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  1. What version of MacOSX are you running exactly ? I haven't had any problem since 10.11, so it may be an OS issue if you haven't upgraded or updated in a long time.
  2. Hi... So yesterday we had the first rehearsal with the Marshall 100W and its 4x12 VS a pair of Alto TS210... Well I can really say that the pair of Alto did more than well... I was quite blown away by the magic, clarity and power. Even when the other guy pushed the tubes a bit. We've found the perfect balance between the two sources easier than I thought, and not drowning the others in the room. I feel much reassured now, this is the way to go with my Helix. Since I actually currently own only 1 Alto (the other being the vocalist's), now I'm hesitating between the 2 following options: - a pair of Alto TS10 (maybe 12) - a pair of DBX10 (maybe 12) I would keep my current Alto only for monitoring. Would love to hear if you guys have been able to compare the Altos and Yamaha's, the later being like 40% more expensive, is this justified in terms of quality ?
  3. :ph34r: mmmm.... that's a creative way out indeed ! ;) (let's home he never finds this forum though !)
  4. I think I'm gonna leave that band. Problem solved !! :D Next week we have our first rehearsal since he bought the Marshall. I'm gonna bring 2 Altos TS10 to see how it goes. I'll tell you at what level the Altos and our ears all die all together ! :lol: :lol: :lol: The 3 other band members will have left the building way before that threshold I think !!
  5. Hi, thanks for your remarks. I must say I was joking about the other guitarist, hence the smiley, it's just that he kinda likes to play loud, like most metal heads. (and he's young, I'm old !) Of course we don't want him to drown the rest of the band, and he does not want that either. I must add that the drums are not mic'ed, the bass player plays on a real amp, and the vocalist though PA and the help of an Alto TS10. From your answers, I must say I'm still hesitating, pricewize the Firehawk costs 20% less than the solution with 2 DBX10 (I'm in Europe). The Firehawk although its weight is still more 'mobile' than the solution with 2 DBX, but I'm loosing a bit of spatialization. Some say that a single DBX10 would do ok, but in that case I'd prefer to opt for the Firehawk. What about 2 ALTO TS10 vs 2 DBX10 ? Is there a gap in performance ? The two Altos cost the price of a single DBX.
  6. He is not the reasonable type, and he sure likes to crank his master vol ! :D
  7. Not just small venues, medium too, outdoor, and he can attenuate it to 50W obviously... but I agree it is kind of overkill anyways, he pleased himself on this ! Another thing, how about Line6 releasing a Helix1500 ? an amp/cabinet designed for the Helix. I would not be surprised if they do so at some stage.
  8. Great Explanation (I'll have to reread slowly though !) , thanks a lot for taking the time to expand on this. I'm saving your post for later reference.
  9. Actuallly I like to use modulation FX like delays, reverbs so in a way I don't want to loose the stereo quality if outputting to a single cabinet. I'm guessing the Firehawk would be a fine compromise.
  10. Yes that is the idea. So Peter, you think I'd be better off to for Helix -> Firehawk1500 (no PA) small venues, rather than using 2 FRFR speakers (even the Yamaha's) ? Forgot to say but I have an Alto TS10 for stage monitoring. If I use the Helix into the Firehawk will it the sound output from the 6 speakers, I read somewhere the 6 speakers would work only when using the internal Firehawk which seems really strange.
  11. Good point on the firehawk backup... I wonder how the stereo effects are rendered though the Firehawk, I'm guessing you cannot have the spacialization you'd get with a pair of speakers ?
  12. This is were I have hard time understanding how 1x10 can compete volume wise with 4x12 , and this is also why I am considering 2x12 instead of 2x10. can you guys please elaborate on that ? I mean whatever the power amp, how can 1x10 move as much air as 4x12, I probably sound newbie here but I need to understand the physics behind.
  13. Hello, I'm looking for the best FRFR speaker solution for live use for my Helix. I know there are tons of discussions, read many, still can't make up my mind... We are 2 guitarists in a cover band, rock/metal tracks, we play in small/medium places. The other guitarist has just bought a Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 (100W) with a 4x12. So I need a solution to stand on an equivalent level when it comes to global volume with his own rig. My choice comes down to this but I'm still opened for suggestions. - a couple of Yamaha DXR12 or DXR10 - a Firehawk 1500 (though I am not interested in the modeller inside, it would be just for the speakers and power) What would you guys recommend ? Any advice Thank you cheers
  14. Hello I added this Guyatone Slow Volume SV-2 pedal. I'd love to have an autoswell to get the violin-like tones, or like a BOSS SG-1. Need something like this in the Helix arsenal ;)
  15. ofp2079

    Multiple guitars

    Each patch I make is customized for 1 specific guitar, and usually for 1 or 2 mic positions on the guitar. I tend to use a Bank for a specific guitar: For instance : Bank A <> Ibanez xxx Bank B <> Fender yyy And inside each Bank, each preset is sort of tweaked for 1 mic position or 2 For instance ; Patch 006 = "Metal Lead (5)" where 5 is the bridge humbucker Patch 007 = "Jazz Rythm (1)" where 1 is the neck humbucker Patch 008 = "Rock Rythm (2,5)" where 2 is... split position 2 etc etc Only trouble there are only 5 user banks avaiable If I remember well, so If you have tons of guitars you may have to split banks between guitars. (In all cases I try to avoid having to use the up and down buttons in the banks to reach a specific preset.)
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