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  1. So it's *definitely* out next Wednesday? Coooool! HEY EVERYBODY! 2.8 IS OUT TOMORROW! (this is kind of how presidents get elected these days. Clearly tongue and cheek, but you know somebody is going to run with it)
  2. Nonononono. Too wordy. Let's tighten that baby up a bit: Yo Andy! Stop being such a sanctimonious pric{<, yo. Subscribe to the L6T post. You want to look for tidbits of information in this thread? Cool. Get on your waders. Of course I mean that in a totally woke, new millennium, hashtag-friendly way.
  3. Oldest plays bass and 'sings' in a death metal band. Youngest getting situated on keys and sings incessantly. Hopefully neither of them ever aspire toward pro life. I've been happy as hell to do the weekend warrior bit. Much more so than when I pursued it as a career back when GHW was in office.
  4. I messed up. Two of my four kids expressed interest in guitars. I gave the first one (my oldest son) a lower-end Flying V for his thirteenth birthday, followed up a couple of years later with a small practice amp and my old ART SGX 2000 Express/Ultrafoot mfx rig (I had bought my HD500). Now my youngest (age 7) has taken an interest in classical and I've let him use a mid-range Cordoba that I use regularly. He's not even allowed to look at my Hill Guitar Co. flamenco. Now he refuses to play on anything less than a $900 guitar. Both of them have made it clear that once I join the Choir Invisible they will descend upon my guitars, amps, and rig with notable fervor.
  5. really sure where the notion of Joy to the Update Cycle came from. It's mostly "where's my pony?"-types of posting largely from people with 'Just Startin' ' beneath their names.
  6. Hey all. I've had the good fortunate of dealing directly with Paul and James on a local level (they're HQ is here in town), and their pedals have solved a lot of Helix users' needs. I just ran across the following tidbit on a FB page: (From Paul Shedden): Hi All, for those that missed it, we are having a silly sale on b stocks. The first 49 pedals sold out in hours... so we have added another 100 approx.It’s doing a ridiculous good deal on our 'b' stock (brand new in every way, but with slight cosmetic flaws) pedals- to clear some shelf space here lol. Every Mission B-Stock pedal is just $79. Yep, that's right, we are not kidding. Expression pedals for Fractal, Kemper, Line 6, RJM and even Missions top selling fully buffered VM-PRO are all just $79. So a good time to expand or bag a back up. So check the can from your last busking gig, or between the pillows on the couch, and head over to the mission space to see what's there.
  7. I imagine your answers would go something like this: WHY was it created like it was? To offer an intuitive and accessible way not offered by the competition to create amp and fx modeling. Was this the vision they had in the beginning? Nope. Went through several iterations and ended up like this because iteration rejection. What were the goals of this unit? See first response. What idea were scrapped in the making? See second response. How did L6 go about acquiring all of the amps/fx that they modeled? They bought some pedals, amps, and stuff, then worked on replicating them.
  8. So....theoretically, with the right interface I can reply by text with "I'm sorry, I can't talk right now" when my phone rings without taking my hands off the guitar. Not that I'd ever do that. know...options.
  9. Oh topic *this*, Shirley. This thread subject is about a binary situation. It's either out or it isn't. I just saved you 11 pages of any reading. The conversation is going to wander. You must be a riot during runway delays.
  10. I disagree. If I were them I would say, "it's ready for release, but f all y'alls and your whiney 6itchfest. You get it next week now. Maybe. Maybe not. Way I see it, that depends on you."
  11. They're the zoo keepers? WITH MUSICIANS???? ON AN INTERNET FORUM???? Yeah, I would rather be a zoo keeper at a zoo suffering a rabies outbreak. After an earthquake. Dude, I'm a hoyty toyty suit guy with 25 years of blah blah as well. Seriously. Stress through the roof, regular calls around the world and other life-sucking activities. My first instinct when I read your post was to point out some punctual and grammatical errors. But then I remembered something: I'm also a musician. This is a forum on the interwebs. You're trying to spank people on an internet forum. This isn't Bank of America; it's Line 6. It's a little, teeny-tiny island seemingly operating with a degree of autonomy within the world of Yamaha. You're asking them to give a realistic estimate on a release date when the previous estimates proved wrong. There is no transparency because the issues are nebulous. DI stated that he was hoping to have it out over the weekend of the missed estimated release. Clearly something occurred. It's code. This is not unusual. Oh, and ever time I read the, "kindly provide a solution no later than (whatever)..., <hardbreak> Thank you"-communications demanding resolution on an unknown solution, I automatically know that relationship is strained by an unrealistic expectation and it becomes low man on my priority list. Just sayin' is all.
  12. Y'all are slipping. Not one, "they're talking about the 2.8 update error" joke.
  13. I suggest that they release a bugs-and-all Beta, call it 2.8, let everyone whose too impatient for a stable iteration download it and get PO'd, wait for the first "When is 2.9 coming out" joke, and post the actual update as 2.9 saying, "Here, ya go, ya %@^$(@! Now leave us alone!". Oh...and make sure the faux update reverts the Tuna to 1.1 and requires a legacy version of the installer.
  14. Okay...I gotta come clean here. I haven't really been able to justify Native despite semi-frequent DSP depletion. I've done "loli"-all with my DAW for quite a bit now. IT HAS METERS????
  15. Let the 3.0 update requests begin.
  16. I'm not speculating L6 is going to do that. In fact I'd be pretty P.O.'d if they did (see what I did there?). I'm just sort of over the entitled expectations clashing with the development cycle. As others have said, I prefer a stable update over a rapid update. (oh yeah...I totally forgot about the unicorn update...)
  17. If you do product dev for a living then you understand that there is no agreement binding the product to upgrades. Line6 could mothball the updates at any point and none of us could do anything about it. Likewise, they could potentially charge for feature upgrades and, again, nobody could do anything about it. Therefore the updates, aside from security or stability patches, are absolutely not part of the deal.
  18. Long story. Involves Ahnold and Tuna.
  19. The only animation I'm interested in seeing is metering and hopefully a useful tuner. (To Admins: That totally doesn't count since I struck it out).
  20. Okay, you precious, delicate, little flower. I apologize for *suggesting*, and I quote, " it is at least possible that one person is posting from..." . Does that apology match your desires? I could get you a warm bagel if that would help. Pick warmer is up to L6 though.
  21. Could be. I'm still holding out for the heated pick holder.
  22. But...but...Bagel Warmer....string sanitizer...tooth whitener... least a heated pick dispenser...
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