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  1. I bought the 89f because it had a floyd on it but hated the tunings on it. I like the standard one on the strat and other guitars. I seen there was a firmwire update and did that. Now I can't change any tunings, and after the firmware upgrade two of my tuning were messed up. I am hoping there is a fix for this.
  2. I was using expression pedal 2 and it was clashing with the volume pedal. I changed to expression pedal one for whammy and expression pedal 2 for Volume and all works as it should
  3. At the heal position it should be unison or just guitar sound. Everything above 0 is fine. At 0, heal position the sound dissapears
  4. Using the Helix expression and has no other function except whammy on that preset
  5. When I am in the unison position there is no sound at all
  6. I set my whammy up to do the song by Audioslave Like a Stone. It is a very simple setting. Heal is your guitar octive and toe is one octave above. When I go to the heal position to remain in the guitar octive the sound disappears. I can move the pedal up slightly at +1, but the sound disappears at 0 heal position. This is in the programming of the unit. I am surprised no one has caught this yet.
  7. For all wanting to know, I set up the Helix in preset mode and used command center to set up scene control changes. Presets work off the bat, but I did use midi mapping in the axe to line up the Helix with my user patches in the 400 bank. Below are setting in command center to get the Helix to do presets and scenes in the Axe Fx3. CC69 0 for scene one switch 7 CC69 1 for scene two switch 8 CC69 2 for scene three switch 9 CC69 3 for scene four switch 10 CC69 4 for scene five switch 11 CC69 5 for scene six switch 1 CC69 6 for scene seven switch 2 CC69 7 for scene eight switch 3 You have switch 4 and 5 left. I could not get the stomps to work.
  8. The only thing that I had luck with is just preset change. I set the axe to receive CC69 to change scenes but it did not work.
  9. I looked at the implementation in the manual and the snapshots presets are easy to work out. Is there a midi implementation for the stomps anywhere?
  10. That is good to know, but most think it is for both. My thought is add 10 dollars to the guitar and give a 20 ft cable. It is just common sense. Line 6 goes out of their way with customer service so hopefully they will pick up on this. To everyone out there, do not use an RJ-45 Network cable. You can buy a long VDI cable at Sweetwater for $30.00
  11. When I got my New Variax, I hated the short Cable that came with the guitar since I play guitar and keyboard and need a longer one. So I said I will use a RJ-45 Cable that is longer. This is not a good idea because not all Rj-45 cables are shielded. My Helix squibble strips did not like it and I had to send my unit back for a new power supply. Not knowing what caused this, I plugged my Rj-45 back in and all worked fine until I booted my helix up the next day and the same thing. I called Line 6 back up which has customer support that no one beats, together we figured out what the problem was. I did complain about the short cable that comes with the guitar and now I just use a guitar cable until I can get a long shielded correct cable. So beware new Variax users. An unshielded RJ-45 will mess your squibble strips up.
  12. Two updates ago, my scribble strips, after an update, the bottom row disappears and what was on the bottom row goes to the top and shifts over and only the top four work. You can press the buttons and they still work properly, but the scribble strip have problems. I installed the new update and it fixed the problem until I turned the unit off for an hour. I have the global set to all snap shots, so it isn't that I don't know what I am doing. I could go in right now and do the update again and it will fix the problem until I turn the unit off. I am sure this can be fixed with a firmware. Either that or something is failing. It is still under warranty but it is the only amp I have and I need it. I think it can be fixed without sending my unit in by a firmware fix. It could be a failing storage part I guess.
  13. Another thing on the editor is that Window 10 will lose the connection of the Helix and you have to unplug the USB cable and plug it back in to correct the problem.
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