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  1. Recently updated to 2.7 on my HX Effects. Just noticed this glitch where, when in Stomp Mode, the spilled-out parameters of an effects block will appear on screen after about 10 seconds or so--all on its own. Essentially, I"m looking at my pedal board with effects in the scribble strips and then the edit parameters for an effect will spill out into edit mode. Any ideas what's going on here or how to fix it? It's annoying as hell. **SOLVED** Turns out, my 14 month old son's grimy hands had left some residue on the capacitive switches that made the unit think it was being touched when it wasn't. A quick wipe down solved it.
  2. Which Dunlop pedal are you using? I've got the DVP1 and once I go full toe down, it goes to zero.
  3. Thanks, man! That is EXACTLY what I needed to do. I've got a Behringer Hum Destroyer in there, so the noise isn't an issue. Appreciate you, my friend.
  4. So, I've got one effects loop running just fine in 4CM, but I'm trying to rig a way to use my Dunlop DVP1 volume pedal with this setup after my straight-to-amp effects, but before my reverbs/delays in FX Loop1. I can't seem to get it rigged correctly though. If the DVP1 worked as an expression pedal with the HX, I'd just plug it in there and insert a volume block, but that is sadly not possible. So, for a dummy like should this be rigged up? Thanks.
  5. It's a DVP 1, so I don't think there's a polarity switch (at least that I could find in the manual). Is there a way around this? Or, do I just need a different volume pedal?
  6. HX Effects...running my Dunlop Volume Pedal in Ext. Ped. 2 slot. Goes from zero (heel down) to 100 (nearly toe down), but back to nearly zero when toe is all the way down. I've gone through every setting, global setting, command center...cannot find a setting to fix this. Any ideas? Thanks, guys.
  7. You, are a lifesaver. I like to think I would’ve unplugged the effects loop in the amp before taking it to an amp tech (which I was planning on doing this morning), but you NAILED IT. Thank you for making my day.
  8. Thanks, Coda...I eventually got that deep in the global settings. After watching demo after demo and NEVER seeing that feature, I wasn't sure WHAT was happening.
  9. So, I had the HX Effects (new to me yesterday) set to change my amp channels (Orange TH30C) and all was fine (amp changes, issue). After copying a preset and wanting to remove the amp function from the FS, I noticed that while the amp was still making sound as I played, I couldn't change ANYTHING about the tone on the actual amp--couldn't switch channels, change volume, EQ...nada. I've turned everything off/on/etc, and is a fixed volume and can be played through, but ZERO tweaking is happening--even through the amp footswitch itself. I'm FREAKING OUT. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks, Marcus.
  10. Hey guys, just got a second hand HX Effects, have been through the manual (and several tutorial videos), but can't seem to figure out how to get rid of Bank Up and Bank Down taking up FS 1&4 when in Stompbox Mode. Can anybody help me out? Thanks. BTW...just upgraded firmware to 2.60.
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