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Found 13 results

  1. Hey everyone. I've been an UX 2 user for almost 7 years and never had a problem, until now. I bought a new computer with an I7 13700, 32 Gb ram and etc... a high-end system. 1st thing I did was installing my UX 2 and podfarm 2. I got the guitar and there is just a buzzing, piercing noise coming from the speakers and I am desperate since I have no idea how to get it sorted and what is the conflict. Tried also with STL to check if it was Pod farm but nah, same thing. Terrible noise. I've checked the settings over and over but can't figure what is wrong. Downloaded ASIO also, just in case but nothing, same story. With my old computer (almost 9 years old) everything worked perfectly. With this new one there must be something I am missing, I guess/hope. Any idea what could it be? This is just so frustrating. Thanks
  2. Hey people I've been using my Pocket Pod for some time and the background humming/buzzing from the device not being grounded is really annoying. What do others do to ground the device? I've found that connecting the "MP3-in port" to my PC grounds it perfectly, however, I am not able to ground it using my phone as an example
  3. System: Pod X3 Live Amp used: Vox AC-16 connected using a cable that's XLR female/TRS 1/4" Has anyone had this issue: 1. An annoying buzz which seems to come and go when I touch the volume/wah pedal? 2. A squeaking sound when you move the volume/wah pedal? I bought this unit in 2009 and this has happened increasingly over the past few months. I cleaned the outside of the unit and sprayed all the connections with contact cleaner.
  4. Hello All, I just bought a Helix rack and a L2M speaker last week. I love the Helix sound and ease of use, works like a dream in the studio! The L2M is an amazing sounding speaker! I noticed some buzzing from the L2M last night on certain notes. It seems to be coming from the fan area in the back. Upon doing some research in this forum it looks like this is a known issue but, most of the posts were from about two years ago. I also didn't see a full resolution on the problem (may be I missed?), but it looked like Line 6 confirmed it was a fan issue and they were fixing it under warranty. Does anyone know if this was officially "fixed" by line 6? Shouldn't the new units be shipping with the issue fixed already? I am wondering if I received an old stock unit from musiciansfriend? Before I try to get the unit exchanged, I wanted to get more information here. If this is not fixed then, I may have to look for something else ... may be a Yamaha DBR12 or 15. The buzzing is very annoying in the studio setting. Regards
  5. Hey guys, I've had an M9 for 6 years and I love it. Never had an issue and have never wanted to go analog. But recently I've had some weird issues with it. First, I've been noticing a very quiet fuzz/static when an effect (mostly on gain effects) is engaged. It's almost like a light Phase underneath the gain signal, and it make sustained chords or notes sound really bad. There are some gain effects I can't use all together because it makes an awful fuzz sound (including some of the fuzzes which are my bread and butter!!). Has anyone noticed this same issue? Second issue, when I go to switch scenes and press the TAP and B3 buttons then select a new scene, the pedal stays on the scene select screen. When I press the new scene again the light starts blinking from white to blue until I press it again and only exits the scene select screen if i press the TAP and B3 buttons again. Is this an extra function I was unaware of for the last 6 years?? I've recently done a factory reset to see if these issues go away but with now luck. Please help!!!
  6. Hi Guys, This is my first post and I have looked alot elsewhere for answers however every answer I find is quite vague or nonexistent and leaves me hoping that I could fix this issue. I use the UX2 combined with PODFARM 2.57, an ASUS laptop, FL Studio and many guitars, bass and vocals almost every day. Whilst I usually have a good time, the constant buzzing when using distortion is starting to annoy me. Infact, now I can hear the frequency present most of the time in distorted tracks. This, depending on amp sim, happens in a few different ways. Either a distinct hum/buzz/fuzz after a distorted note has been plucked and then muted i.e. when alot of noise is present and stops abruptly, or on a long drawn out note the buzzing can be heard as the guitar gets quieter. I have attached a few files, the PODFARM settings I used and an MP3 with the unwanted noise. I used a custom tone in the first chugs, This Is Absolution in the drawn out chord after the chugs, and the final drawn out chord is Heavy-Disto-1-11 Thanks in advance for any help, I would love to know if it is something I am doing wrong, or if other people are having these same issues. It would be great to know that there isn't anything wrong with the UX2 itself and maybe just software, as I am recording DI guitars to send to a studio to be re-amped, and I would hate to think the DI tracks I am recording are "corrupted" by the UX2. Thanks again! this-is-absolution.l6t Heavy-Disto-1-11.l6t BuzzBuzz.mp3
  7. I have got a JTV 69 in July this year to replace a JTV 59. I used a lot of the models from the 59 for recording but thought that the 69 would work better for also using live, I use the trems quite a bit. I got a 69 and the model selector switch was not working and loose so i tightened a nut inside (as much as i could without taking it apart) it is now not loose but does not alway engage or needs a really firm push to activate. Not really the best solution for live work. Also the model sounds all have a sitar like buzzing overtone to them and nothing like the 59. I have tried Line 6 support via the ticket route and was told to talk to the dealer. Did that and still waiting for help 8 weeks down the line. Tried phoning Line 6 UK. Held on for 10 mins even though I was told that I was No.1 in the que. Is it me or is Line 6 support really bad. It is now starting to lollipop me off that I have so much money invested in a guitar that I cant use. It is also making me think negatively about Line 6 products. I am not a moaner but expect prompt customer service in the event of something not working properly. Has anyone had this experience with a 69, is the overtones due to the Trem where the 59 was a hardtail?
  8. I have a L3T speaker and am running the following signal chain: electric guitar-->G50-->POD HD500-->L6 Link-->L3T I have experienced INTERMITTENT problems with held notes (such as hitting an open E or open A string and letting it ring out) beginning to distort as they decay. The distortion (on a previously clean note) begins after about 4 seconds and gets progressively nastier as the note fades out. The POD patches I am using are various amps, but even clean notes with HiWatt/deluxe or other non-distortion amp models exhibit this behavior (on an intermittent basis). I have swapped out cables, batteries, changed patches, built new patches from scratch using clean amp settings, plugged a bass and an electric guitar directly into the inputs.... There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason as to when or if the distortion shows up. Anyone have any experience with this or further thoughts. I opened a support ticket with Line6 and was told it could be the fan rattle that was a known issue but this is almost certainly not a rattle. It's a note distortion and it occurs at either low (conversational) or higher volumes. Thanks in advance for any constructive advice.
  9. Hello all, My problem with my HD500x is humming and buzzing, mostly with LED lighting and neon lightning. My first 2 gigs with the unit were all quiet, we were using my drummers Chauvet 4-bar mini LED lights. The third gig and every gig from then on, with the same setup, I got this loud buzzing through my HD500x. It was so loud, it was unusable. Shutting the lights off got rid of it. Now picking up buzzing from neon lights in the bars as well as other buzzing at different locations, some bars worse than others. I tried another power supply - no luck. Tried an Ebtech Hum x - no luck. Tried an ABS power filter - no luck. I'm running straight into the PA through XLR's and using the 1/4 inch outs to my monitor. The ground lift does nothing. Pad switch is at normal, output set to Studio/Direct. Noise gates help a little but the LED buzzing is too loud to gate. I'm running out of options here. I love the sound of the HD500x but the noise issue is killing me. It seems every place I play has some buzz issue. Anyone else have these issues? I can't understand why the first 2 gigs I played were fine and now I got noise. The only thing different is that I tweaked the patches, but that shouldn't have anything to do with it. I'm thinking I may have gotten a bad unit since I can't find a solution. Thanks for any help....
  10. I'm having trouble with a buzzing sound on my HD 500. On a clean setting, it's more of a hiss, but once you turn on distortion, it's more of a buzz (or buzz kill, as the case may be!). It seems like a grounding issue with the device. No matter where I'm playing--at home, in the rehearsal studio, or at gigs--it's the same thing. This leads me to think it's not a problem with the quality of the electricity. I play through a few different amps, from tube to solid state, depending on the situation. Always the same problem. Also, I still get it using different guitars--Les Paul or Strat, it's the same thing. The buzzing is worse when I have the USB cable connected. It's also worse when I use distortion--the more distortion, the worse it is. I was doing some searches on this, and I see that other people have similar problems. I've tried re-setting the global settings, but no joy. I'm using the 1/4" input. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. Hey guys, I've had my 500X for quite some time now, and am still having issues. When recording on my MacBook, I get a terrible buzzing noise, almost feedback, in my DAW. Whether it's garageband or Reaper. Here's the first video I did with it, you can hear the noise. I'm recording via USB. My cover of FaceDown The actual song for sound comparison The noise is very distinctive.. Almost uncatchable. But the strange thing is, is when I use my acoustic, it's silk smooth. Just like glass. But with an electric, whether it's my schecter, or Gibson LP, it's got that god awful noise. Honestly, I'm almost thinking about sending it to Line 6 and seeing whether they can fix it or not. Yeah, I made a few mistakes. Lol Thanks guys.
  12. At first, sorry for my english, I am from Poland. I have a problem with my POD Live XT. When recording via USB, the speakers can hear distorted sound even though the sound is recording properly. I checked the cables, power supply, tried on three different computers and the same. I tried the same on another POD Live XT with the same settings. There is also the second problem. When I play live, and connect the cable to the second output (I want to play for 2 amps at the same time), the first amplifier hum appears. When I pull the plug and play on one - hum disappears. I tried the same cables, amplifiers and power supply on another divided and everything is working normally. Yes, I tried to reinstall the drivers, restore the system settings, load factory defaults etc, change cables, power supply - it did not work Please help!
  13. Hi, I'm quite new to Line 6 POD gear and recording in general, and having a bit of a problem. I'm running my POD into a Tascam DP24, im using both outputs into the DP24? And the problem im having is that when i listen to my guitar through the headphone out of my POD it sounds great, but as soon as i record onto the Tascam it sounds very muddy, messy and slightly buzzy here and there, from either my monitors or headphones. And while that may seem like its the Tascam fault, when i record direct into the tascam using its built in amp simulator,it sounds obviously poorer in terms of realism, but it does sound some what clearer and a lot more defined than when i record with the POD. I understand that people might not no much about the Tascam, but just wondered if anyone might know if theirs anything i'm doing wrong with the POD. Any help will be much appreciated.
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