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  1. Sorry should have explained better, yes its for the foot controller that controls the Helix rack
  2. Hello has anybody got any recommendations for a bag for the foot controller, it is just for home no intention of taking it outside, its just to keep the lead and controller together rather than having to take it out of the box all the time, so a cheap one is fine but not one that will fall apart the first time its used thanks.
  3. adecannon

    Rams Head

    Hello just got a Helix rack and sold most of my pedals, but was wondering if there's any benefit in keeping my Vick's Audio 73 Rams Head or will the Helix be fine by it's self. thanks
  4. Thank you for all your recommendations, as its for home use only to start with I will try out the EX-P and at 14 pounds sterling sounds like I am onto a winner !
  5. Hello just got my Helix rack and i am looking for one pedal thats good for wah effects and volume although not at the same time, dont want to go down the multiple pedal route. I was going to purchase the Mission pedal for the Helix but read somewhere its not good for volume, any recommendations please.
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