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  1. Just added this to the Ideascale.... https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Master-Setting-for-effects-allowing-you-to-edit-multiple-presets/960070-23508 Long story short.... I think it would be a cool feature to be able to group effects so that if you edit one you edit all across the presets.... so if you dial in a reverb to suit the room in preset 1A and you have preset 1A grouped with 5C, 18D and 23A , it will adjust all the reverbs in those presets automatically. Not being able to do something like this is why I still keep my analog drive pedals around since I find I have to tweak those the most from venue to venue when I gig.
  2. I can't seem to find it anywhere... so... if someone could confirm for me that would be awesome..... my HX Effects is running version 2.70, should I or do I have to upgrade to version 2.71 before doing the 2.8 upgrade or is it safe to go from the 2.70 to 2.80 directly?
  3. Not sure if this has been submitted before, I couldn't find anything, BUT it's the ONE thing I think is missing from the HX Effects, and that's the ability to use a Expression Pedal with a toe switch.... It can be done in the Rack Mount Helix and HX Stomp so why not bring it to the HX Effects, assuming all that's needed is a software change.... any way... if you like the idea... give it a vote up https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Toe-Switch-function-for-HX-Effects-Expression-Pedal/946748-23508#idea-tab-details
  4. oh... ok... wasn't there a HX Stomp only update not too long ago?
  5. I think 2.71 was for the HX Stomp only.... this could be why you had the problem.
  6. Like most people, pedalboard real estate is a premium for me so having a single expression pedal that I can toggle between Volume and Wah or any two expression functions would be great... Are there any plans to make this feature available in the HX Effects?
  7. I'm using the Dunlop Mini Volume pedal.... the DVP1 needs some configuring to work if I remember correctly.... the HX needs to have the polarity reversed and then you have to open the DVP1 and flip the polarity switch in there too... it sounds really counter intuitive to me but that's what I've seen people say has worked for them.
  8. I'd use the Dunlop as an expression and use it to control a volume block in the HX Effects... I've been doing this since I got mine and had no issues moving from a standard front of the amp configuration to 4CM..
  9. I run my HX Effects using the 4CM, so what I do for solo boosts is set up a Snapshot where the loop return has a few db's boosted so it's just like if I turned the master of my amp up... so far it's worked perfectly
  10. Honestly... I'm really happy with my HX Effects as is...BUT if there's ONE thing I would like to see changed is that the Expression Inputs be able to work like how the new HX Stomp's Expression/Footswitch input works so I wouldn't need two expression pedals on my board to operate a wah and volume pedal but rather get the Mission Engineering Line6 expression with the switch and toggle between Volume and Wah.... that would really make my rig that much more streamlined....
  11. Phil, do you have any issues with syncing the Decibel 11 to the HX effects? Since I swapped out my CS12 power supply and started using the Voodoo Labs PP2+ to power the Decibel 11 and my pedals and the Line 6 power supply to power the HX effects I've noticed the HX Effects boots up before the decibel 11 and for whatever reason the looper doesn't take commands from the HX BUT... if I reboot the looper everything is fine.... I'm assuming that when I had everything hooked up to the CS12 the HX booted up first then the Loop since I never had that issue till I changed the power supply.
  12. if I lived in the US that would be awesome... but I'm in the Caribbean so I'd have to ship it to them and back PLUS pay taxes when its returned.... so the Voodoo Labs solution will work fine for now
  13. now... YMMV but I was using the One Spot CS12 for the last couple months to power my HX effects and it was iffy at best... sometimes it would boot up fine others the HX wouldn't boot at all but after some moving of cables it would eventually boot... well last night at my FIRST GIG with the HX Effects it refused to boot no matter what I tried.... thankfully I live 5 minutes from the venue and was able to jump in my car and get the power supply that came with the HX Effects... not sure if it was the One Spot's fault or if it's dependant on the venue providing proper voltage but I'm not risking it again.... just finished changing out the CS12 for my old Voodoo Labs PP2+ which will power my pedals and I'll use the courtesy 110VAC plug to power the HX with the Line6 adapter....
  14. If you're using a volume pedal in any of those patches I had a similar issue but then I realised it was how I had the volume pedal block configured....
  15. I found setting up the volume pedal easy, I have it set to bypass once my expression pedal is toe down and once it moves then it engages.... the Wah however I haven't quite got it to work the way I would like... .I tried setting it up like the volume pedal but when using the wah when I put the toe down all the way it cuts out... so if I want to use the wah I have it set to a snapshot or regular button.... it find it doesn't take THAT much extra time... IF there is a better solution to this I'm all ears...
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