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  1. Hello All, I just bought a Spider V 60 as a practice amp and so far it sounds great! I already have a Helix Rack with a floor controller for use in the studio so, I am only looking for a switch that I can use to control the looper functions of the Spider V for practice purposes. I think the FBV3 would be an overkill for what my needs. My question is, can I use the FBV2 as a start/stop switch for the looper? Thanks in advance!
  2. harosha

    Tempo Lock

    Awesome! That works perfectly!
  3. harosha

    Tempo Lock

    Hello All, Is there a way to lock tempo while scrolling through patches? I like to scroll through different patches when I am working on a song to find the one that works and it's kind of a pain to change tempo for delays every time a new patch is selected.
  4. Hello all, Anyone using these with Helix? Any opinions? I am debating between ELX112P and a Yamaha DXR12. I am getting ELX about $200 less than DXR and the reviews seem to be excellent. Just not many using them as FRFR. My main application is to use it for practicing in the studio at the moment when I am not using my studio monitors. Thanks!
  5. Hello again guys! I wanted to update on this. I finally got the replacement from MF today, a week after them getting the faulty unit back. I plugged it in and there is no sound and no power LED in the front. I can hear clicks inside the unit when I switch the power on. I cannot change any speaker modes in the back. When I press the feedback suppression button, the Reference PA light turns on amber and that is the only light in the back that turns on. I called Line 6 support and after spending 30min on the phone they told me I could return the unit to the place of purchase or send it in for repairs which will take about 3 weeks! Well, I am done with this! Calling MF back to return and get a refund ... This will be considered the worst purchase ever in all the pro-audio gear I have ever purchased :(
  6. Yes, I sure will. Shipped the unit out to MF already. Hopefully, I will get a replacement early next week.
  7. Thanks MusicLaw. I already requested an exchange on the unit from MF. Let's see if I have a better luck with the replaced unit. If not, I will go with Yamaha DXR10.
  8. Thanks! I called MF and requested an exchange ... I asked if they can check when the unit I have was received from Line 6, they said they don't have access to that info. So, there is no way for them to know the exchanged unit it a more recent one from Line 6 :( Here is what's even more concerning ... as I was packing up the unit, I notice the label on the box, the one that has serial number etc ... right below it there was another label that has 5/23/2016 date on it! This may be either the manufacture date OR shipping date from China. Looks like Line 6 may not have updated these after all ... they are just replacing fans for people that complain.
  9. Yikes! can't be without it for that long ... this might be going back if that's the case :(
  10. That's strange not to know the manufacturing date based on the serial number ... I would think that's the first thing they track to know what parts are used in a specific unit and if they are having issues with a particular part or a vendor they source the parts from. I just opened a service ticket. I kind of have an issue with getting a brand new unit repaired but then, if it is done on the spot and is close by, it might be easier than getting it returned and getting a new unit. Let's see what happens. Thanks for your response!
  11. Thanks! just logged a service ticket and registered.
  12. It's very bad on F, I can also hear it on A. Let me open a ticket and see what response I get from Line 6. Hopefully they can check the serial number and advise if this is indeed a unit with the old fan.
  13. Hello All, I just bought a Helix rack and a L2M speaker last week. I love the Helix sound and ease of use, works like a dream in the studio! The L2M is an amazing sounding speaker! I noticed some buzzing from the L2M last night on certain notes. It seems to be coming from the fan area in the back. Upon doing some research in this forum it looks like this is a known issue but, most of the posts were from about two years ago. I also didn't see a full resolution on the problem (may be I missed?), but it looked like Line 6 confirmed it was a fan issue and they were fixing it under warranty. Does anyone know if this was officially "fixed" by line 6? Shouldn't the new units be shipping with the issue fixed already? I am wondering if I received an old stock unit from musiciansfriend? Before I try to get the unit exchanged, I wanted to get more information here. If this is not fixed then, I may have to look for something else ... may be a Yamaha DBR12 or 15. The buzzing is very annoying in the studio setting. Regards
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