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  1. Thanks everyone for the amusing comments ... I think I'm gonna go with "your Helix has been relic'd"
  2. Hi all - just an off-the-wall comment here ... I've got a Helix floor unit that the seller had mistreated quite a bit, looks like he kept it in a bag of screws or something ... anyway, the 'decal' is scratched and pitted and torn, and looks a mess, so much so, that the word 'phones' really says 'ph c s'. I say 'decal' because it's pretty obviously some kind of decal - I was wondering if there's any way of getting a replacement?
  3. Thanks @datacommando that did the trick :)
  4. Thanks @DunedinDragon .... I did that, got the latest HX Edit and connected up the Helix, turned it on and started HX Edit. The Helix shows up in the edit app. The instructions say to click 'check for updates', so I do this. It says, 'sign in is required', so I sign in. It says 'cannot connect to server, make sure this computer is connected to the internet, which it is'. I try 'forgot username' and it takes me to a new browser window which says 'you are already signed in'. So ... ????
  5. HI all, I've just got a Helix, so the first thing I want to do is update the firmware, so I downloaded the latest Updater, but when I try to run it, and enter my username and password, I get: "The operation couldn't be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -1202). I'm running Yosemite on Mac Pro
  6. Yes, thanks, I knew that :) You got one to sell me? ;-)
  7. Hi everyone - I'm looking to buy a Variax 900 acoustic, if anyone has one? (That's not a misprint btw, I'm not talking about the 700 :-)).
  8. Well, I found out, the hard way, by having a luthier prise the block up - it was held down by screws, pathetic little thin screws .... this is due to a 'production mix up' which means that they applied the lacquer using a mask that was too small, so there was lacquer under where the bridge block would go, so they couldn't glue wood to lacquer, so they screwed it down. I've subsequently removed the excess varnish and glued the bridge down properly, and now this wonderfully well-made guitar is no longer contaminated with screws. So, on the extremely, utterly remote off-chance that anyone else wants to know, here's the scoop :)
  9. Hi all - hopefully someone out there has the answer to this question ..... I need to remove the bridge block from my variax acoustic 900 (yes it's a 900, an upscale version of the 700) and I'm told that it's held down by 'pins' but I don't know exactly what is meant by 'pins'. It could mean wooden dowels, or it could be screws, but I don't know. I've loosened the glue, does anyone out there know if I can prise the bridge block up? Or is there something I need to do to get at the pins?
  10. Not for MacOs X it doesn't. They haven't got around to writing one for Mac
  11. Yes!! Totally baffled why Firehawk doesn't connect to workbench.
  12. Nyjdams

    No Display

    Hey bro, sad about your trouble ..... for what it's worth, I think they will answer your phone call, just be patient. It sounds like your fire hawk is faulty, so you'll definitely get a resolution, no question. I've had nothing but good experiences with Line 6, gear, help line, these forums, phone response, all excellent, just be patient :-)
  13. I would agree with you - I have just spent some time fixing a similar issue with mine - except that in my case the G string was too loud, and the answer turned out to be to use edit->global string volume and make sure the 'lock' icon was not selected, to allow individual strings to be changed. Sorry for your bad experience bro
  14. My bad .... it was right in front of me the whole time .... for any others with the same issue, you put the 8-digit number after the pre-populated code and then finish with a zero
  15. Hi all - hope someone can help ..... I've recently got an acoustic 700, and I went to register it, but when I selected "variax 700 acoustic" as the model, it prepopulated the serial number field with some stuff which I overwrote with the 8-digit number on the back of the headstock. It then said the number was not valid. Anyone know what I should have done?
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