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  1. hello, this has probably been covered, but i cant seen to find it. if i want to run a 2 amp, wet dry rig with my hxfx, would i be right to assume it is as easy as splitting my signal, hard panning each path to each side, and then running a cable to each amp from the stereo out? am i missing something? does anyone else run a wet dry with their hxfx? thanks
  2. Ive found that some of my patches have a very noticable volume differences. Some are much more quiet. Has anyone else had this problem? On the quiet patches, i have even raised every effect to max level. It gets slightly louder, but still not as loud as my other patches. Some even have almost identical effects blocks. Have you noticed any certain blocks that cause a volume drop no matter what? Any advice?
  3. If i am using the 4 cable method, and i want to use my own drive pedals first, what do you recommend? Guitar > drive pedal > hx input? Or Guitar > hx input and hx loop send > pedal input, pedal output > hx loop return. Then add that loop as an effect block into my signal chain?
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