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  1. spaceboy68

    VDI Ethernet cable?

    hello all dont know if anyone is still here on this subject. I read it all and can't find my answer, so i'll ask if you dont mind: i know you can get the full variax 700 jack plate assembly from full compass. but I also think I read that one of the jack plate assemblies for the newer JTV's (jtv 69, i believe), has the little metal door to prevent damage from a 1/4 jack AND will also fit the variax 700 drop-in without soldering, so that might be a better choice if you're looking to replace the jackplate on an old variax700 because it gives you the little metal spring door and the original, or "correct one" doesnt. is this so? and if it is which one is it? thank you
  2. spaceboy68

    USB interface

    OOOOOK, what do you know... !!! Well, problem solved, I hope: I agreed on Reverb to purchase a mint, very shiny and clean, handsome looking Variax 700 for $425 but since it came with everything BUT the USB interface (and I only had the not-useful POD X3 Bean, as already established), I negotiated the price down to $335 which was pretty good I thought. Also, while negotiating the very nice and surprisingly honest previous owner told me that those usb interfaces did not come with the Variax 700 at first, had to be bought separately (which is, of course, true), so he ended up also offering me his POD 500HD for the $99 I would have had to pay for the interface alone. I looked everywhere and the cheapest one was at $170 on reverb and looked scratched and very dodgy, plus the variax 700 where all over 500 bucks with little to no cables (some at 700 bucks), etc and of course WITHOUT the usb interface. These 2, guitar and pod, looked MINT and had all cables, footswitch, power unit etc. SO, after a thorough investigation and a ton of pictures from every angle back and forth, now I am the proud owner of a Line Variax 700 Cherry Sunburst (with whammy bar) and a POD 500HD both, in mint condition, apparently without a blem, scratch, or issue. All this, obviously, remains to be seen, but I really felt the guy could be trusted after the patient answering of my million questions and the back and forths. Besides, since I am also protected by both reverb and paypal just in case of unpleasant surprises when the goodies arrive, I thought what the h e l l, right? In my honest opinion the owner wasn't a money grabber, he seemed like a stand up guy from the start and not only knew his s h i t thoroughly, but truly wanted to help, fact proven by the very fair deal we struck (i think). So all in all, I'm hopeful. UPS should be knockin' on my door with a nice package in the very very near future ;)!! meanwhile.... i'm downloading line 6 oldies galore... ;) to be continued... And by the way guys, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THE HELP AND AWESOME SUPPORT Y'ALL SO VERY QUICKLY BESTOWED UPON ME IN MY TIME OF NEED AND IGNORANCE. TRULY APPRECIATED KICK A S S FORUM, IF YOU ASK ME.
  3. spaceboy68

    USB interface

    It's for a Variax 700. It came without the usb interface, but i do have a pod x3 (NOT the x3 live though, just the PodX3). So will that work as an VDI interface so I dont have to worry about finding the damn usb interface now? Also, what workbench do i need for this? the only one i see available for download here is workbenchHD, but it was my understanding that i need Workbench (not HD) or maybe im confused. Sorry I'm new at this. Just got a used varix 700 in optimal condition and I'm trying to figure out what exactly i need to make it work fully. thanks!
  4. spaceboy68

    USB interface

    hello all Same problem. I dont have a live pod but i do have the pod x3. will that work as interface? thank you