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  1. Totally agreed on the QSC's. I run a pair of QSC K8.2's for backline/stage volume and LOVE what I get. FYI, I frequently use my headphone output of my Helix floor with a stereo splitter - TRS Stereo out of the Helix split to L/R mono to each of the K8.2's. This gives me independent volume control over the K8.2's vs. what I send to FOH and I get the fully-baked tone with IR's to the K8.2's. I have 2-DT25's and a Mission Gemini 2 and still think that - all things considered - the K8.2's give me the best overall stage combination of tone quality, output volume (if needed) and convenience. FYI - I do use the "Studio Mon" preset in the QSC's. And the 8.2's are SO EASY to lug in the factory totes.
  2. Phil - could you explain use cases where the Remote: Off, Remote: Preset, and Remote: Global functions might be used or useful? Apparently 2.8 shipped with "off" as the default. BTW - I ran the DT-25's at a fairly large venue show (3,000 seats) on Saturday night and was really happy with my tones. Our FOH engineer commented that he liked what he was getting from the XLR outs on the back of the DT amps. I did take my Mission Gemini 2 as a backup in case the DT's misbehaved or our engineering team didn't like what they got. But the G2 sat behind me all night plugged-into AC, but powered down. Still will run it a lot, but having the DT's is a really fun option. Thank in advance!
  3. Thank you for the explanation Phil!
  4. Would that be the case with both the scenarios above? Or, just B? Last night I plugged the helix into my in-ears mixer into the Helix and the L6 link into my DT 25’s, in stereo. And my presets sounded about like they normally do through my ears, even with the L6 link active. I was using channel A on both the amps. … More specifically, under scenario A above, when running the L6 link in stereo out to both my DT 25s, when running channel A on the amps, will I get the fully baked signal chain out of the helix XLR outs, or do I always have to go over to the amps and use those XLR else? I need to send direct outs of my complete tones to FOH console.
  5. ? So is it safe to say that: DT Amp Channel A utilizes the Preamp modeling from the Helix and the only control that works on the Amp is the Master Volume. DT Amp Channel B utilizes the Preamp in the physical DT amp and is controlled by either (1) the settings in the Helix found at output>midi>DT amp or (2) on the amp itself. Regardless of which scenario above is used, the XLR outs on the Helix unit will send the fully-baked signal chain out of the XLR's, including preamp model, amp and cab. Is this correct?
  6. GeeTah

    FRFR speaker !!!

  7. GeeTah

    FRFR speaker !!!

    Generally any stage larger than 30x20 with room capacity of 1,000 or more. Casinos are a good example. Here's an image of me and my Gemini 2 in action recently.
  8. DT amp control via L6 that doesn’t require a separate midi workaround - please!
  9. I pack a Tech 21 Fly Rig in my Helix bag. Takes up practically no space, weighs next-to-nothing and covers the basics well enough to get me me through a show if the Helix fails, which BTW it has never done and I’ve had mine since 2015. Fly Rigs come in a variety of flavors - check your favorite gear provider/store for the various options available. The newer ones (ie V2) have onboard tuners, the older ones don’t. Good luck!
  10. I put a Fender Tolex guitar case on an X keyboard stand and put the Helix and my laptop on there at the same time connected via the USB. Then I can adjust the stand to sitting or standing height depending on what I'm trying to accomplish. That's an easy, cheap and sturdy solution that has worked for me all the way back to my X3 Live days. Hope that helps. Good luck, Brad
  11. Epic!!! Sell that to the Navy Blue Angels aerobatic team - perfect musical score for one of their insane demo videos!!! Brad
  12. GeeTah

    FRFR speaker !!!

    I have four different FRFR Solutions and - depending on the venue size - one of these works. BTW, all my patches are stereo which was based on my old 2 amp and pedal board rig. In all case with the Helix, I send the XLR outs to FOH and the quarter inch out to the FRFR Option 1 - Large venues - Mission Gemini 2. Extremely accurate reproduction, works in stereo - large footprint and weighs 75lbs. Option 2 - Smaller venues - Pair of QSC K8-2 - DSP Setting of "Studio Monitor" - sounds great - loud as you want (lightweight) Option 3 - Even smaller venues - Single QSC K8-2 - DSP Setting of "Studio Monitor" - both channels plugged into the one K8-2 Option 4 - Church and zero stage volume rooms, studio session work - no stage monitor at all, IEM's and Helix direct to FOH or recording console. Hope this helps. Brad
  13. Like so many others, I've gone with an FRFR box to run with my Helix (Mission Gemini 2) and I love it. But... last night I had occasion to retrack a guitar part in a song that my praise team had cut 4 years ago where I had used my old HD500 with two DT25s in stereo. Despite acquiring the Gemini 2, I could never bring myself to part with my pair of DT25s. They're just great amps - sitting there in our studio... I got out the old HD500 (kept it as a backup) and the DT25s and retracked the guitars and came away thinking... man, that's one of the sweetest sounding rigs I've ever heard. To my ears, the totally organic response of the tubes is just something that even the best digital rigs (Helix, Axe, etc.) can't really "quite" do - not totally/not the same way.... Left me thinking: I wonder if Line 6 is just going to leave the DT25/Helix integration in the rearview - or if somehow/someday they will craft a true integration into a Helix firmware release so that it's capable of being truly controlled via the L6 wiring. I would LOVE it if that could happen. Not via a workaround with midi, I mean a true integration like the HD series had. Even if the suite of amps and cabs had to be limited to what the DT could handle, it would be great. Even if it was a "pay-for" upgrade, it'd be worth it. Line 6 - if you're listening - I'd really LOVE to hear your response on this. I bet I'm not the only one. Thanks, Bradley GT
  14. Factory Helix backpack all the way, no hesitation. I was an early adopter of Helix (November 2015) and have now played tons of shows with it and transported it in planes, trucks, you name it, to every show in that backpack. Only had one issue (and it was about a month after I received it). One of the plastic clasps that holds together one of the shoulder straps failed as I was climbing down a stairway leaving a stage at a load-out. The Helix toppled down the metal stairway and onto the concrete street below, about a 6-7 foot fall. The Helix wasn't even scratched. The backpack was pretty banged up and Sweetwater replaced the whole backpack for me under warranty. It has a surprising amount of usable space too. In mine I carry: extra cables, a Tech21 RK-5 Fly Rig (as a backup for the Helix) with a wall wart, a Mission Engineering Expression Pedal, my Shure GLX-D16 wireless pedal and body pack and other stuff I can't remember. Never an issue and I have it LOADED full all the time. Fits neatly into overhead plane bins on fly shows. Cannot begin to recommend the factory backpack enough. Rock solid. Even when you load it down like I have. BTW, never a single issue with the zippers. They are built as tough as the backpack is. Good luck Bradley GT
  15. I've heard "about" the IO, but haven't demo'd it in person. Cool form factor and love the Neodymium magnet speaker. 29lbs... that'd be really nice. Sonically, It'll have to be spectacular to be in realm of the Gemini 2 tho... I've tried lots of stuff out there (Stereo DT25's, L2 and L3, Pair of Power Engine 60's, lots of different monitors - QSC, EV, Alto, JBL) and nothing I've tried comes close (IMHO) to the purely good feel, vibe and sound of the Gemini 2, true stereo. To me it just brings out everything that is great about Helix. All the nuances and subtleties and - more power than you need when you crank it.
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