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  1. I got a Peavey Bandit 112 back in high school (probably around '95-'96 timeframe) that my brother now has and uses; still works!
  2. I would love to have more flexibility in Output selection via a selection checklist. Currently (unless I'm mistaken) if I'm sending my chain to two outputs I can (for example) select one and only one specific Output for one path (say XLR), and Multi Output for the other (to basically send it everywhere else). What I would prefer would be to have a checklist for each Output so that (for example) I can send one to XLR and Headphones, and the other to 1/4" (or everything else).
  3. Thanks so much for your help; looks like this will work. I've had my Helix for over a year now and I wasn't even aware of the Single vs Dual cab option; never even noticed it before. Thanks again!
  4. Will try this later - thanks. Thinking out loud without having tried this yet, if I want to send the signal to two outputs with the only variation between the two being the cab sim, I would probably need to place the Cab Block as the last block in the chain and split right before that, in order to have everything else also going to both outputs. If I do this, will the Cab Block collapse a stereo signal back to mono the same way an Amp block would, or no? Thanks!
  5. I thought I saw/heard/read somewhere that with Helix you can use cab sims in your signal chain but have it only be applied to certain outputs; so for example, have a cab sim on your XLR outs going to the FOH board, but not on your 1/4" outs going to your power amp/on-stage cab. Is this true, and if so how do you set this up? I've been poking around in HX Edit, Global Settings on the device itself, etc - haven't figured it out yet. Thanks!
  6. I've got a Helix Rack/Helix Control combo and am looking for suggestions for a bag/case for the Control (Rack is in a custom head enclosure with power amp/power conditioner). I like Gator stuff but their two closest bags are 15" and 24" (Helix Control is just over 17"). Worst case scenario I get the bigger bag and stuff the sides to keep it secure but I'm wondering if anyone has found anything that's a better fit and protects the unit well. I've heard good things about the Helix Backpack but was hoping to spend less than that. Thanks!
  7. I do not bring HX Edit to a gig. I typically try to have all my patches prepared before a gig, and do the vast majority of my patch creating/editing at my PC rather than on the front face of the device. The sound guy at the venue isn't the issue. If you were using a traditional pedal board and for example had a second drive pedal for a lead boost, wouldn't you try to set the output on that pedal to the appropriate level for its intended purpose? If you engaged that pedal and it was too loud would you just say "eh - that's the sound guy's problem"? I try my best to have the unit set up, prior to a gig, so that clean tones, driven rhythm tones, lead tones, etc, are all appropriately balanced with respect to one another. The sound guy can set the guitar where it needs to be and the patches can take care of themselves, rather than him having to ride the fader all night.
  8. I'm glad we finally got this, but I'd really like (a) the Output Meter to also be in HX Edit, not just on the device itself, and (b) to have an actual graduated meter with numerical readings. I play in a band where I use 12 or more patches (and 3-4 snapshots per patch) during the course of a show and have always been frustrated by the trial-and-error approach to level matching them all by ear. The Output Meter certainly helps, but a graduated meter in HX Edit would be ideal. Is there a particular thread on this forum for enhancement requests? Was poking around briefly this morning but didn't see it.
  9. palladinojt

    "-28" error?

    Helix Rack, firmware v2.71. Last weekend I powered it up and for the first time since I've owned it there was a small "-28" in red in the upper left corner of the screen (wish I got a picture, but didn't), and stayed locked/frozen on the boot screen. I was at a gig at the time so my stomach dropped momentarily. I turned it off, turned it back on again, and it started up fine with no issue. It ended up not creating a problem, but again being the first time that ever happened it concerned me a bit. Anyone familiar with this at all? Anything I need to do/be aware of? Thanks!
  10. Are Helix patch files and Firehawk patch files the same file type? I have a Helix Rack, and a friend of mine is considering purchasing a Firehawk 1500; I'm wondering if he and I will be able to exchange tones/patches we create. Thanks!
  11. I think that did it - thanks so much!
  12. Using Helix Rack and Control. I've created a number of patches for live use, where (for example) Snapshot 1 is rhythm, Snapshot 2 is lead, Snapshot 3 is bridge/break, etc. I'm trying to configure Helix Control such that the four middle buttons on the top row show me patches A-D of whichever Bank I'm currently in. When I select a patch (1A, for example) I want the four middle buttons on the bottom row to be Snapshot 1 - Snapshot 4. When I switch to 2A, I want to then see its 1-4 Snapshots, and so on. I've gone through the manual a few times and haven't figured out how (or even if) this can be done. Thoughts?
  13. I will try that as well, thanks. Hopefully I still have some empty block space on the signal path... Apologies for this next part - just want to make sure I understand (I am going to test this later when I'm home): So if I try this approach - in Snapshot 1: reverb block 1 is ON, reverb block 2 is OFF; in Snapshot 2: reverb block 1 is OFF, reverb block 2 is ON. When I switch back to Snapshot 1, I should still hear the full decay of the last note played in Snapshot 2, through reverb block 2, BEFORE I switched back to Snapshot 1 and that block was switched OFF?
  14. Trails are on. I have a patch where the reverb decay time and mix are both reduced from the "lead" Snapshot to the "rhythm" Snapshot. But when I switch back to the rhythm Snapshot I don't still hear the decay from the lead. If I switch from Snapshot to Snapshot, where Snapshot 1 has a 5 second reverb decay and Snapshot 2 has the same reverb block set to 2 seconds, will the last note played on Snapshot 1 still continue on at 5 sec decay, or will that switch to 2 sec when the Snapshot change is made?
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