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  1. Hi Rick - I have 4 JTV's - two 59's (1 USA and 1 Korean as a backup) and two 69's (1 USA and 1 Korean as a backup). I was an early adopter of the JTV Variax platform (purchased my first JTV-59 in 2011) and have used all 4 of these guitars extensively on the road and in the studio. I have experimented with most of the typically-used string gauges and brands. 9's, 10's, 11's, etc. Over the years, I have consistently come back to 10's for use in the JTV59 and the JTV69 for one reason - voicing and tracking accuracy on acoustic models. The electric models do fine with 9's or 11's and the difference in tracking or tone isn't noticeably different in my experience. D'Addario does make a 9.5 (hybrid) string set in their NYXL line and I do occasionally use those and they're OK too. If you want something lighter than a 10 you might try those. My recommendation is to stay with 10's and - if you can stand paying a bit extra, go with the NYXL D'Addario 10's. I haven't found a better playing, better sounding, or more durable string set for my JTV's than the NYXL. Congrats on your purchase of the 59. I have never regretted my Variax purchases. The 59 is just a beautifully crafted and playing guitar, even without the Line 6 Variax hardware. Hope this helps! Bradley
  2. Thanks and that's what I figured. I have to believe that would be a very handy feature on a patch-by-patch basis. Maybe something for the wish list.
  3. Hey everyone - Maybe a silly question, but I can't figure this out. Question: Can Helix Store the Stomp / Snapshot mode with the individual presets? If so, where do I change that from global to by-preset? My Helix is used in a worship ministry and is used by two different guitarists. One player has presets based on 8 snapshots. The other has presets based on 4 snapshots on the bottom and 4 stomps on top. Before each service, I have to change the global settings to accommodate each player. Sure would be easier if I didn't have to make that change in the global settings each time. Thanks! Brad
  4. So... let's assuming that somebody (me...) wasn't paying close-enough attention and ran the 3.10 update with HX Edit 2.9? What we know is: The update appears to operate correctly and the Helix does register with 3.10, but The new Mandarin Rocker and the new pedals don't make it into the Helix. So, how do we fix this? Do we need to (i) roll back to the previous firmware, (ii) update HX Edit and (iii) then run the 3.10 Update again? Sure hope there's a way to fix this without rolling back the firmware. Thanks in advance, Bradley GT
  5. I’ve seen people just take the volume knob off the JTV- 69 and just turn the actual pot for volume adjustment. Most of them are Les Paul or Gretsch players who are used to having open space beneath the bridge pickup. It doesn’t look great, but it works.
  6. Understood. Can you message me direct when you release it?
  7. How would we find this in the Marketplace? And have you added this one yet? I looked for Peter Hamm and didn't locate it. Thanks Peter - VERY nice work here, both in the patch and material.
  8. Thanks - it did come off. I VERY lovingly and gently worked it loose using a pair of spoons. It didn't want to come off at all. Took about a half hour moving it a micron at a time so as not to stress the pot. It went back on a lot easier than it came off. Allowed me to cleanly removed the leftover pickguard plastic. Best to all!!!
  9. Great! Thanks to you both for responding - I have now removed the volume knob, peeled off the plastic and replaced the knob.
  10. Understood. So, just to make sure I understand - the volume knob slips off by moving it up vertically - there's no set screw or anything else holding it. Is that correct?
  11. Thank for the response. When I removed the plastic from the pickguard a large piece refused to come loose from under the volume control knob. Part of it is still under there and sticks out. Just would like to clean it up. Personal pride thing I guess... nothing functional.
  12. Is there any trick to removing the volume knob from the JTV69? It doesn't seem to want to budge and I don't want to mess it up by pulling on it if it's not going to come loose.... Thanks for any help here. Best to all, Bradley GT
  13. I play on multiple stages, both via my church and in the day-job band. Both put me on pretty sizeable stages. Our church venue seats a little over 3,000 and the band is on the road and plays multiple larger casino rooms. I do move around during a show quite a bit and I've never had a single drop-out from either the G90 or the Shure. I have had numerous drop-outs in the G30. I have never tested the Shure to see just how far it would reach, but in all the rooms I've played with it (quite a few), there's never been a single issue. I don't use the G90 much anymore - it's in a rack with my Axe FX which I have semi-retired in favor of Helix. I feel like I could go to a show without a hard-wired (physical) back-up and not be worried about anything with the Shure. Can't say that about the G90 since the power switch is delicate and has failed more than once.
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