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  1. Hey man, I am about to get sucked in this process. Just opened a support ticket and Ill bet I will go down this road my own. Instead of making music I spent now 3 hours trying to get my helix working again, without success. I cry myself into sleep now... UPDATE: Here is what I did with success: I change the long USB cable to a short one. Helix went in to Update Mode and I startet the latest update. It worked. If nothing works - get a shorter USB Cable. THANKS underwoodblog!
  2. Thanks so far guys! It is both on multi input and both on multi output - so it plays at the same time, when you plug in a guitar - no idea if it is meant to play this way haha. But I have to say, I think it sounds quite awesome!
  3. Dear Guitar Cracks I am a rookie and got my Helix LT today. So I am playing The Wall from Pink Floyd at the moment and voilà there is a preset for it. So what I do not understand is the way paths works. When you have a look at the picture: Both paths from the factory preset have multi input an multi output. So when i put my guitar into guitar in an then the 1/4 jack to my soundsystem - what happens? Is it as I would play both pathes simultaniously? It seems for me that way. But what sense does this make? Did Pink Floyd did that? Or is this patch meant for playing stereo? I just don't get it an woul apreciate every help from you guys. Thank you so much and cheers, Peter
  4. Very good idea. I haven't and I will check it out tonight. Thanks mate!
  5. I guess opening a support ticket will get you an answer much faster. That is what I did. Answer still pending though :lol:
  6. Hey Guys, I am new with the Firehawk FX and so far really like it. I have a question with the looper: When I record e.g. a rythm pattern for using it to train on a solo - how can I adjust the volume seperately? I couldn't do it so far, resulting that my lead guitar hardly overvcomes the rythm guitar. For solo I pop in a Screamer Stomp box. I did try with a different patch, which I adjusted the volume before using it. So the loop also plays with the new patch but also louder as the main volume of it is. So the same problem as if I stayed within the same patch. Another subject: FIrehawk should show me with a white dot in the volume circle, where the last setup of any paramter have been. Sometimes it does show me, with my editet patches is does not. Can I somehow activate this feature? Anyone have advice for me? Thank you so much and have a nice day, Peter
  7. Here is how I could solve the problem with a little help from Line6-Support: First you plug in Sonic Port to the Ipad, set Input on Guitar, plug in Guitar and then launch Mobile Pod. After that, start Garage Band. It worked well. No Mic was recording. And I could switch between mics and guitar in with no problems. I had lag problems with Mobile Pod first. But when you do it in the order as mentioned above, no problems should occur. Hope that helps anyone with similar problems. Thank you Line6. Cheers, Peter
  8. Same Problem here. Using iOS and Garageband. All set to Guitar in but a unknown Microphone is still recording. Not sure if its the built in Ipad Micro or the ones from Sonic Port. What is this? What am I doing wrong?
  9. Thanks Martin. So with your Method: Master Volume to 3 o Clock, Channel Volume max (Or also 3?) and then to a ear friendly level by turning the drive knob? Did I get this right?
  10. Thank you so much guys for your precious input - I will try it out tonight, really looking forward to. Just to get it right; Start for dummies: All Knobs to 12 o clock, exept Master Volume to mabe 1 or 2 o clock. Okay now my ears bleed from loudness. Where do I reduce first? Master Volume? Channel Volume? Drive? Has maybe one of you some nice personal settings for homeuse for a clean and crunch sound? Greetings from snowy Switzerland, Peter Update: Allright, this is getting better and better. Clean Setup: Just turned all Knobs to 12 o Clock and then Master Volume to about 9 o clock. This gives me a really nice sound without exploding my ears. Will check out other setups. But for a Start this really worked out well. Sometimes the obvious is seems so far :)
  11. Dear Guys, I am a beginner both in guitars and amps. So I recently bought a used DT25 Combo mostly for practise at home. I started with the recommended Setups printed on the sheet on the amp. When I use e.g. the American Clean Setup with Drive 40%; Channel Voume 100% and Master Volume 70% (and Guitar 100%) - my ears almost exploded! Jesus! When I turn the Master Volume down to a non-health-threatening Level, that magical tube Sound gets lost. For e.g. with Brithish Crunch there is no crunch left and it sounds like American Clean. So you see, a real beginner here. I came to the following conclusion: In home Use, I cannot use the tubes but only the modelling sounds with the low volume mode - which I think is not as appealing to me as with the tubes (soundwise). Am I right? Is there something I am doing wrong (exept maybe have bought the wrong gear)? What would you recommend me? I mean for home use I would be much better off just using a podx... since I cant get tube sounds out of my amp in moderate volumes. I am very gratefull for every bit of advice here. Thank you so much! Cheers, Peter
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