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  1. Hola Joe, cómo estás? Gracias por ponerte en contacto. Intentaré conseguir algún server en mi país que me haga la actualización, pero, de momento,no encuentro ningún server autorizado por line6. Cómo lo encuentro?? He probado los 6 canales. Hago lo del recibidor y ningún LED rojo se enciende. Con respecto a los sistemas line6, utilizo el g30 con un hd400. Se te ocurre algún otro factor que pueda ayudarme? Estoy un tanto desesperado. Gracias!
  2. Hola Joe Hola Joe, muchas gracias por contactarte y responderme. Lamento comunicarte que mi versión del G30 es la antigua y no ha sido actualizada, por lo que sólo funciona en RF1 (según tengo entendido). Qué otra solución piensas que sería factible? Será necesario llevarlo a algún service? Gracias! Federico.-
  3. Hi, my name is Federico, and I'm from Argentina. I'm also having a dropouts issue. I had them in my last gig, and tried at home: same results. Don't know what to do anymore... I'm not having any metal near, using the original power supply and have brand new batteries. If i'm near (2,3 feets), no signal problems. But when i start to move around the room I get that signal losses in the same places everytime. The same happened to me in my last gig... I'm very dissapointed right now, 'couse I spent a lot of money to bought it, and don't know if i can use it anymore. When I start to get the signal losses, the 3 LEDS turn out RED. And, when i'm near enough (2,3 or 4 feets) i can see the green leds lights blinking. It never stays with the 3 green lights on. What should I do??? Please, get back to me ASAP!!! Thanks!! P.S: It would be very helpful if you can answer me in spanish hehe Best regards
  4. You got that right!! I did it last week, i read it in another forum and the advice was exactly the same. I was going crazy!!! Hahaha. Thanks a lot for your help!!! Best Regards!
  5. Dear Jose: I had the same problem last week and someone told me to factory reset the unit and IT WORKED!!! Here you got how to do it. And then, you'd have to calibrate the expresion pedal REMEMBER: Before you reset the unit, you should save you're own presets!!! Connect it to the PC and save the bundle or you'll lose it!!! Hope this may help you, Sorry for my lousy english!! Federico.-
  6. Hello, my name is Federico and I've been a Line6 user for about 4 years by now. I've owned a POD 2.0 and own a Bass Pod 2.0, a Relay G30 and a HD400 POD. I've always been happy and had nothing but joy with my gear. Seriously. But something happened today. I was playing with my band and accidentally plug of the POD power, when I switch it on again the Volumen/expresion pedal, the ABCD bank and the AMP selection suddenly stop working. Now I can't change my presets bank and, what is worst, I get not a single sound from the POD. If I set the "Wah wah" on, then I can hear the sound, but the expresion pedal still doesn't work, so it will only let my put the wah wah on, but not "use it". I'm getting very worry here, 'cause I got a very important gig next week and can't get it work properly! So, the thing is: I can't get a single sound from the POD or change my preset channel (ABCD) and the Volume Pedal isn't working anymore. Oh, and the green lights on the ABCD triggers doesn't work either. The only thing working in that area is the "Tap/turner" trigger. Anyone has an advice for me? Any solutions? I'm lost here!! Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Argentina. Thanks!! Federico.-
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