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  1. Hi, a quick ticket - not in a mood to write long reports after wasting half a working day on what should have been a 45-second operation. But maybe it helps others. The solution is not immediately obvious from spending a "reasonable" amount of time reading forum threads. The "HX Stomp" update process for legacy firmware 2.64 appears to be near-dysfunctional on Windows right now. I managed to go up to 2.70 only by downloading the oldest available "edit" software, running the updater, using offline mode, and manually flashing the 2.70 .hdx. Everything else didn't work for various reasons (exclamation mark in device manager => wrong drivers for the old FW, but also the device showing in the updater and the update failing, including .hdx file mode. I succeeded on a Windows 10 installation. Similar attempts from my Win 8.1 PC failed.
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