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  1. I leave the volume knob at zero unless I'm playing live.
  2. Can the Helix running 2.81 switch the models in the L3m from patch to patch? I can do it by selecting the model on the L3m and saving the patch on the HD500X and the models would change with the corresponding patch change.
  3. I went back and checked the Volume knob. It was set to multi, I normally set it to only control the XLR output so when I feed the house I can control the level. Thanks, Xmacvicar.
  4. I updated my helix to 2.80. Now the two Line 6 L3M speakers connected via L6 Link aren't working.
  5. My expression pedal doesn't work after my update to 2.71. Also, the display for EXP1 is grayed out. Any thoughts on a resolution?
  6. I don't know if its the fact that I'm getting old or I'm too lazy to memorize chord changes, it's probably both. I normally use a bank per song when I play live. If I don’t use all 10 places for patches, I’ll use the scribble strips as a cheat sheet. I’ll put the chord names there if it’s a song I don’t feel like remembering or just don’t care to remember.
  7. After upgrading to Helix 2.30, Workbench will not recognize my JTV-89.
  8. I use two Stagesource L3Ms connected via the Line 6 Link. 2800 watts, great stereo image and clarity.
  9. I'm selling my Variax 300 Nylon. Please reply if interested.
  10. I'm selling my Variax 300 Nylon. Please reply if interested.
  11. I use two Stagesource L3M's on stands. You can save the speaker profiles with your helix patches. Transparent and a total of 2800 watts, it works for me.
  12. I use a pair of Line 6 L3M's in stereo.
  13. I use two Line 6 L3M's in stereo on stands. They are a 3â€way, triâ€amped speaker system. For smaller venues they can fill the out the direct feed to the PA, for large venues I use one for side fill and one in front of the Helix in a monitor configuration. They not only reproduce the models faithfully, but the Helix can switch speaker programs in the L3M's that are saved with the patches. Very transparent and each L3m can produce 1400 watts.
  14. Perhaps the two octave neck of the 89 and different scale length may give the modeling engine a different timbre that affects the output.
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