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  1. Nope. You can make cool tones with the stock cabs as well, just have to eq them to your liking. My concept was to separate the low end and to control it separately, give it a different character, make it less mushy. By the time my tone structure have changed a bit, i swapped the Ampeg block with a compressor and an eq block, everything is running through a Zilla Fatboy 2x12 and it sounds like this:
  2. Not sure what to reply. Does that guitar sounds okay for you? I shared my story in this forum about my journey with axe fx and also joined several discussion about how "metal players can't get good distortion sounds on helix". I got honestly tired of these debates so I thought this title may be a bit sarcastic, but tells everything. Anyways, the song is joke, our drummer wrote it after a bad day in work (we also did a pop, local country, punk and dnb).
  3. I'm having my RCF 310A IV behind me and it's much better than just having venue monitors in front of me.
  4. sorry for the clickbait title :D M80M directly to Helix Native: Also sorry for the dark content. The song was written by our drummer, because he had a bad at work and the music video is just bad trip :D
  5. What is 2.8? Some kind of soup?!
  6. Fractal CS was not able to solve constant crashing of Axe Edit, i was unable to edit my tones on computer for 6 months. They were very nice, but they did not find the bug. Not sure about your experience with L6 CS, but so far so good for me.
  7. Wow, you're absolutely right!!! Cheers mate! I edited the ideascale desc. as well :)
  8. I picked up a POD X3 PRO from ebay and boy! This is unit still competes with others! While dialing some patches, I find some great effects and I wish they were in my helix as well. Tape echo is much nicer than Helix's tape delay, Cavernous reverb is also pretty great. If you think the same, please upvote on ideascale, thanks!
  9. Never heard this patch so can't speak on behalf of the creator, but generally speaking yes, you have to ability to run two rigs at the same time or you can build up multiple rigs, than activate/deactivate them via snapshots. I can't see any FX loop blocks in the patch so I assume it was not created with multiple outputs, but you can easily check on the input/output icons. Helix's great DSP gives you many options, I just watched a video on running two rigs at the same time.
  10. I got rid of my Axe II because of too many options :D
  11. Here's my take on the free IR. Caution: use with 8 string guitars only :)
  12. I just tried the free cab, it just sounds great. Thanks for your work, mate!
  13. Well Strymon's reverbs are coming in "one box" but that does not mean that there are just reverbs without other effects or modulations used. So placing just one reverb block to your signal chain in helix won't give you the same results. Like mentioned above, splitting the signal to A-B path is a good idea. Modulating further your reverb is another good tip, use chorus, univibe, delays and high cuts with it, that'll help you to separate the wet from the dry tone. Here's my take on the topic:
  14. Ou yeaaah! The legacy reverbs are fantastic. I also like the Classic Distortion pedal!
  15. Hey! I've got inspired after watching the demonstration of the Strymon Volante so I created some new patches. If you like ambient guitar tones, feel free to download and edit them: Cheers!
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