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  1. Delays and reverb have a setting: Trails on/off which switches this.
  2. Might be helpful if you mention which DAW ! If it's Cakewalk you have to delete the new driver v1.97, you should still have v1.96 if you were running the previous firmware, more info in this thread
  3. I was thinking about what you said, i supposed if they are phase aligned you could put a delay on one mic to simulate extra distance travelled, but then I worked out it's only 0.0739426ms per inch so not really doable on helix?!
  4. I always believed the edge of the cone produced a darker sound. I remember reading a long while ago an engineer from a top speaker company, I forget which, stating that the different parts of the cone sound much the same and that the loss of treble as you move the mic across the cone was due to phase cancellation from the different parts of the cone. So when in the middle kinda balanced and as you move to the side the same frequency arrives at increasingly different times from the left and right of the speaker. Due to proximity only shorter wavelengths higher frequencies are mostly affected.
  5. In much earlier firmware, pre 2.5 or so, you could edit these fields +/-1 . Since, I have successfully edited the values by saving the .hlx preset then opening in MS word pad. I did save with only a 4 Osc block so there was less code to scan through and I had typed in arbitrary values in the snapshots before saving to make sure these fields were available, though maybe not necessary. I am not much of a programmer at all, but it was simple in word pad to find the values in the code and edit them in whole numbers. I haven't tried decimal places, I like when a fraction out, combined with the 3 note Osc, you get that subtle detuned fatness. Then I re saved as .hlx and reloaded fine to the Helix. Pain you can't hear the work until then.
  6. Thanks for your replies guys, some great ideas. I don't have Native and that was the post I couldn't find. I have sent the preset to Line6 so they can check it out. All my other presets worked fine. In my haste I've rolled back to 2.53 for a couple of gigs this week. On the problem preset Path1 is fully loaded, all blocks are greyed out if I try to load anything in the one space. Seems like a small change in 2.60 firmware has taken it over the dsp limit. The one preset, with on going tweaks, has done 120 gigs since March 2016 and has been rebuilt through numerous firmware upgrades. With 2.53 I added the kinky boost. The previous version without the kinky boost loads fine in 2.60 I could lose the Flanger...
  7. After doing the update, my main gigging preset has a blank path 1. Tried to load back ups but comes up the same. Guessing that as the path was pretty maxed out for dsp in 2.53, it now has too much requirement in 2.6 and can't squeeze all blocks in, so just blanks the whole path. Read something on this before somewhere.... Do I now have to roll back to to 2.53 Firmware and Editor, load the preset, lose a block, re save, then back to 2.6? Could also try to screenshot settings for a rebuild. (I don't remember bothering with 2.54?!)
  8. The recommended way is to download and run HX Edit installer. This contains 3 things, all compatible, Driver-Updater-Editor.
  9. I did once modify a Blackstar overdrive pedal by adding an extra jacksocket wired to the pedal switch, so I could use the channel switching capabilities of a g-system. You could try this with the Helix.
  10. RRMark

    Laney LFR-112

    Haven't seen this mentioned on the forum... £359 200w rms, 400w peak Looks pretty good, apart from the pathetic angle of the tilt back!
  11. RRMark

    Power Cab 112

    I think the main concept is to use it with the tweeter off, as an actual guitar cab, not frfr. The 12" alone with the built in variations. But then they add various options, IR loading and a tweeter etc for massive flexibility.
  12. For what it's worth...I haven't tried those specific models, but have used RCF712, EV-EKX12 and ETX12p. The RCFs sounded more neutral and very nicely balanced, the EVs seem a bit more pushed in the upper frequencies a bit more cutting and not so pleasing to my ear.
  13. No option to globally bypass cab/IR in the current firmware. Best avoid combined amp+cab blocks and use separates
  14. Hi, I went to give your comment a thumbs up, but my fat finger hit thumbs down and now I can't seem to undo it?! ...Sorry
  15. Bit sidetracked, Just before Helix was announced, small, but one of the things that put me off a Fractal purchase, trying to judge from YouTube etc and their site, the list of software revisions, something like ...version1 'All the sound and feel of a real tube amp'...version2 'Now it really does sound and feel like an amp'...version3 'improved touch response and tone, even more like a real amp' ...version4 ' No, honestly, now it really is just like an amp'......versionX' now even better than a real amp' X-brand washing powder cleans your whites whiter than white. Now, new improved X-brand... In the UK we had a Gillette razor 'turbo mach3' it didn't have a turbo and didn't propel itself to mach 3
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