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  1. Sharing Helix's internal IRs seems like it could be illegal. That aside, you can shoot an IR of any linear effects chain including cabs and EQ blocks.
  2. USB earth hum. It exists. It goes away when plugged into a laptop running on battery power. It sounds REAL bad with my Stomp through my Fender amp, though I just ignore it for the most part
  3. It wouldn't be as half as bad if we could assign colors to the switches..
  4. Jason's method is why the high and low shelf eq was added. Try that.
  5. Helix Floor 2.81 Snapshot assignments arent saving properly. Parameters reset themselves and random blocks will be turned on when they shouldn't be. This was a preset copied from another preset that wasn't a part of a backup. Recreating the preset worked out
  6. Try the Line 6 Litigator. It's a heavily modded blackface. I love how the saturation changes with the bias control
  7. I was gifted a Fender Frontman 65r, solid state powered, open back cab with a stock FMIC speaker and effects loop with TONS of clean headroom (110db before I decided I had enough). I eventually swapped out the speaker for a Creamback and have been using that for my cover band where the PA is vocals-only and the open back cab fills the room better than my K8.2.
  8. Bug in HX Stomp (happens in 2.71 and 2.80) When tapping tempo via midi (Disaster Area DMC.micro) my FS3 turns red while in Snapshot mode and Stomp mode. This doesn't happen all the time and switching modes or pressing the switch makes it go back.
  9. It's very cool, and I appreciate it, @rd2rk X100000 MidiPipe works like a charm. Midirouter didn't like me for some reason.
  10. @rd2rk thank you so much. midi router looks like exactly what I want. It makes sense that the missing puzzle piece is some software. There is midi routing within Mac but it's quite confusing and isn't working for me. I do Studio work out of my home with clients, in my helix is on a shelf away from my desk and I'd like to be able to activate foot switches from my APK, which allows you to switch between "Presets" (Programs) and toggle over to a whole new set of midi commands for different purposes, and have one set up for my DAW, and would like to set one up for my Helix. I will in no way, shape, or form be doing anything like this at a gig. I'm going to go download it asap
  11. Yep. I use a Surface Pro that was given to me. Works like a charm once you get the fingers accustomed to how Edit works with a touchscreen
  12. I have a QSC K8.2 so it can fit anywhere -- small pole, or on top of the bass amp
  13. I've been racking my brain over this for a while. Granted, I'm pretty much a MIDIot, although having finally taken a class on MIDI last Spring (mainly covered electronic music development, sadly) I just can't seem to figure this out: I have a Helix Floor connected to my Mac via USB I have an Akai MPK Mini connected to my Mac via USB How can I get the MPK to bypass a footswitch or change a parameter on my Helix? Thanks in Advance
  14. I've got a large collection of impulses that I'll pull a few from, tweak and mix into one single file for a good half hour, import into Helix. Then for kicks I'll try to tone match with a separate amp/cab block and nail it within minutes.
  15. 14 more models covered. Same link works. Now up to 45 presets for each device
  16. The bitly address at the very top of my post: bit.ly/AmpCabPack
  17. bit.ly/AmpCabPack These are (now 31) very simple Amp+Cab presets for any Helix device with amp models, meant to be a “jumping off” point for bigger presets. Every preset contains an Amp+Cab block, with a few of the amp’s parameters assigned to Footswitch 1 for a different sound, kind of a Clean/Dirty channel thing. There are two folders, one for Stomp and one for the Floor/LT/Rack/Plugin (the later named “Full”). These presets were programmed with an HX Stomp playing though Yamaha HS5 studio monitors in a treated room, cross­referenced with a QSC K8.2. I’ve tweaked each preset using 4 guitars so they’ll hopefully sound good with whatever you’re plugging in with minimal tweaks. The 4 guitars I used are: a vanilla Strat with a MIJ Body with MIM electronics and a Warmoth neck, a Strat with 500k pots, a SD Hot Rails in the bridge position and noiseless single coils (bright sound) — a stock PRS S2 Standard 24 (warm sound) — and an Ibanez Iron Label S 7 string with Dimarzio Ionizers (high output). Yes, I ran a 7 String through a Fender Champ model and it was FUN! Leave some feedback or questions if you'd like. Thanks and enjoy, Alex Kenivel PS this is the third revision of this pack. More presets will be added so watch this space for more.
  18. You mean to tell me that instead of knob twiddling, you're actually playing guitar?? Blasphemy! ;)
  19. Humbuckers will almost always be "hotter" then single coils and tend to push amps a little harder. I go about this by making different presets for different guitars. If you want to "clean up" the amps, play around with lowering the drive and master parameters and raising the bias and channel volume
  20. AlexKenivel

    Hi cut eq

    There have been quite a few posts about it on tgp Edit with link: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/helix-cab-ir-high-low-cut-frequencies-a-much-better-way-clip-attached.1853814/
  21. AlexKenivel

    Amp recommendation

    Try placing a gain block before the amp block to attenuate amplitude and clean up your amp of choice. Also raising the bias parameter helps clean up the sound.
  22. It looks like it would be a fun project and I'd probably try my hand at it for at least the output connections and the USB, which are all I really touch these days, but I'm a fan of the sleek plain look of the Helix as-is
  23. Check the bypass assignments of those effects. What are they set to?
  24. AlexKenivel

    Helix update

    Be specific. What is the name of the file you downloaded and it's extension. What kind of computer do you have?
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