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  1. Helix can output line or instrument level through the 1/4" outputs. The Boss RC500 might be able to take both levels, so you might want to check on which one it wants or if there's an appropriate setting for one or the other. Running an Amp/Cab simulation through a physical amp/cab can give you very mixed results and will not be a great way to build presets meant for a full range PA system. You can however find a suitable combination for that specific combo amp/speaker you have and bring that for amplification without relying on plugging direct to the console. If you want to play through the front of a clean amp you'll need presets specifically built for that. If you want to play though a full range sound reinforcement system, you'll need presets specifically built for that. If you want to play though headphones, you'll need presets specifically built for that. Building presets on one playback system and expecting results to translate to another system in another room = Hopeless Learning how to use your ears along with an EQ as a means of differentiating between deficiencies of playback systems = Priceless
  2. Mine was wired backwards too.. I just use it backwards
  3. What you're probably hearing is the reverb smearing the dry signal when mixed -- that's just the nature of the beast -- reflections causing phasing and comb filtering. I keep my high gain rhythm tones as dry as a bone as to not add low end buildup and smear the high end.
  4. A few things that I've found that help: Finding a good all-arounder amp model for the music you play and using snapshots and controller assignments in stomp mode to modify gain, eq, ir, and volume to help reduce the amount of effects blocks eating up DSP. Using a Pre EQ before the amp block rather than a tightening overdrive, and modifying your own IR's and loading them into your Stomp rather than post-EQ blocks in your chain. Using one effect for two things like the 3 Band Comp for EQ+Comp or a Delay with a level parameter boosted for leads with delay
  5. Sharing Helix's internal IRs seems like it could be illegal. That aside, you can shoot an IR of any linear effects chain including cabs and EQ blocks.
  6. USB earth hum. It exists. It goes away when plugged into a laptop running on battery power. It sounds REAL bad with my Stomp through my Fender amp, though I just ignore it for the most part
  7. It wouldn't be as half as bad if we could assign colors to the switches..
  8. Jason's method is why the high and low shelf eq was added. Try that.
  9. Helix Floor 2.81 Snapshot assignments arent saving properly. Parameters reset themselves and random blocks will be turned on when they shouldn't be. This was a preset copied from another preset that wasn't a part of a backup. Recreating the preset worked out
  10. Try the Line 6 Litigator. It's a heavily modded blackface. I love how the saturation changes with the bias control
  11. I was gifted a Fender Frontman 65r, solid state powered, open back cab with a stock FMIC speaker and effects loop with TONS of clean headroom (110db before I decided I had enough). I eventually swapped out the speaker for a Creamback and have been using that for my cover band where the PA is vocals-only and the open back cab fills the room better than my K8.2.
  12. Bug in HX Stomp (happens in 2.71 and 2.80) When tapping tempo via midi (Disaster Area DMC.micro) my FS3 turns red while in Snapshot mode and Stomp mode. This doesn't happen all the time and switching modes or pressing the switch makes it go back.
  13. It's very cool, and I appreciate it, @rd2rk X100000 MidiPipe works like a charm. Midirouter didn't like me for some reason.
  14. @rd2rk thank you so much. midi router looks like exactly what I want. It makes sense that the missing puzzle piece is some software. There is midi routing within Mac but it's quite confusing and isn't working for me. I do Studio work out of my home with clients, in my helix is on a shelf away from my desk and I'd like to be able to activate foot switches from my APK, which allows you to switch between "Presets" (Programs) and toggle over to a whole new set of midi commands for different purposes, and have one set up for my DAW, and would like to set one up for my Helix. I will in no way, shape, or form be doing anything like this at a gig. I'm going to go download it asap
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