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  1. Hi. I just bought a used Variax 700 and now i want to do customized tunings so I need a USB interface to connect to Workbench, and they seem hard to come by at a resonable price.... Has any one tried to use a normal RJ45 to USB adapter such as http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ethernet-10-100-Mbps-Network-USB2-0-Adapter-Dongle-to-RJ45-Wired-LAN-WIN8-MAC-/191534966108 Naturally Line6 want to sell you their own stuff, but I cant understand why the would have developed a non standard adapter to do the really simple job of converting the signals.. The first generation USB device looks a bit hightec with flasching lights and circut boards, the later looks very generic.. I dont want do destroy my guitar or computer, so has anyone tried using a generic adapter? Maybe I will get frustrated and curious/stupid enough to try myself....
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