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  1. Yes, I agree about the verbs. But I actually miss especially the Plex Multidelay so much that I'm thinking hard if I can afford to switch to Axe Fx III just for those...
  2. I converted from Fractal also and I don't miss the Axe Fx nor do the other guys in the band. BUT, I do miss some of the effects from the Fractal. They are really awesome. Mostly the multidelays and some choruses. I can't get the same with the Helix so I am really hoping for some of this in the updates.
  3. Actually, I have the same experience as you.
  4. A general rule of thumb is to cut first, add later. I, for instance, cut the lows either in amp or right after and bring it up again later. This is how it usually is done in studios. Cut first, add later.
  5. A HOME SCREEN CURTAIN. In a live situation I would like a option to have "home screen". I have the rack version and doesn't need the screen during the show. The screen as it is today appear like an edit screen in my head. An option to, let's say, push the Home button twice and the whole screen says "Helix". What I'm doing on the floor controller won't change the screen at all, but IF I need to go into the menu during the show, I just push Home twice and the "Edit screen" will appear. Since the Helix screen is so large and clear, wich s a good thing, people can see right into the guts of my Helix Rack, and I dont quite like that. I don't know how easy it hard to make a thing like this happen, but it would really improve the appearance of the face of the Helix.
  6. I just bought two expression pedals for Line6 Helix from Mission. In fact, I just got them today. 🙂 Works like a charm. I had three for my Axe Fx also. Very pleased with the pedals from Mission .
  7. I have never had any problems with the updates on the amp sims from Fractal, but I can see why it have been little difficult for some. But at the end of the day,the final results have always been for the better. But it have been interesting to hear from L6 how they see it. My opinion is that the amp sims isn't "done". Not in the Helix not at Fractal. I guess some probably disagree with me there. 🙂
  8. Very informative answer. Highly appreciate it.
  9. Yes, I saw that one and looking forward to the. But I would like to hear how they think about the amp sims. 🙂
  10. I have been using Axe Fx for 7 years and just converted to Helix. My question is if anybody of you know if Line6 will continue their work on the amp simulation or do they consider it "done"? I hope they think a little like Fractal Audio are and constantly improving the amp simulation. I should mention that I don't use the stock cabs and IR's. The Helix sounds really good but I'm just curious about how they think. 🙂
  11. No, if I saw it as easy I wouldn't mention it. Helix is so easy to operate, so why don't make even easier? 🙂
  12. I wish that in multitap delays all taps could be changed in notes and not just scale %. Scale % doesn't tell me anything really. I just got the Helix, but I have had Axe Fx for 7 years, and this thing was some of the first things I noticed. 🙂
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