Thanks
  13. How do I remove the dual tone pot knobs on the Variax Bass 700? I assumed they were hex key but that doesn't appear to work.
  14. Thank man! Let me know what happens next. I'm in Whittier, not too close.
  15. Okay, that might be a plan. I'm just trying to save some money.
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