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  1. If only I had the cash for 2 of everything. :( Re: Power supply, a friend had soak tested the power pack and it didn't dip over 3 hours. Obviously, things are different when under load. Cheers all, though.
  2. Gentlemen, thank you. It maybe that I start saving up for the Helix now, once one's trust has gone... well, it's not a nice feeling while gigging. I will in the meantime do what you both have said, resets plus buy a new power supply. Thanks again. I do have a back up unit, which I can't believe that I will have to take with me this weekend (shhh, it's a BOSS GT8) Hope it's not needed
  3. Hi all, Hopefully I am in the right area/forum - couldn't find a specialist one for faults, so apologies if not. We set up (as below) and before we started playing to anyone, I hit the tuner. At this point the board went off and then after a second, rebooted as if the power had gone and come back. I thought initially there might be something under that pedal making this happen. However... as in the title, I was gigging, half way through a song and no guitar could be heard, just a high pitched scream. I looked down at the board and saw it re-booting(?) . Basically, coming back on as if the power had been pulled out and put back in again - it had not. This time I had not touched the board, much less the tuner. The guitar sound came back on and we made it to the end of the song. No-one died. Background - had the POD HD500X about two years. Love gigging with it. Guitar into board, into PA mixer desk and out through PA speakers. Never had a problem before. Questions: Is there a reason/cure? Any experience of this elsewhere? Do I say, 'I can't trust you anymore', and buy a Helix? Thoughts/help please. Thank you in advance
  4. It says Paul Hindmarsh on that link, not Sean Halley.
  5. Again thank you all. I will have a go and be back. I don't know why I chose the word 'investment', and although most people answered the questions I posed in my post, rather than the title question, I apologise sincerely for any misunderstanding. I know that electronic items generally depreciate rapidly in monetary value as technology advances, so I had hoped that in the looser definition of the word my meaning would have been clear. Consider my wrist to be well and truly slapped. :(
  6. Thank you again - glad I signed up, you all seem a nice helpful bunch. :) mystic - surprised to hear you say that regarding distortion sounds for the POD. Not heard a great distorted sound from Boss at all, but heard plenty of POD ones. Hmm. Having said that, you maybe correct about EQ - I did state my lack of competence on those matters earlier, ALTHOUGH I haven't heard anyone else get the same quality sounds out of a BOSS as from a POD. Clean/chorus etc - yes. Distorted rock/metal - no. Rlblues - Thank you also. When you say, ' Download the quick guide, read it, and make sure you are connected properly for your particular setup and understand the ins and outs.' That's the vital info I will need. Does this come with the unit?
  7. Thank you both for your replies. pfsmith0 - where's the best place for me to start researching? I am a novice on understanding and therefore changing 'muddy' 'boomy' 'grainy' etc noises. I guess that's EQ experience. Would be grateful of some direction if you know where to look? Miguel - Thank you. I don't think there's that much of a sound difference between Ax FX and the POD. Certainly not enough to justify the price difference. But it's all subjective.
  8. Hi all, Brand new to the forum and have read a few posts and realised there is a LOT of info here and even MORE things that I do not understand. I need some advice before I decide on whether I can get the HD500x to do what I require - it should definitely do it, but can I make it do so? I currently play in a rock duo to backing tracks. Me on guitar, plus a singer. I currently plug guitar into Boss GT-100 (boo hiss :angry: ) straight into the desk (Dynacord) - and to Dynacord PA speakers. This is the set up without an amp that I need advice on. The problem? The distortion sounds on the Boss. I have heard the POD sounds on youtube ( but never live) and have been blown away. They are incredible compared to the Boss ones. However, these videos are usually DIRECT recordings rather than into the set up I have. So my question is this: How difficult is it to get (download/copy other people's settings/do my own/ whatever) those professional sounding tones through a PA? As I have not heard or seen any examples, but have read on the net that people do use them, I am not asking if it can be played direct through a PA, but more how difficult is it to get these brilliant sounds that are available to work on my system if I were to buy the POD? Sorry to ramble on, but I was trying to preempt people asking for verification of certain points. So, should I buy one?
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