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  1. I know this is from 8 months ago but was this resolved ? On my helix floor I had two amps assigned to the one footswitch . I set to the following ( only one amp on at a time ) - Amp one on = led off Amp two on = led on . I touched the top of the footswitch and it switched to Amp one on = led on Amp two on = led off I think I tried changing the footswitch option in global settings but whatever setting the same thing happened? Is there a bug or am I having a senior moment ? Any help appreciated
  2. I didn't first time, I got confused , then I did and tried again still nothing. It was the preset that my helix was in at the time that lost data transfer don't know if that makes a difference
  3. dont think so just the one i was working on for a gig this weekend :(
  4. Help required. I just done the 2.60 update and one preset all the effects that were on path 1 ( top row ) are gone how can i get them back ? Thanks in advance.
  5. Abokerr

    Hi cut eq

    Thanks for the replies guys. I will get to find my way of working I guess. So Many options is the thing I guess. I was using two cabinets one set a little brighter and one more bass heavy and blending the two . This I thought was very handy and a bit like you said regarding using the cabinet. I have only had it barely two weeks and done a couple of gigs with it already I think it is awesome
  6. You can set a basic template and copy and paste I believe by right clicking first on your template to copy then on the new preset to paste
  7. Abokerr

    Hi cut eq

    Fairly new here and this has possibly been asked a gazillion times sorry. Now that I am starting to get into the helix , brilliant incidently , one of the things I am going to try is a hi cut . Frequency wise a standard guitar in standard tuning goes from approx 80hz to 1000 Hz . Does anybody use a high cut eq and how low do you set it. It starts really high maybe 19 kHz and this number put me off reducing it too low. I am now thinking of trying down really low about 3 khz and taking up to suit as opposed to high and working down . I read that reverb etc will use higher frequencies so I am thinking of putting the low cut after the amp and cabinets but before reverb . Would this make sense ? Any thoughts / ideas
  8. I will give it a go and see what happens - trial and error. I know what you mean about stereo and where the speakers are in a room. Hadn't thought about that but good points . Thanks for the help folks no doubt I will be on again
  9. Thanks for replies guys but this was what interested me
  10. As the title says I am new to the Helix , it hasn't even arrived yet but thought I would warn you of a new guy potentially needing guidance. i have been watching how to create tones on you tube and my plan is to copy these to get started. i am a gigging player and my normal band set up is no back line and straight into the mixer / pa. The pa is all mine and my set up will be guitar into helix into sound craft fx8 mixer ( two channels one panned left the other right on the desk for full stereo sound ) then into a QSC pa a K12 and Ksub either side. I have never played with a stereo sound before always mono is the panning both channels on the mixer the correct way to do this or could I leave them flat and the output from the helix sort that out ? Secondly to get my initial sounds should I bring my mixer and at least my top cabs in the house as in the past taking your in house sound to gig and turning up can have not good results. Any tips for the setting up for a gig at house volume appreciated - watching the you tube stuff I felt the low and high pass filters would help with this but looking at this forum I thought I would try and draw from your experience. thanks in advance Abo
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