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  1. I have given in to the fact that the snapshots on the stomp cannot named. However, I was building a preset and and I copied Snapshot 2 to SnapShot 3. Blam the the name of snapshot 3 changed to snapshot 2 even though it is in the 3rd position. Now I can't rename it back to Snapshot 3. A bug I suppose.
  2. I use the exp pedal to control the volume of the output block rather than use on of the 6 blocks on the Stomp. I don't often use a volume block unless I am wanting to put more signal into the amp to drive the amp more.
  3. Depends on the parameters you want to change. I am using a Mission SP-1 L6 which has a toe switch. I use it for volume and Wah and Snapshots to change tone. I also use a One Control Gecko MKIII to change patches.
  4. Thanks for the info Peter, but I am so new to the Helix that I have not delved into snapshots yet. I have only had it 3 weeks. Snapshots will come but I need a little more fiddling with the Box. I have been playing with MultiEffects processors for years and for each there is a learning curve. The Helix is by far the simplest one I have had and UI is great. The only real issue I am having is that some of the patches I create are either harsh or Fizzy and there are so many options for tweaking. Working the EQs and amp parameters to deal with some of that. I am using an Alto T210 for FRFR and hope that it will be close enough to our QSC10 FOH speakers. Getting there but will still take some more time to get my patches right. Mostly trying to do 4 cover all patches ( clean, pushed clean, crunch, and High Gain) and then individual song patches for those songs that need more than I can get out of the 4 basic patches. Are there resources that will help my learning curve?? Thanks again Rusty
  5. I found something similar. I was using a foot switch to increase drive and decrease volume. Both parameters were in brackets indicating that the parameters would change but the Editor would not track the change on both parameters. Drove me nuts because the earlier version of the editor did track the changes. I reloaded firmware, patches several times. Then I started looking at the UI on the Helix itself and both parameters were in fact changing. I hope this is fixed in 2.21
  6. Ok I think I figured it out. Under the older V2.12? of the firmware and Editor, I could see both parameters changing the Editor Screen. When I switched to the new version 2.20 the editor will not show the changes for both parameters, however when viewing the Helix's screen the parameters change as set. Must be an update issue with the new editor. I use the editor exclusively to make and adjust patches and have never really used the pedal's controls. This was driving me nuts. Reloaded firmware 3 times, set my Helix back to defaults etc etc. Glad I figured this out. Is anybody else having this issue with the Helix Editor??? Rusty
  7. Thank Peter for the info, I think Edwin must be right in that there is something wrong with the Helix. I am going to reload the firmware and see if I still have the problem. Oh by the way, the parameters I am trying to change are in brackets. Rusty
  8. OK recreated and still the same issue. I am new to the Helix like the way the stomp mode works. I haven't tried snapshots yet. I will have to figure out how those play with stomp mode.
  9. Yes I used Controller Assign and both parameters are in white brackets but only the last parameter that I set changes. I will try to recreate it and see if that helps. Thanks for the help
  10. I am trying to set up a patch that will increase Drive and decrease Master Volume. The aim is to have the same volume/loudness after the switch is pressed. I am assigning both parameters to 1 footswitch. The label says multiple(2) on the scribble strip but it does not change the drive parameter. I thought maybe that I could not control 2 amp parameters so I tried to lower the volume by turning on a gain block to reduce the output. Again the Scribble Strip says Multiple(2) but the switch only controls the gain block. I am using the latest versions of firmware 2.2 and the latest editor. I have other patches that do this but I cannot get this one to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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