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  1. I get it, but you guys are way ahead on the familiarity curve with the product. Don't get me wrong, I'm really jacked about this, but I also know myself; I'm perpetually chasing tone. I'll find the perfect tone for about an hour and then become dissatisfied with it. The concept is very appealing, but when I'm at my DAW it's nice to stop, fiddle, try, fiddle, try (repeat ad infinitum), find it, and play. It's also very nice to drag and drop between setlists. I keep one setlist strictly for "tones in progress" and then drop them into a given set list.
  2. I gotta admit, watching you go through the pedal assignment and editing that quickly right out of the box makes me jealous as hell. It looks like Line 6 wasn't BS'ing about the ease of use. Thanks for taking the time to do that. And yes...the tones are much better than the HD.
  3. You know what, dude? You really need to dial it back a bit. You should post some of your stuff. If it is great work, awesome; but then you get to decide if you are going to be classy, or just another full-of-themselves guitarist who nobody likes. Creep.
  4. I fully agree. The Diezel is probably the most requested amp on Ideascale. 5150 is played out for me, but I understand why a lot of people want it. I've actually done fairly well on cobbing together my own models of the Triple Rec. I would be very interested in seeing somebody do a side-by-side comparison of the models on the HD series vs. the Helix.
  5. I have to admit that this part makes me nervous. I'm comfortable with a desktop editor and my sort-of-studio is right in front of my workstation. The HD500 onboard editing is very laborious, while the desktop editing is at least intuitive. Does anybody know when the desktop editor is going to be released?
  6. And, as with any other forum on the Interwebs, occasionally trolls rear up. This is a simple matter. You prefer your current equipment. Awesomesauce. But to criticize something upon debut and having not actually played with it comes real close to speaking out of ones secondary orifice. Line 6 is (finally) re approaching professional grade tone. I've been futzing with my HD500 for years now and am finally comfortable with the tones I'm generating. Comfortable; not thrilled. If Helix actually has the tone values presented in the teaser videos, it is a game-changer for them. My Bananas-at-Large guy is going to call me when they get a unit in to their Santa Rosa store and I'm going to test drive it using one of my guitars and my Roland practice amp. If it is as good as it appears to be, I am going to purchase it. Axe is a great product, but the niche is like Apple devices. You are enslaved to their protocol. Kemper is laborious at best, Axe is number 1. If the Helix is as user friendly as it appears it is going to push Axe to up the ante, which is going to push Helix to up the ante, etc. Provided we don't get nailed with Helix XD or whatever in a year and a half, this is going to be a platform we can use for ten years. I do hope that L6 is more proactive with the updates and if they charge for tone packages, well, that's easy enough to get around (CustomTone has proven that).
  7. I live in the Bay Area perhaps an hour from Newark. Hook me up, bro?
  8. That is correct. My information is second hand from MF's page: As they, along with their Brick and Mortar and Sweetwater, are likely going to be the largest retailers for this, I sure do hope that date is true. I want one of these. I've finally been able to tame the less-than stellar cab models on my HD500, but am frustrated at the DSP limitations. I'm hoping to be able to read some honest reviews (along with the ubiquitous snarky ones) so that I can either qualify or discount plunking down fifteen hundred bucks on a new tool.
  9. Still a 9/28 street date?
  10. That's one thing about the HD500 which leaves me underwhelmed. While able to synch up the looper, 46 seconds just isn't enough. I've addressed it with a Boss RC300 very well, but between that, the HD, the external expression pedal, my trusty, ever-present Dunlop Volume Pedal, and the Banshee, that's a lot of stuff underfoot during live performances. I'll never let go of my volume pedal or my Banshee, but it would be nice if they were able to at least approach matching up the Boss Loopstation.
  11. You guys are getting closer to making me spit out $1500 :angry:
  12. Thanks for the reply. Okay. So how can we run a stereo signal from a Windows-based pc for those late hour wood-shedding sessions?
  13. I've read through this topic based on the keyword, 'spillover', because that is very important to me. However the semantics are confusing. On my HD500 I can turn off the delay and/or reverb within the current preset and it trails off very nicely. The only reason I'm considering the Helix is that I max out the DSP when I'm chasing a particular tone. I'm also very attracted to the idea of extended expression pedals so I can increase/decrease depth of reverb, and/or depth and speed of delay, flange, or chorus on the fly. So my question is simple: Will we be able to preserve effect spill-over within the existing preset as we turn on and off effects within the preset?
  14. If it has a dedicated Aux In, then wouldn't it be able to allow a adapter from (in my case, my headphone jack out of my windows-based PC running my iTunes or Guitar-Pro 6 in) to the Aux In? Provided that Aux In can handle a dry signal, it seems that all you need is the cable and adapter. Am I missing something here?
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