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  1. What kind of power strip do you use? Power conditioner? Random power strip?
  2. Do Helixes often fail? Isn’t the point of it to be compact and convenient? If you’re bringing a backup modeler or, worse, amp and pedalboard, doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Any further thoughts on the DI box wiring configuration?
  3. I’m a recovering drummer just getting my gig legs under me as a guitarist. When I was gigging as a drummer, I knew what to do to be prepared for a gig, what little bits and bobs I’d need in case something went awry. But as a guitarist, I have no clue what I’m doing. I’ve got my whole live “rig” packed in my Helix backpack, including my DI box, lots of instrument cables of varying lengths, two long XLRs, IEMs, extra strings and a winder, a flashlight, and tape. What’s in your bag? (I also have a second guitar, FWIW.) Secondary question: for situations where I’m going direct to FOH, is it better to use a short cable from Helix → DI Box and a longer XLR to FOH? Or is it OK to have both a long 1/4” cable from Helix → DI and a (presumably shorter) XLR to FOH?
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