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  1. i completely disagree with your bass player, he sounds like he can't get out of the old school mentality. I too am old school, but I started taking advantage of the new technology that's out there. I used the HD500x for regular gigging in hopes to simplify and reduce the amount of gear I had to lug around. I ran it straight into the PA and used 2 monitors running in stereo for myself. The rest of the band had their own monitors and could adjust their own mixes as well. It worked great and sounded great! (you'd be amazed at how many big name bands don't use stage amps anymore) Unfortunately, my HD500x ran into reliability issues, so I am back to using a real amp, but keep on doing what your doing and find a new bass player....
  2. I had a similar issue only mine was with the tuner/tap tempo switch. I switched the tuner on and when I attempted to switch it off it only came out of tuner momentarily, then back into tuner mode. This was 30 min before a gig too. I had to have the PC board replaced. These units aren't built to last with repeated switching of the switches during regular gigging. You may have to send it to a service center to diagnose the problem.
  3. Sounds like a connection on the PC board is coming loose, since you mentioned it occurs when you use the wah pedal. I had a similar issue a little over a year of gigging with my HD500x, only mine was from the tuner/tap tempo switch, which is the switch that got used the most on mine. My unit went into tuner mode and wouldn't come out, 30 min before a gig. The unit is just not built to last in a regular gigging situation, which is why I don't gig with it anymore; can't trust it. Luckily, I had an extended warranty through AMS which covered the repair. It's a shame because the thing sounds great live, but now it's used for recording and practices. Maybe check with a service center and see what they say, you'll be without it for a while. It took over 3 months to get mine fixed. I wouldn't buy another Line 6 again....but that's me.
  4. I've opened up a repair ticket, but thought I'd see if there are any suggestions in the meantime. I got my 500x back from an authorized repair center. They replaced the board because it kept going into tuner mode by itself. After sending it back twice. Now, when I go to update and install my purchased add-ons, it I get these messages: "The POD HD500x you are connecting is not valid line 6 hardware." "Error Code 8000710B Hardware is not valid." Anyone know what I need to do? I'm using Windows 10 and everything on the computer end was working perfectly before I had it repaired. Screenshots attached Thanks
  5. Thanks for the info...I'm gonna send it back to AMS for warranty repair. I had a 12 month extended warranty through them. Hopefully it will be covered. I don't know if I can trust it live now...
  6. Have any of you experienced this? Last night, 45 min before show time mind you, my pod started going into tuner/ bypass mode on and off by itself, rendering it useless. I tried resetting and reinstalling the software with no luck, seemed mechanical. I bought it in Dec of 2014. Should this thing be failing so quickly? Of course the 12 month warranty is expired. It's a $500 paperweight at this point. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Sadly, I just returned the 89F after only a couple days. I was really excited to have gotten it, but I had some issues that just didn't justify the price tag. The guitar itself was great, it played really well and the stock pickups sounded really good. It was the modeling that disappointed. The G string had little to no volume compared to the rest of the strings, making chords sound off. I tried tweaking the strings with Workbench but no matter what volume I set the rest of the strings, the G string was still lower. The overall modeling sound had a slight metallic tone to them which I couldn't get out, even with EQ through my HD500x. The acoustics did sound really good, however. I don't know if I just got a defective guitar or not, but it had to go back. I'm not up for going back and forth trying to diagnose issues, for $1100, the guitar should be perfect right out of the box. Bummer....
  8. Yea, i forgot to mention, i run direct to pa with stereo monitors...
  9. Hey all, I've got an HD500x and am thinking about getting the 89F. My question is can you switch from a clean acoustic to electric with a high gain amp within the same patch or do you have to create 2 different patches, and if so, how bad is the lag when switching patches? Thanks!
  10. No single coils, humbuckers....i plan on replacing all the wiring with shielded wiring and shield the cavity, hopefully it will help
  11. In addition, I also get this buzz with a wireless system as well...
  12. No hum with the guitar unplugged, now I'm looking at the shielding on my guitar. I'm thinking the Pod is way too sensitive to ground noise and other interference...I thought the Pod would make my life easier, not the case so far.
  13. Thanks for the links, unfortunately, I've tried the suggestions already....can't figure it out. Now I got to take it to a service center, shouldn't happen with a 3 month old unit.
  14. I'm having the exact same issue, I've tried hum eliminators, power isolators, swapping cables and troubleshooting my guitars with no success. It's a shame because the 500x sounds great but I just can't use it live. Line 6 support hasn't been any help either. I really hate to return this thing but I may have to....since it is out of the 45 day return policy for AMS, I now have to take it to a service center. What a pain in the a**...i've only had it for 3 months
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