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  1. Wouldn't headphone out to aux in be a better solution? I'll give it a try when I'm next home
  2. Apologies, I took the 300s, 500s and 600s that the OP asked about as the standard range - I understand there's a 'new' standard range now.
  3. as well as my own gear I take too many electrical extensions, iec leads, xlr, gaffa tape And we as a band never have enough. I can only conclude that no one else in the band brings any of these things Top tip - get some very bright gaffa tape and put lots of it on every single thing you own. Makes clearing and packing your own gear much easier at the end of the night and then you can help with other peoples kit if required.
  4. You can power the standard from the helix floor but that's about it - you cannot change tunings/guitar models per preset Essentially just a modelling guitar and a modelling FX with no interaction
  5. I have helix floor and now stomp - I would say you absolutely don't need more than 6, I can get my self in enough trouble with 3 and you can go from preset to preset without bending down. I note the dead sound issue but in a band context its unlikely to be a problem - I would put an el cap after the stomp if it were a problem to me Cheers All
  6. plumber

    Gr55 hook up

    patch change potentially you could I guess use midi note send to play bass notes and guitar/synth on top
  7. plumber

    Power Cab 112

    there is midi on the more expensive model
  8. plumber

    Power Cab 112

    Paul H showing the new line 6 powercab - interesting e
  9. I believe the picture is showing a midi controller keyboard into the helix - helix is class compliant so you an attach an ios device via usb and play anything from that to any out put I tried this the other week with my ipad and after a bit off messing about I could play any ipad app no problem - garage band instruments - my favourite animoog - thousand of synth apps available Also use it to put up to 4 synths and modules through various effects paths - tap tempo different trem/delay patterns to work over different synth sound for epic soundscapes - snaps shots to mute if needed - no need for a mixer completely change that set up on another patch or midi note to fire off ext synth arps and process that sound via effects a tiny midi keyboard and external synth module can bring so much to a live situation and that could be played by anyone in the band, whilst you play guitar/bass/whatever Cheap Volca units can sound immense if you add some sub and reverb So much to do
  10. I had the GT5 for years and still have a GX700 Great units at the time if you learned how to use them. Still stand up in a band mix and built to last no idea about the new ones though
  11. I used a power engine as I had one around - sounded okay to me I since tried my markbass cmd 121p which I also had around - sounds much better all round
  12. I have previously test my bass through the Helix/Mark Bass Combo - sounds great Also used the MARKbass as emergency keyboard amp at a gig recently I never thought to try guitar - and it works great too Normally use a tech 21 power engine but this might be even better sounding - it is lighted and louder
  13. I put pink tape directly over the in/outs I use - makes everything easier - your idea takes it a step further so I'm on that now
  14. Many people use the chorus first before O/D pedals, night be worth trying
  15. It would be interesting to know if the legacy effects (thank you Line 6 for these) sound any better via Helix improved AD/DA converters than those in the M series?
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