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  1. Oh, and regarding the iPad app, there definitely is one, and I believe on the line 6 website they outline the interface that hooks up to it. Seems like a lot of work, so I'm sticking with the os x app assuming I get this to work
  2. Has anyone tried to use an m-audio controller for the update? Rather than spend $40 on an uno, I'd prefer to use the gear I have. Thanks.
  3. Thanks I really appreciate it. I can't check out the app from your link on my iPad but will when I get home. I'm gonna go for it...
  4. Thanks! So I don't need an iOS app or OS X app at all? I can do it all via the amp? If so, is there some sort of idiot-friendly guide for folks like me? Again, thanks. Oh, and...no he pod.
  5. Hi guys. I have a dt25 combo, and am going to update to 2.0. I know I need to buy a midi interface, upgrade drivers on it, use line 6 monkey, and cross my fingers and dive in. It's after that that I'm wondering about. How exactly do you all switch between all the new amps, reverbs, etc? I know there's iOS apps, which seem to be the easiest solution for me. So my question is: am I correct in thinking that if I do the upgrade correctly, then all I need to do is buy the app ( which app do y'al recommend?) and that's it? Leave the midi interface continually plugged in, and then I can switch all the goodness on the app? Do I have to program the app, or can I rock straight away once I download it? Thanks gang. I was considering selling this amp because of this hassle. Generally I'm leaning towards paring down, making things easier, but this amp sounds so good, I want to give it a solid try to enable all of its functionally - if, in fact, using that new functionality isn't a pain in the lollipop. Thanks!
  6. do a factory reset on it, I'm betting that will solve your issue. Be sure to back up any custom tones you've made first, though. Good luck, Jon
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