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  1. So ... I am pretty much laughing at myself at this point .. but here is where I am with my DT25 at at the moment. Channel A Topology 1 and 3 are dead. 2 and 4 seem fine. Channel B All Topologies seem fine. So .. I could set channel A to either Topology 2 or 4 and then I still have a 2 channel amp. This is in Low Power Mode. Not sure I want try full power mode again, since last time everything was dead until the reset. No fault of Line 6 that me and the only authourized tech within 1 hour don't see eye to eye. I am sure if I send it to Line 6, they will fix it right. The issue is what do I do next time ? Ship it again ? Without having a resource locally, the long term seems sketchy. Basically because I have not had great luck so far. Even after paying $280 for a new systemboard to someone that really didn't seem very interested in making this right, unless the customer did everything he asked, including giving out his home address.
  2. Seems I declared victory too early. The amp worked fine, twice. Now it is back to the same extreme low volume. I tried another reset, no joy. Since the only authourized center within a hour is the guy I had a falling out with, kind of stuck again looking for a box and $80 for shipping.
  3. Well, I should have tried the factory reset sooner !! Amp seems fine. Always listen to a Guru !!
  4. Thank you. I have not tried the reset. I will give that a shot tonight. Sadly, the repairman I had thought I found, he and I could not get on the same page. I felt like I paid $280 for this last repair and getting his hands on the amp should have been job 1. Nope. First he wanted me to talk to Line 6. I did, Will was very cool, offered to cover the repair (if the part was bad I assume) if I shipped it. I asked if he would authourize a local repair, he did. I told my guy this, he wanted my address, my phone number, email address etc ... before he would even tell me if this weekend was good to drop the amp off ... I was confused, so I called him, he was indignant. I caved in and asked if he had a pen to write it down, he said nope, just text me some more. Not really into customer service, I guess he can pick and chose his clients and don't want or need anymore of my cash .. The continuing saga of when it works, my favourite amp .. Upon further testing, both channels are equal and nearly silent, depending on the topology chosen. Topology IV for example has a tiny amount of volume, Topology 1, basically silent. This to me, feels like power tubes. The plan now is to get someone local to test the tubes and if they are good, I will need to find a box and ship it to Line 6.
  5. Ok, so it occured to me last night that I had not tried tried switching back to LVM to see if the amp still worked. I just assumed it was only having a issue, when not in LVM mode, since it was fine until went to full power. Flipped the switch back to LVM and powered on the amp. No sound. Then I switched to channel A. It works. I was on channel B when I switched it from LVM and now Channel B is silent. It is working in LVM on A, and I am reluctant to try normal mode on the A side, in case I loose that as well. (currently using the amp as 1/2 a stereo setup and would like to keep doing that) The mainboard replacement was at my expense (out of warranty) This amp is making me sad again. I love the tone, the looks the freatures ... even the Yamaha certified tech repair$ are not able to make this amp remotely reliable. Failed replacement part ? another failed component ? I had the tranformer replaced in my DT50 at my expense, (seems that repair is now covered for many) now a mainboard in my DT25, I am not here to bash Line 6 ... but to continue as a loyal customer is starting to feel a little foolish. I will take the DT25 back to the tech and hope for the best. If I need to reach into my pocket again for anything other than tubes on this amp, it goes up for sale and I will never look back. Who could blame me ?
  6. I recently had the mainboard replaced on my DT25 by a Line 6 certified repairman. The amp sounds great. I noticed the amp was in Low Volume mode. I put the amp on stanby and switched it to normal. No volume basically. I spoke to the tech and he basically asked me to speak to Line 6. He is unclear whether this could be a issue with the replacement part. He also admitted he is trying to eliminate user error. ;) I am hoping this is just a symptum of a failing power tube .. Before I open a support ticket .. I was wondering if anyone has experienced similiar symptums .. Thanks in advance !!
  7. Don't let my luck cause you stress. You are lucky in that Line 6 has indentified the TSB. My DT50 was bought as a "factory second" so it never had a warranty. If I had known about this TSB, and it was fixed at no cost to me, I would likely still have it and still be a customer. Looking back, other than selling products of questionable reliability, Line 6 as a corp was fine. It was mostly in dealing with the first service center that made me want to look elsewhere. I see myself keeping my DT 25 until either parts are no longer available, or the cost of a repair is so high that it simply no longer makes sense. That being said, as with any tube amp, I will be sure to always have a plan "B" at any gig. So looking back, although I can't prove anything, I think my mainboard might have failed before I tried the firmware update. This could be why I could never see the DT 25 fully in Monkey. I have had the tubes replaced, I am not sure what brand ... will have to check that when I get home .. Hopefully things will only get better now that Line 6 has Yammaha as a parent corp. I am liking the Firehawk and might be willing to give Line 6 a chance to change my opinion about reliability of there products.
  8. I got my amp back last week. After several weeks at the local store, that at least "was" a Line 6 service center, the tech told me, "come get it, I can't get Line 6 to reply". Needless to say I was bummed. The amp became a door stop for the next few months. Line 6 basically said, "sorry, try another service center". So ... I sold my DT50 and my POD 500. I am still a little but hurt over the Guitar Port to be honest, loved that thing, paid good money every month, then poof !! So I figured it was time to move on from Line 6, the DT-50 blew a tranformer, fixed at my cost, after waiting months for that part, $280. Now, my DT-25 needs a mainboard replaced ? At my cost, another $272 !! WTH ??? 2 amps, 2 costly issues both out of warranty. I bought a Fender Mustang III v2. Cheap decent sounding solid state amp. I missed having a tube amp so I ended picking up Marshall DSL 40C. Not a bad amp, for the money, depends on the style of music. The last week, after he too sat on my DT-25 for 2 months, the tech calls to tell me it is done. His opinion and experience with Yamaha was the polar opposite of what the first tech told me. OMG, do these things sound great !! Easily the best sounding amp I own !! I just don't really know if I can count it though. I have owned it 3 years and between normal things like replacing the tubes twice, waiting on parts or waiting to go in for service it has spent a easy 11 months down. Let's hope all my bad luck with Line 6 is out the way. Wish me luck !!
  9. So after 2 months the authourized repair center basically said, sorry, we can't help you. Line 6 would never reply to our emails and let us know the part # or the cost. So now, I have a very cool looking$850 + paperweight. So now what ? Can I ship it ot Line 6 or since it is out warranty is it in fact a paperweight ? Not very happy to say the least.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I guess I always assumed that a authourized service center worked closer with a manafacture, maybe that was wishfull thinking. I never got any flashing lights when attempting to reset to factory settings. I never got Monkey to connect and recognize the current firmware. The upgrade always gave me the same error, so although I can see a failed upgrade (corrupted firmware) making a hardware person assume replacing the part was needed, I guess I will never know ... If there was a phone relationship between the tech and the service center, the tech at Line 6 would have oppurtunity to ask my local guy, did you try reloading the firmware ? That was my thinking by always taking the amp to a authourized repair center. Since I now know no such realtionship exists, and I am out of warranty, I guess I can just ask around for the local amp guru and take it there next time. My DT 50 now drops volume after getting warm and I have to crank it way louder than normal to be able use it. That I will assume is a sign of failing tubes and no fault of Line 6. Nature of the beast hopefully.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I did have the latest driver. Pretty sure I followed those same steps, I did try multiple times. I had assumed since the amp was acting like my DT50 when it had a failed tranformer, it was time to take it to the only Line 6 authourized service center around. After 10 days he called and said he had determined the the effects board ? had failed and needed to be replaced. He stated that Line 6 recently went to a email only parts process and that so far they had not been able to get in touch with Line 6. I reminded that I had attempted a firmware update and asked if was certain it needs new effects board ? He just said yes. Kind of makes me wish I still had the amp with me .... I never got Monkey to show that it could see the v1 firmware, so sadly I don't if it was in fact broken from a failed effects board before I started or if now only appears to be broken to the tech because of the failed update. The hope was that by using a authourized service, he would be in close contact with Line 6 and up to date on all the diagnostic procedures from them. I not really getting that warm fuzzy though.. The guy who runs the store told me Line 6 was bought by Yamaha, who in his opinion is the obsolete worst manuafacture in the world for getting replacement parts .. Thankfully, I am only doing open jam nights and using the house amp or I would of had to run out and bought another amp already .. For my DT50 it took 3 months for the transformer to be shipped to the dealer ....
  12. I tried pinching the switches for over a minute. No lights start flashing. Come to think of it, the errors in Monkey have always been the same. I had issues getting my first midi adapter to even see the dt25. Once they did, I got this same error. So maybe my first guess was correct, maybe he the amp is broke. It's sit's in my living and doesn't get used that often, so maybe it was broke before I started. I guess I will take it to the shop. He is a authorized service center so hopefully he can speak to Line 6 and get it figured out. Thanks for trying to help.
  13. I attempted to update the fw to 2.0 on my DT25 1x12. I got some error and decided to ship it. Some days later I went to use the amp and found that it does post or boot fully. The lights come on, but the topology indicator pentode and triode indicator are off, no sound etc .. I started to think it was the transformer issue that my DT50 had then I remembered the failed fw update. I am using M-Audio MIDISPORT USB. I was using another usb to midi adapter and I was hoping getting the M-AUDIO would resolv my issue. No luck. I have tried reloading v1.0. I get the same error. This is what I can see in Monkey. My ESN # says none ? Current Flash Memory is unknown I get the Code 8000000A An undefined error occurred. I have tried safe mode, verifying the cables etc .. no luck. Please help !!
  14. Greetings, I was considering a JTV for X-mas. I have a few guitars with trems already so I was looking at the JTV 89. I typically observe the number of used items at MF and GC when desiding on the purchase of new products. Right or wrong, when I see several lightly used items available, I suspect some issue. 21 is pretty high. I know some people had buyers remorse, some people moved in another direction and one or 2 may have had some flaw or whatever. Still 21 is up there. JTV 69, they have 19 used available. So at MF alone, 40 people basically sent a JTV back ? As JTV owners, why do you think that is ? Has the situation improved at all ? This might seem like I am trooling, but these is a honest question .. why so many returned JTV's ?
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