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  1. >> increased oversampling without higher DSP usage thanks, appreciate your dedication. (IMHO) Progress is mostly the sum of little improvements too small to be obvious individually. This here probably comes closest to literally "pushing the ceiling" ...
  2. Thanks, I found the problem and it has nothing to do with the effects. What happened was that the high E string pulls out of the pickup's magnetic field in downstrokes, and especially when playing hard. I moved it a millimeter in on the saddle and it's much better now.
  3. Hi, possible bug report on the 3.01 "12 string" synth (putting this here for discussion first). It seems to sometimes settle into a state where the sensitivity depends strongly on the direction of the stroke. In other words, upstrokes ring cleanly but downstrokes above a certain strength get muted. This must sound pretty weird until you've experienced it yourself. The problem isn't always present but I can recreate it consistently with the open high E string after a D open chord. It's not playing technique: even if I play both up-/downstroke with exaggerated force, it's there (but it disappears at low volume). The guitar is a strat with Humbuckers (same observation on all three pickups, heavy strings in standard tuning) Might be a missing abs() in an envelope detector, maybe? Just thinking aloud... EDIT since the problem persists even after disabling the 12 string block I now suspect a glitch in my guitar "firmware" :facepalm pickup height does matter...
  4. This pretty much nails it, if possibly unintended: If you're a pro and used to it you can learn to play with high latency, just as you can learn to ride a unicycle, hold your breath for minutes, swallow sharp metal objects etc. For the non-pros among us, avoid latency. Don't fall into the "if I can't perceive it, it's not there" trap. For a graphic illustration why this mindset is flawed, think of lead poisoning, it's not perceptible until you're, like, 75 % dead :-)
  5. But the unit requires "PHONES"... I'm not sure if "phones" are even compatible ...
  6. Try this one: Not sure if I am much help :-) but if it were my own I'd probably remove it completely e.g. with a rubber from office supplies
  7. You can use both output pairs if you like - it enables stereo on both (if you'd have a stereo effect) but you'd sacrifice the send / return ports to insert a pedalboard. From the front panel, you'd move the cursor over said tiny white "Mixer" circle, press the Action button and change "Path A" to route to the "send" port. Even if you don't need an insert, using the L/R-panned version may be still more convenient on a pedalboard because all the plugs are on the back panel and the sides are left free, further you have one volume button for both amps. PS: completely OT: if you're now plugging the guitar into the HX stomp input, note that there is an "input impedance" setting hidden on the 2nd page of the input circle ("In-Z"). Just pointing out that it exists. If in doubt, leave at default but if for some reason you find the overall sound too harsh, 230k or 136k may work better.
  8. Hi, I don't use the editor but here are two screenshots that show how to set it up from the front panel. Note the tiny white circle that is selected ("Mixer"). It has two pages, one picture per page. You can drag it around like a block with the "Action" button. So we pan one path hard left, the other hard right, levels at 0 dB. This leaves send / return free for the pedalboard. My example uses "Cali Texas Ch1" and "Ch2" as "amp with cab", therefore there are only two blocks.
  9. Hi, >> and in the global settings of the Stomp I changed the fx return jacks from Instrument to Line. Set them back to "instrument" sensitivity. I would think twice if it were for high-quality recording (it might clip a few peaks) but for playing along, it's just fine unless you hear distortion. I run a keyboard the same way and yes, it would be nice to have a global gain with boost option for the "aux input" mode.
  10. OK, I filed a support ticket, quoting this thread. Let's see what happens. BTW, the "both" setting does not help either but let's keep this out of this topic (in theory, it should result in the problematic behavior I'm trying to get rid of and yes, it does exactly that. What I'd need is an "OFF" setting, which appears to be missing on the stomp's current FW).
  11. Hi HonestOpinion, thanks for taking the time. I think we're on the same page now, and yes, given the above feedback I'm now fairly certain it's a bug. Let me just quickly confirm your points and I'll add a reference to this topic in the general "bugs" thread in a day or so. Correct - I wasn't precise. I meant "between the two assigned amp models". And the LED is arguably "deterministic" not "random" but still useless for live playing (in a sense that accidentally touching the metal button inverts the LED so it does not tell which amp channel is currently active, unless I can be certain no one has touched the unit). What I'm looking for is "LED on means channel 2" but right now I can't have that with the HX stomp. Just thinking aloud, I could fix the software problem in hardware by using two audio inputs and one of those little boxes ...no I won't :-)
  12. Hi "HonestOpinion". would you kindly re-read the original post please :)
  13. Hi, first, I'm not much of a guitar player (but do it anyway and have fun). Here's my question: a couple of weeks ago I bought a dreadnought-size acoustic guitar, Takamine P1DC SM. Today I stuffed a T-shirt inside and put in a rubber soundhole cover to reduce volume for home practice. Surprisingly, my wife commented that it sounds better and I noticed the same independently. At home, this may be my living room which resonates badly below 50 Hz. But I took it outdoors, and still like the sound very much (might dial back a bit, though ... maybe change the XL T-shirt for M-size...) Question: For purely acoustic sound, is it common to dampen a guitar? I've read opinions that dreadnought is already beyond the optimum size for balanced sound, and e.g. for drums, it's not unheard of to stuff in a blanket.
  14. But in 2.92 there appears to be no such setting. Choices are "Touch", "Press", "Both".
  15. >> other people and instruments are all competing in the midrange. Yes, see above.. Sounds more like an issue for "musical director" than "soundman". If you feel musicians are competing for space, talk to them. If it doesn't help, stop wasting time and find a new band.
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